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Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review (Buying Guide 2018)

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When you have a very tight schedule in your daily life, you may require things those can make your life easier. Things get dirty and stains cover the surfaces over the time.

So, cleaning becomes an important matter. Cleaning manually with a piece of cloth or broom is very time-consuming. You may lose your attention if the task gets bigger in size. A good gas powered pressure washer can sort out this major problem.

A pressure washer emits high-pressure water spray. You can use this pressurized water to clean the hard or other regular surfaces by spraying on them.

I have a great example of pressure washer for you. Generac 6602 OneWash gas powered pressure washer is one of the best devices in the market. I have practical experience of using this device.

What do you need to know?

The pressure washer has strong engine or motor. This engine or motor generates enough water power to blow dirt, grime, droppings, grease etc. away. A good pressure washer sprays water at 2800-3200 PSI and 2.5 -3.0 GPM.

Beside this, there is also a detergent tank to wash things without any hassle. You can take the device to anywhere you want if there’s an option of wheels. Generac 6602 qualifies for all the specs those a good pressure washer has.

Why Generac 6602?

Generac 6602 OneWash has a dominant OHV engine of 212cc. So, there’s no compromising about the pressure of water or the sturdy service. This engine is the most powerful one in its class.

This is a 4-in-1 gas powered pressure washer with different pressure control and settings. From low to heavy-duty cleaning work, you can switch on this machine and get your job completely done. I have used this useful pressure washer in washing my car, deck and the driveway.

There was no drop of service. You can spray water at up to 3100 PSI and 2.8 GPM with a simple turn of a dial. The PowerDial Variable-Pressure control helps you to minimize or maximize the pressure of spray. Therefore, all the different controls are operated from a single consolidated control panel.

This panel is easily identifying and operating so that you can quickly start and adjust the machine. You just need to select any specific tasks on the PowerDial.

You will get the exact balance of water pressure and flow. This axial cam pump has comfort-grip handle. I like this feature most because you can get amazing comfy while using the machine. There is always less user fatigue for the easy-to-pull inverted trigger. The rear hose connection on the spray gun serves improved balance and comfort when you use the pressure washer.

This Generac 6602 OneWash pressure washer is also known for its portability. It has two 11” never-flat tires to carry the machine easily from one place to another regardless of terrain. There’s a large 0.75 gallon detergent tank attached to this equipment. Obviously, detergent spray helps to remove the absurd chemicals, grease and other stains.

Another feature is that the 30 ft.high pressure hose helps you to reach the far corners such as beneath the car, corners of wall or floors, windows etc. Adding to these, this 6602 gas-powered pressure washer has 3 different quick-change nozzle tips (00, 250 and soap). These tips provide different angles or pressure of water while spraying. This cold water pressure washer has onboard storage to coil the hose pipe easily.

Here are the major features, advantages and disadvantages of the Generac 6602 OneWash gas powered pressure washer.

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  • 212cc OHV engine.
  • 11” dual never-flat tires.
  • PowerDial Variable-Pressure Control.
  • Consolidated Control Panel.
  • Comfort-grip Handle.
  • Spray speed: 3100 PSI and spray volume: 2.8 GPM.
  • 75 gallon onboard detergent tank.
  • 30 ft. high pressure hose.
  • 3 quick-nozzle tips (00, 250 and soap).
  • Weight: 68.5 pounds.
    • Powerful engine provides continuous water spray speed and volume.
    • Smart control system in a single place.
    • Comfortable handling and operation while application.
    • Gently performs from normal to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
    • Large detergent tank for hassle free cleaning.
    • Extendable hose to reach the toughest corners.
    • Large tires to move the machine easily according to user’s choices.
    • On demand spray speed, you have the control what you need.
    • May appear assembling issues, hose connection problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the difference between the 6602 and the 6412?
Answer: 3100 psi max on the 6602 as opposed to 3000 psi on the 6412. Also, the low oil and low water cutoff sensors and the associated indicator light have been deleted on the 6602. As of 4/19/14 Amazon’s pictures are incorrect and show last year’s 6412 model.

Question: Does this have a cleaning solution injection system?
Answer: Yes, the reservoir is in the lower front. It comes with a clear tube that you push onto the brass barb pointing up in the back, then put the suction end in the reservoir. Once you put the soap solution in the suds will only flow when are using the black soap nozzle.

