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How to Clean Carpet by Spray

Carpet Deep Clean

Ahh, carpet cleaning…

Who doesn’t love it?

Most of the world, for sure. It’s never as easy as it sounds and some stains can be too persistent and bad for health (stress).


Does this mean it’s impossible to clean a carpet?

Of course not!

There are plenty of ways to get a stain off a carpet, but just how effective are they at cleaning it?
Here’s our tutorial on the best ways to clean a carpet with spray, cleaners, and other products such as these ones.

Pay close attention because you won’t want to miss what we’re about to be explaining so you can get rid of those pesky stains!

How to Use Carpet Shampoo

A carpet shampoo serves the same purpose as hair shampoo – to clean and get rid of dirtiness. Clean Carpet by spray is a good choice but if you want to more efficient and effective then go for these best carpet cleaners. As such, there are plenty of carpet shampoo brands that each claim to have a winning formula. The truth is, most of them work as they should, so this is just a marketing gimmick. A carpet cleaner such as this requires step-by-step instructions, and here’s what you have to do:

  • Resolve some shampoo in water; the amounts depend on the brand of carpet shampoo, so take a look at the on-bottle instructions.
  • Cover only the stained area.
  • Be careful with moisture; you don’t want the carpet too wet, or you’ll have a tough time drying it (plus, you’d be wasting shampoo).
  • Use a hard-bristled brush on the stained spot.
  • You might see foam forming; this is normal and should happen.
  • Leave the carpet to dry.
  • Vacuum the shampoo once it’s completely dry.

Using carpet shampoo is indeed a very useful trick to clean your carpet. However, using powder to clean the carpet is also a very good option. Let’s talk about the uses of carpet cleaning powder in detail.

How to: Use Powder

You might have already seen some products that come in the form of powder. They’re meant to achieve pre-treatment on your carpet, but they work just as well as carpet cleaners too. The method of use is rather simple:

  • Sprinkle some powder on the stained spot (be generous).
  • You can use regular carpet cleaning powder or baking soda, and both work very well.
  • Leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes so it can get between the seams. Additionally, you can leave it for an entire night; this will give the powder more time to act, consume the smells and odors, and soften stains.
  • Once this time has passed, use a vacuum to vacuum any leftover powder. Voila! Clean carpet!

How to Clean Hard Stains

As said before, stains can get stubborn and just won’t come off.


If this happens,

You’ll have to work extra hard to get rid of them. In the end, it all depends on what type of stains you’re looking at. Are they pet stains, blood stains, wine stains? A heavy-duty stain remover may be necessary if you’ve figured out the origin of the stain and, if it’s known to be hard to clean, such products will be required.

So, before picking a product to use, make sure you know what the extent of the stain and how hard it is to get rid of is.

Once you pick your weapon of choice, it’s time to tango!

For pet stains: Many of us have our pet at home. Although the pets are our best friend, they are the worst enemy of your carpet for sure. Pet stains, such as urine, can ‘cement’ themselves on your carpet and start releasing a terrible odor. For pets, you’ll have to use an enzyme-based spray and vacuum carpet cleaner (the one that, once done with cleaning, must be vacuumed). Foaming, again, may occur.

For blood: Cutting oneself is somewhat a common occurrence, and if a drop falls on your carpet, you’ll have to act fast. If it’s a fresh stain, blot it with hydrogen peroxide and cold water. On the other hand, if your upholstery has a dry stain, then blot it with just hydrogen peroxide, but follow up with an enzyme-based sanitizer or detergent.

This works for auto carpets as well. In the case of car carpets, you might want to use a car carpet cleaner spray (they’re formulated for car carpets especially).

List of Products or Items Needed to Clean a Carpet

No cleaning process is complete without using carpet cleaning products, so we’ve decided to help you out in this department by providing you with the list of best carpet cleaners! Without further ado, here’s the assembled list:


This product can help reduce the headaches you might experience due to unforeseen spillage. Wine, coffee, blood – none of them stand a chance against this spray. It’s incredibly potent and powerful and can restore your carpet back to its former glory (upholstery is also cleanable with this product). The only downside? It has a relatively robust and uncomfortable smell.


One of the best stain removers out there. The great thing about it is, compared to the previous product on our list (which is still amazing), Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover smells pleasant. Users have reported that they prefer this one because of the smell (considering its performance is similar to what others offer). One category where it excels though is that it’s a strong player in the world of pet stain removal.