Question: Can you hook it up to the hot water heater?
Answer: This unit is designed to be a cold water pressure washer. Please take a look at the manual and you will see that there is pump overheat valve on the pump so running hot water through this unit would cause this to go off.

Final Recommendation

There are lots of gas-powered pressure washers rule in the present market. But I suggest you choose this one. You have already known the aspects of this Generac 6602 OneWash.

Home or away, you can carry this one and get the same service. It is also recommended by many house cleaning experts. Smart control, superb features, credibility – what more you will need.

Just choose one comparing with other common pressure washers, you will get the best result. I hope this buying guide will help you a lot.

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Generac 6595 2,500 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer Review (Buying Guide 2018)

Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

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If you are looking for a powerful and affordable pressure washer, then my friend you search ends here. The Generac 6595 Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer is a device that has high-quality ratings and a considerable pound per square inch (PSI) for domestic uses.

It is considered as the top-rated power washer in the market since it delivers ‘value for the money’. Generally, because of the fact, this high power-driven pressure washer can do your job 20% quicker than using an electric model. This pressure washer evaluation guide will assist you to recognize that the Generac 6595 is a potent piece of equipment. Established in 1959, Generac has proven its name in the industry.

Proficient in providing remarkable reliability and cleaning power. The Generac Gas Pressure Washer absolutely lives up to the standard of company’s reputation.

This product embraces 3 quick-set nozzle tips. The 3 nozzle tips include the soap tip, the 0-degree blast tip, and 25-degree clean tip. Intended for durable usage and comfort of operation. This Gas Pressure Washer comes with such features which commonly are not included in most pressure washers available in the market now.

The axial cam pump has the stress-free access to the hose connections that abolish the requirement to go down on your knees and join different nozzles.

The washer frame is aimed for stability and contains an easy start-up setting along with an incorporated holster for the gun.

Additionally, for comfortable handling and extended usage of the spray gun, it originates using a cushion handle and an easy-to-pull trigger.

Although Generac 6595 Gas Pressure Washer retains a plenty of power contained by itself, it never compromises with its power for comfort. Moreover, to add convenience and ease of use to machine operation, it can offer 25 foot PVC hose that is attached to the back of the trigger spray gun.

Do you want to have a gasoline pressure washer that will expediently clean nearly any exterior that your home has to offer?

What Are the Best Features of this Generac 6595?

I certainly like the spray hose that emanates with this specific pressure washer.

Because various hoses that derive with pressure washers today have a tendency to either get all twisted or kink up and looped that it is practically difficult to use them.

It is quite a time-consuming process removing the hose from the spray wand and wind down it than you do actually start using the pressure washer!

This Generac 6595 pressure washer hose is well planned and permits you up to 25 feet of movability, which is great.

There are few more extra features to think about this pressure washer today.

  • It compromises 03 fast click nozzle tips of 25 and 0 degrees, also a soap applicator, so you can blast away dirt’s from your property surfaces.
  • There is a 0.75-gallon detergent container combined that lets you preserve your soap on the device instead of separate.
  • The spray wand will give you a comfy grip without jerking or too much vibration. It will be very stable in your hands.

This cleaning device will start working instantly for you very regularly.

You can use it again reliably even if you’ve had kept it in the garage for a while. You can count on this pressure washer because at this standard and strength range, it’s one of the finest device available on the market.

Why pick the Generac 6595?

This is the flawless gas pressure washer for those people who are searching for approximately which is tough enough to clean dirt’s and stains off their deck or driveway but don’t certainly wish to peel out the paint off from the garage.

Nonetheless, you should be careful while operating this pressure washer on definite surfaces – particularly garage floors that are painted.

The click nozzle that quickly provides 0-degree pressure is a skilled piercing spray that might still take out the paint.

I endorse buying some of the spare tips for this gas pressure washer to truly mark it stand out. The included are nice, but owning a 40-degree nozzle for certain applications is exceptionally beneficial and shores up the one feebleness I see with the Generac 6595.

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    • Easy to use because of the spray gun holds cushioned grip for better comfort.
    • This device derives with best easy to manage spray gun.
    • Work intensely with a powerful engine.
    • The combination of water and pressure of the spray will assist you to clean any rough surface very easily.
    • Solid build quality and design.
    • This Generac 6595 gas washer pressure has the versatility.
    • It can be used in adjustable power pressure.
    • It has very good quality evaluation motor.
    • Only shipped to the US.
    • Some people may feel, it creates louder noise.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: One review says the hose rests on or near the motor and that burns the hose. Have you seen this issue and if so, how do you avoid it?
Answer: There is no truth to this unless the customer is routing the hose incorrectly. If you look at the unit you will see both hoses mount in the back of the unit, the farthest side from the hot engine.

Question: Is the model 6598 Generac pressure washer worth the extra $100 you pay compared to the model 6596?
Answer: Also this is the cheapest you will ever find it, plus no tax and free shipping if your prime. So don’t bother shopping around.

Question: How good is this product for cleaning the outside of a house, driveway and tiles on an outside patio?
Answer: Very good…I’ve been very pleased with this product for cleaning and prepping a 10-Year-old deck for paint, and cleaning our siding and patron. Easy to move around, change tips and crank. Nice to not have a drop cord to pull around…lots of hose in my opinion.

Final Recommendation

This Generac 6595 pressure washer is a great item to clean your deck instantly. I highly recommend this product to all. Made with superb quality, this gas pressure washer proposes renters and home owners the chance to clean with comfort.

Attach it simply to a water line, offer it a little room to start, and you’ll have your stain cleaning task done in no time at all thanks to the Generac 6595. If you pick this gas pressure washer, you will not regret your decision.

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9+ Best Pressure Washer Review (2018 Edit) Home, Patio, Driveway, Concrete, Vinyl Siding, Deck

Tons of pressure or power washers are ready for sale in the market. We selected some of among them. Let’s check best pressure washers at a glance in a comprising table:

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer
2030 PSI, 1.76 GPM, dual detergent tanks with safety lock mechanism, also, the 1800 watt motor offers a solid experience for the user.
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AR Blue Clean AR383 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose ReelAR Blue Clean AR383 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel and Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting Bunofollowndle
1900 PSI, 1.50 GPM, comes with a lot of attachments and is easy to use, environment-friendly.
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Ivation Electric Pressure WasherIvation Electric Pressure Washer with Power Hose Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand, All Parts Included, W/ Built-in Soap Dispenser
2200 PSI, 1.80 GPM, easy-to-use and can easily be set up in less than 30 seconds, power washer certainly offers a decent number of features.
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Sun Joe SPX1000  Electric Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX1000 Electric Pressure Washer, 11.5-Amp
1450 PSI, 1.45 GPM, suitable for light tasks, suitable for light tasks, easy-to-use pressure control system.

Best budget power washer
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Sun Joe SPX3001 Electric Pressure WasherSun Joe SPX3001 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green
2030 PSI, 1.76 GPM, large 1.2-liter detergent tank offers good functionality, also, the 6-meter hose reel offers superior usability.
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Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer with 4 Rolling Wheels
1800 PSI, 1.30 GPM, 4-wheel electric pressure washer offers decent performance, compact design with a durable pump.

Under budget with best quality.
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SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer PoweredSIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA with OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump
3100 PSI, 2.50 GPM, gas pressure washer promises a clean output, morflex hose paired with the axial cam pump offers a robust experience. Best home power washer

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Generac 6596 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure WasherGenerac 6596 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer
2800 PSI, 2.50 GPM, 196cc OHV engine from Generac offers a clean space within a short time, ergonomic handle with a decent trigger mechanism.
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Generac 7019 OneWash  Gas Powered Pressure WasherGenerac 7019 OneWash Gas Powered Pressure Washer and PowerDial Gun
3100 PSI, 2.40 GPM, powerful Generac 196cc OHV pump allows better cleaning performance, ergonomic design with decently sized hose offers a decent experience.
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Generac 6602 OneWash 4-in-1 PowerDialGenerac 6602 OneWash 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer
3100 PSI, 2.80 GPM, generac 212cc OHV engine offers superior performance, easy-to-use controls with a comfortable gripping mechanism.

Best quality in big-budget.
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Oil and chemical stains can be tough to remove with soap and water. Even then, your elbow greasing may not get the job done. But there is a solution to this problem.

And it certainly would not have been possible without the leaps in the field of science over the years. It seems you are eager to get to know the solution to your problems. In that case, don’t stop reading!