That’s a pretty long, tough-to-say name but the product is just as complicated. Well, not really. This one doesn’t even use harsh chemicals or bleach which makes it perfectly safe for everything. Users did, however, figure out that this product works best on car upholstery (but it’s pretty good when it comes to carpet cleaning). One additional piece of information that you should know is that you won’t have to use a lot of it (since it’s quite concentrated and powerful). This is probably why the price is a bit higher than what you’d expect from a homemade carpet cleaner.


Who would have thought that small balls would be so good at getting rid of stains? The Dyson Zorb Powder features tiny balls that come in the form of a powder which you sprinkle over the stain. They’re done the cleaning in 20 minutes so you won’t have to wait for a long time before having a clean carpet. However, you should take care when applying the powder because it can get everywhere and be very difficult to clean up.

Once it’s done the cleaning, vacuum up the remaining powder.


We’ll start off by saying that this product isn’t the best at coverage. In the best case scenario, you’ll need a bit more than usual when putting some of this product on your carpet. In the worst, you’ll have to dish out quite a bit of it. But that’s the only downside that the Vanish Powerfoam carpet cleaner has.

On the other hand, it’s very powerful at cleaning spots and stains, and an added benefit that will make you happy out of your mind is that it gets rid of dirt like it’s nothing!

Best Way to Clean

There are many ways to clean your carpet and we have listed some of the best methods above. We’re guessing that after all of that info, you’re interested in figuring out the best way to clean a carpet fully, so you don’t have to take it to a dry cleaner (that accepts carpets). Unfortunately, this can cost a fortune and is unnecessary. As long as you follow specific rules and do things correctly, you won’t have any other issues.

So, what is the best way to clean? Here’s all you need to know!

Remove Loose Soiling by Vacuuming Carpets Thoroughly

Soiling is the appearance of discoloration on a carpet. It can be caused by the unknown residue that attracts dust and dirt, thus changing the color. Remember how a carpet can change color under a chair, bed, cupboard, and other stuff that stands on the ground? That’s soiling for you!

All you have to do to prevent it from appearing is vacuuming your carpets often and in a detailed manner. Once a week should do just fine; you don’t need to clean it every day because there’s no way it’ll get too dirty.

Dilute With up to 10 Parts Water and Apply by Sprayer; Don’t Overdo It

We already talked about how some products have different concentrations of ingredients and that you’ll have to apply more of one product but not the other. Again, this all depends on the brand of carpet cleaner and most of them come with an instruction ‘manual.’ Before you start using it, test it somewhere in the corner of the carpet (so if it goes wrong, the stain isn’t in the middle of the carpet).

Apply just the amount needed because a wet carpet isn’t good. It takes a long time to dry and can cause an even larger stain. Your best bet would be to dilute what you’re using with ten parts water as a way to test it.

Machine Brush in All Directions

Machine brushes have started to make the whole process of carpet cleaning easier for homeowners. You won’t have to scrub like a mad-man again because the machine will do it for you. All it takes is a click of a button and voila – your machine is working and cleaning with very little effort from you. However, it’s not as simple as turning it on and going over your carpet.

Recommend: Best detergent for front loading washing machines

You need to clean every single direction because if you don’t, you’ll end up with clean/dirty streaks on your carpet. Additionally, why wouldn’t you clean your entire carpet? We know how hard it is to reach the edges sometimes (especially if they’re under some stuff), but it’s important to keep it clean completely to minimize the risk of disease.

Leave it to Dry

Once you’re done the cleaning, you’ll need to leave the entire carpet to dry (or at least the parts that had a stain). This is important, and during this time, you shouldn’t use it or walk over the moist parts. Even if you’re in a rush, don’t use a hairdryer or any other method of drying wet spots because this will disturb the carpet and fabric.

Vacuum Thoroughly to Leave Carpets Clean, Fresh, Revived and Dry

Okay, so your carpet has finally dried completely. What next? Well, you’ll need to vacuum the carpet, so it picks up any leftover pieces that appeared either due to the product you were using (as said before, some products require vacuuming after use due to the way they’re used and made). This is especially important when you’re using powder-based products and the Zorb powder.

Maybe you missed some stuff on the carpet that wasn’t a part of the cleaning process (like the powder) so don’t forget – vacuum once the cleaning is done.

You’ll see that after you do this, your carpet will look like it was bought yesterday! It will be fresh, clean, and revived. There’s no better feeling than finally getting rid of all the stains on your carpet and walking into a room that smells clean!