The best branded pressure washer is indeed the solution to your problem. Send a massive flow of water through a small nozzle and see the stains and grimes disappear. It is amazing what water can do if utilized under certain conditions.

Pressure washers have certainly become popular over the years. And so, to help you get rid of the tough stains and grimes, we have come up with the solution.

We have come up with a list of the top rated pressure washers you can find in the market.

Finding a top rated pressure washer is certainly not an easy task. As there are many offerings from a lot of manufacturers, it may seem a daunting task for many.

But I have come up with a few pressure washers reviews for the folks who are tired fighting against tough stains.

The online market comes with a lot of offerings. But I have narrowed down the top-rated products.

I hope you won’t have to waste your time washing stains off your driveway after this. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right at it!

The comparison table will give the buyer a quick idea of what they are getting. Accordingly, we will provide in-depth information about each product. Washer comparisons will become easier to understand.

Top Rated 10 Best Branded Pressure Washers Reviews

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe – Electric Pressure Washer for Home & Office Review

Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe – Electric Pressure Washer for Home & Office Review

Our first contender for the best pressure washer is the Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer. From the design signature to the working ability, you certainly won’t have any complaints with this unit.

The product promises great functionality along with superior performance. Besides handling tough stains, it can certainly handle light tasks as well.

Whether you want to get rid of stubborn stains in the office, car or home, the pressure washer will certainly not disappoint.


  • First of all, the 1800 watt motor can easily dish out 1.76 gallons of water per minute at 2030 PSI. For handling smaller tasks, it is indeed a great option for your house cleaning.
  • Then you have dual detergent tanks system. The tanks are removable. So, in case of a smooth workflow, the 0.9-liter detergent tanks offer a nice experience. Also, the detergent selection dial allows you to choose which one you want to use.
  • Another amazing feature of the product is the Safety Lock Switch. When the trigger is not operational, the pump is automatically turned off. For this reason, the pressure washer may last for longer periods.
  • Last but not the least, the Quick-Connect spray nozzles and 34-inch spray wand offer a decent experience. Therefore, you certainly don’t need much of an effort to get rid of the grimes even in tight spaces.

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    • The compact and lightweight design for house certainly help you reach tight spaces.
    • Also, there is the easy-to-use detergent dial which is indeed a nice addition.
    • The machine is clearly easy to use and maneuver because of the large wheels.
    • Not a well-suited machine for heavy cleaning.
    • Cleaning area may not be good enough for some people house.
When it comes to small cleaning tasks of your house cleaning, this pressure washer is certainly a nice choice. Besides, it should handle your daily jobs nicely. That is for residential pressure washer reviews.

2. AR Blue Clean AR383 – with Hose Reel, Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting Bundle Review

AR Blue Clean AR383 – with Hose Reel, Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting Bundle ReviewThe AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI 1.5 GPM 14 Amp Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel and Brass Pipe and Hose Fitting Bundle is our next contender for the best pressure washer to buy.

The features along with the design should suit the needs of many of our readers. When it comes to the best budget pressure washers reviews, you should certainly have a look at it.

The features may be intriguing. Besides, the design should easily satisfy your smaller cleaning needs.


  • First of all, the compact design with large wheels gives you the maneuverability you need. Clearly, the design is to clear out rugged stains from your home or garden.
  • Then you have a 14 Watt electric motor which can easily offer a smooth flow at 1900 PSI. For small tasks, it is indeed more than enough.
  • The pressure washer is very easy to assemble. It allows a much smoother user experience. Also, note the fact that it uses 40% more pressure power, which gives you superior performance without wasting much water.

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    • Compact design makes it easy to maneuver.
    • Industrial brass pipe and fittings offer long-lasting performance.
    • Finally, you get a decent number of attachments for everyday use.
In order to get rid of stains and grimes with ease, you should certainly consider the product.

3. Ivation Electric Pressure Washer – Affordable with Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand Review

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer - Affordable with Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand Review

The Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM with Power Hose Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand, All Parts Included, W/ Built-in Soap Dispenser is our third contender for the best all-around pressure washer.

We have certainly seen some budget pressure washers so far. If you are looking for a cheap washer, you should probably consider this product.

The features and design combined can certainly make your cleaning jobs a lot easier.


  • First of all, the 1600 Watt motor can deliver water at a decent 2200 PSI. It should be enough to minimize your scrubbing time. As a matter of fact, you get a bonus pressure wand for convenience.
  • Another notable feature is the ease-of-use. It only takes about 30 seconds to set up the pressure washer. Clearly, it should make a lot of users happy.
  • Last but not the least, the power washer safety features will add some more functionality for the user.

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    • The pressure washer has a compact design and is easy-to-use.
    • Also, the 1.8 Gallon per minute water flow at 2200 PSI will easily clear out any oil stains or rust without much trouble.
    • Finally, it is a great budget option overall.
    • You may need to work patiently if you are looking to clear out large areas.
For a cheap washer, it certainly does get the job done.

4. Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI – Cheap Rated (Money Saving, Under Budget) Review

Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI - Cheap Rated (Money Saving, Under Budget) ReviewIf you are in the market for a cheap washer to clean up your car or lawn then the Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI 1.45 GPM Electric Pressure Washer, 11.5-Amp is an excellent option.

For a budget washer, it certainly has all the bells and whistles. Above all, the compact design paired with accurate cleaning makes it one of the best choices for cleaning stains and grimes.


  • In order to clean the stubborn oil stains from your lawn or car, the SPX 1000 offers a versatile performance. The 1400-watt motor delivers water at a solid 1450 PSI with a flow rate of 1.45 GPM. Obviously, you won’t need anything more.
  • Then you have an adjustable spray wand which can easily go from point zero to a convenient 45-degree fan spray.
  • The Trigger Safety Lock is another cool feature when it comes to saving a bit extra. In short, you do not have to worry about accidental triggering.
  • Finally, the review will not be complete if we do not emphasize the compact design. According to users, the design is just right to get your stains cleaned.

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    • Lightweight stature with a versatile design offers a decent experience.
    • A smart pressure washer with safety mechanisms for added usability.
    • Easy-to-use washer with a solid performance.
    • The hose is only 21 feet long, which may not be sufficient for some users.
    • The motor isn’t strong enough to do heavy cleaning.
If you are looking for a budget cleaning option, you should probably have a look at this pressure washer.

5. Sun Joe SPX3001 – Light & Medium Tasks Review
Sun Joe SPX3001 - Light & Medium Tasks Review

When you are talking about pressure washers reviews, you certainly can’t leave out the Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green. It is our 5th contender on the list for the best alternative choice of pressure washer.

If you are looking for a product to clean off the stains and grimes with ease, this is the product to choose. For light and medium cleaning tasks, it should be a nice option.


  • For an electric power washer, it does have a lot of juice. The 1800-watt motor will certainly get the job done. The 1.76 GPM at 2030 PSI is just right to get rid of stubborn streaks and stains.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the 1.2-liter detergent tank. It may be a single unit, but the capacity makes up for it.
  • The 20-feet reel paired with a 35-inch sprayer will probably help you reach tight corners.
  • Finally, the quick connect nozzles and accessories add a nice bit of versatility to the product.

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    • Compact design makes it really easy to use.
    • Large capacity detergent tank offers a nice user experience.
    • Long hose reel for added functionality.
    • Be sure to check the power. There may be some issues with compatibility.
If you are looking for a pressure washer which covers your budget and gets the job done, you should check this washer out at this.

6. Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Small & Compact Design Review – Under Budget with Best Quality

Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Small & Compact Design ReviewThe Karcher K3 Follow-Me Electric Power Pressure Washer with 4 Rolling Wheels, 1800 PSI, and 1.3 GPM is another compact pressure washer on our list for the best all-around pressure washer.

It is clearly an electric power washer with a small and compact design footprint.

Those who want to finish their regular cleaning jobs with ease, this product would probably serve them well.


  • First of all, 1800 PSI of pressure at 1.3 GPM is just the sweet spot for any household cleaning. Also, it is a 4-wheel pressure washer, which certainly makes it a desirable option.
  • Then you have the unbeatable pair of the variable spray wand with the Dirt-Blaster Feature. They will indeed clear out stubborn stains without any issue.
  • Last but not the least, the onboard detergent tank is certainly an amazing feature to make your life a bit easier.

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    • Compact design with a 4-wheel base offers better functionality.
    • Cleaning time will certainly reduce due to the Dirt-Blaster technology.
    • An Easy-to-use pressure washer.
    • Under budget with best quality.
    • Cord length could probably be better.
    • Plastic parts are flimsy but will get the job done.
If you face a comparison among the most portable pressure washer, then this product takes the cake.

7. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S – OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump for Vinyl Siding – Home Power Washer Reviews

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S - OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump for Vinyl Siding - Home Power Washer Reviews

In at number 7, we have the SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA with OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump.

For a gas power washer, the design and other features are intriguing. For someone who needs a bit more power while cleaning oil stains and grimes, this is certainly a nice choice.


  • At 3100 PSI with 2.5 GPM, this pressure washer will probably eliminate dirt and stains quicker than you think. Also, the lightweight Morflex hose with a length of 25-feet will certainly serve you well.
  • Then you have the pneumatic tires which reek premium quality. In fact, they do offer some extra stability for a powerful device like this.
  • Finally, you have the OEM axial cam pump, which allows for a faster experience.

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    • Compact yet a powerful pressure washer.
    • Added accessories will certainly offer a better cleaning outcome.
    • Solid corrosion-resistant Morflex tube offers great functionality indeed.
    • The washer takes a lot of time to start.
For someone who is looking for a decent deal with an extra bit of cleaning power, this product will be a fine choice indeed.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this washer is certainly worth having a look.

8. Generac 6596 OHV Engine- Residential Pressure Washer Review

Generac 6596 OHV Engine- Residential Pressure Washer ReviewWhen you think of the best all-around pressure washer to buy, you should probably consider the Generac 6596 2,800 PSI 2.5 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer. From small stains to stubborn grimes, it can certainly handle them all.

If you are someone who needs his property clean as a whistle, this washer will certainly satisfy you. The features are all there. So, there is not much to worry about.


  • First of all, the 196cc OHV engine delivers a lot of power without breaking a sweat. 2800 PSI at 2.5 GPM will probably handle anything you throw at it.
  • Then you have the ergonomic spray gun with a cushiony handle. Also, the easy-pull trigger will certainly not disappoint.
  • Another thing to notice is the large capacity tank, which will certainly offer better usability. Moreover, the hosepipe is long enough for any sort of operation.

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    • The pressure washer may be a bit noisy for some users.
If you are someone who is looking for power and comfort while removing stubborn stains, have a look at the product’s features.

 9. Generac 7019 OneWash – PowerDial Gun for Driveway Concrete Review

Generac 7019 OneWash - PowerDial Gun for Driveway Concrete Review

Our 9th contender for the review is the Generac 7019 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer and PowerDial Gun. Without this product, the pressure washers’ reviews will not be complete.

For a bit more cleaning ability with a comfortable design, this product has all the bells and whistles you need. Here are the features.


  • First of all, you need to understand that 3100 PSI is no joke. It is certainly an insane amount of power to easily get rid of the stubborn stains and grimes.
  • Then you have an ergonomic spray gun with a pressure dial to adjust your pressure requirements with ease.
  • Another noteworthy feature is the addition of a large capacity detergent tank. Pair it with a high power axial cam pump & decent length hose and then you surely enjoy a hassle-free performance.

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    • High powered cleaning with an adjustable dial for better functionality.
    • Large capacity tank for less hassle while cleaning.
    • Ergonomic spray gun offers good comfort while operating.
    • There are some minor issues regarding the extensions coming off.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this washer is certainly worth having a look.

10. Generac 6602 OneWash OHV Engine – 4-in-1 PowerDial Review – Best Quality in Big-Budget

Generac 6602 OneWash OHV Engine - 4-in-1 PowerDial Review

Our last and final product up for review is the Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer. Surprisingly enough, we have another product from the same manufacturers. It is because the product checks out all the features I was looking for.ka

If someone wants to have the best combination of features in a pressure washer, then this product would probably serve them well.


  • First of all, the 212 cc OHV engine delivers a lot of power to clean off even the toughest of stains. It is certainly a convenient feature.
  • Then you have the adjustable pressure dial for added versatility. Also, the controls are all located in one place, which delivers a hassle-free experience.
  • As always, these washers all come with comfortable grips for better control while cleaning.
  • Finally, the unit is easy enough to assemble for beginners.

amazon buy button

    • An easy-to-use washer with easily accessible controls.
    • Heavy duty parts certainly offer long-lasting performance.
    • Triggering mechanism is easy and comfortable at the same time.
    • Best quality not consider big-budget.
    • The plastic hose may feel a bit cheap.
In conclusion, I can confidently say that a product like this will certainly get the job done.

Best Pressure Washer Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

Buying a pressure washer can probably be a bit tough for first-timers. But we will try our best to cover some quick tips about how you should choose the best-branded power washer.

The guide will take you through the most basic steps you should probably consider. Apart from making some obvious points, we will cover some crucial steps. Moreover, the products we have reviewed so far have their positives and negatives. So, making the right choice to meet your needs is crucial.

Here are the steps which will eventually help you to buy the right pressure washer.

  • First of all, deciding on a budget is the best way to start your search. It is probably the wisest decision. There are three categories to consider.
  • Entry-level washers: Entry level washers can handle lightweight cleaning tasks. You will clearly end up with a low powered washer which will probably have low-pressure output. 1300-2000 PSI at 2 GPM is a typical feature in these machines. Also, hose length will be small and nozzles may come fitted without any additional options.
    Electric pressure washers may serve you well if you are going for a budget washer.
  • Mid-level washers: These type of washers can pretty much handle all the regular tasks. They will probably generate 2000-2800 PSI at 2-3 Gallons per Minute. Buyers typically like to go for the mid-range options.
    You also get a decent hose length with changeable nozzles.
  • Premium washers: These type of washers are typically gas generated. They can do a lot better job, but obviously, you need to pay a premium.At 2900-3300 PSI, with a GPM of about 4, they can easily wash out even the most stubborn stain or rust. You do get a much better hose length. Models like these certainly have extra accessories. But clearly, you need to pay a premium for the privilege.
  • Now that you have the budget out of the way, you need to make up your mind about what you really want. If you are someone who needs to clean off tough and stubborn stains and grimes, you should go for a premium option. But if you need a washer for regular cleaning, you should obviously stick with the mid or lower end versions.
  • Then you need to check with the manufacturer about the accessories. Most manufacturers will probably add a lot of accessories at a higher price. But you should probably check out what accessories will you be needing and then make the decision.
  • Another important thing to remember is the storage. Take a look at your workspace and make the decision.
  • Finally, check out the regular fundamentals of the pressure washer. Checking out the hose length, power requirements, tank capacity and ease-of-use will certainly help you in the long run.

These are probably the most basic steps you need to follow. In fact, if you carefully plan and take each step with caution, you will certainly end up with the right choice.

The Many Uses of A Pressure Washer

The Many Uses of A Pressure Washer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a few simple questions which you may come to mind.

Question:  What is a pressure washer?
Answer: A pressure washer is simply a device which delivers water through a nozzle at a great speed. The pressure can easily remove stains and grimes. In short, it is an efficient and proven way of clearing out stubborn stains.

Question: What type of chemicals can I use with my pressure washer?
Answer: Apart from the approved cleaning solutions, you should probably avoid any other agents.

Question: Is it correct to use bleach with the pressure washer?
Answer: Using bleach will cause some damage to your machine. So, you should do so.

Question: Is it right to eject chemical under high pressure?
Answer: Ejecting the chemical or cleaning solution at a high pressure will only waste your stuff. But if you have a pressure adjustable wand, you can apply the agent at low pressure then go for a higher pressure. The results will certainly be better.

Question: What should be the ideal ratio for injection?
Answer: The chemical injection to water ratio should probably be around 12:1 to 18:1.

Question: Is it right to use hot water with my pressure washer?
Answer: If the pressure washer is not approved then hot water may end up damaging the pump of your washer.

Final Recommendation

Finding the best pressure washer is certainly a daunting task.

Whenever the question arises about pressure washers reviews, there are always things you should consider.

So far we have covered most of the basic topics about pressure washers.

Apart from the in-depth review of the products themselves, we have given you some tips about buying the right pressure washer.

In fact, we even answered a few questions for convenience.

As a good washer for sale is tough to find, I took the task of setting you on the right track.

When it comes to the comparison, all products have their pluses and minuses.

But in the end, it is certainly a choice for you to make.

I do hope that you find what you are looking for. Whatever office, garden, concrete, deck, patio, driveway, vinyl siding, deck, house cleaning.

Keep your eye on the online market to get deal & discount pressure washers. Manufacturer ready for sale their quality power washer.

Happy cleaning! and before buying your best pressure washer enjoy the following infographic…

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