Infographic – Rug and Carpet Cleaning: Methods and Importance

Rug and Carpet Cleaning: Methods and Importance Infographic

Source: nybrite

Final Recommendation


That was a long list of information to keep your carpet clean and hygienic. But we hope that you got all the info you need to start your very own carpet cleaning process.

We know it can take a long time, especially if we’re talking about a large carpet, but it all pays off in the end. Just make sure to purchase high-quality products and follow the tips we mentioned here; it will definitely help you out by making the entire job easier and quicker.

Good luck, and get that carpet, and its stains, under control!

Now, It’s Over To You!

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Which things do you like most?


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25+ Best Sink Cleaner (2018 Edit) Best Way to Clean, Tips, Tricks, Guides


Sinks are sensitive parts of your house which are commonly used.

Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen sink, regular cleaning is important to prevent the development of bacteria that can cause illnesses.

Best Sink Cleaner Items, Products You Need To Clean The Sink

How do you clean your sink? As long as the sinks are made of the same material, then the cleaning formula is the same.

It only becomes different when the material used to make the sink is affected by certain washing items.

  • Whether it is a kitchen sink, laundry sink or a bathroom sink, you have no excuse to leave your sink all clogged up and stinking. That could be hazardous and eventually lead to illnesses.

If you are wondering how you will clean your sink, this guide provides you with important information that you need to know.

How To Clean Sink

Clear The Sink

We normally use sinks to clean up things in the house. If it’s a kitchen sink, you’ll use it to clean utensils and table/kitchen towels. If it’s the laundry sink, then that’s where you do your laundry or clean up your shoes and so on and so forth.


Lime buildup from hard water also makes your sink look dirty especially if it is made of porcelain. You can install a water filter to ensure that you get pure, clean and soft water running in your house.

When you’re cleaning the sink, the first step is to clear the sink of anything that is lying there whether clean or not. Wash the dirty utensils and store them appropriately. This will, in turn, give you room to clean the sink without any hindrances.


This applies to every other sink in the house. It is best if you clean up everything and you’re left with an empty sink that is ready to be cleaned. Some people do their dishes immediately after meals and so they don’t have a backlog of dirty utensils in the sink.

However, most people don’t. If you’re one of these people who wash the dishes when you see your sink overflowing with dishes then you need to clean them all up before you can actually start on the sink itself. This will make your work very easy.

Unclog The Sink

In most cases than not, a clog is what will prompt the sink cleaning. You’re supposed to clean your sink regularly and not only when it blocks and you cannot use it. All the same, whenever you’re using a sink to do your cleaning, it is bound to block at some point and you just can’t operate with a clogged sink.


How do you unblock a sink? First and foremost, you need to know what’s blocking your sink drain. You only do this by opening up the sink pipe with a drain opener. Sometimes you’ll see the clog and other times you won’t. You can unclog it yourself using a product to unclog a sink or you can hire a professional unblocker to do it for you.

Most of the things that lead to blockage of a sink are such as product to unclog sink from food oil, hair or even garbage. To avoid it, you should know the way to wash hair in the sink as well as have proper means of garbage disposal. Otherwise, you’ll have a sink to unclog every other week.

Hiring an unclogger could be costly but if you have salt, cream of tartar and baking soda in your house you do not need one. All you need it to mix them into half a cup and pour them down your sink drain followed by boiling water and your clog is gone.


It is advisable to have a professional plumber check on your sink drain once in a while to confirm the status of the pipes and undo any complicated damage.

Scrub Off The Dirt

Once water is flowing freely down the drain, it’s time to clean up the surface of the sink. Gather all your tools and get ready to scrub the sink until it sparkles. While at it, make sure to keep the food debris, hair and grease out of the sink. You do not want to have it blocked again.

The reason you want to scrub the surface of the sink is that once the loose dirt is gone, you’ll be able to see the stubborn stains on the sink and you can now deal with them effectively. You, therefore, don’t need state of art equipment for this one.


All you need is a sink liquid detergent or dishwashing liquid soap and a small brush.
You first line the sink with the liquid soap, let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it off with the small brush. After this, all you need to do is rinse off the soap with clean warm water.

This process is supposed to clear the surface dirt and rinse off any remaining dirt in your drain. You can pour hot soapy water afterward to melt out any grease that did not melt in the first attempt. The more you do this procedure, the easier it gets and the cleaner your sink becomes. Make it a habit.

Remove The Stains

Your sink is probably clean now but it’s not sparkling because it has some stains or it’s all dull. Sinks for hard water will have these stains. At this stage, you can see the stains clearly and all you need now is the right tools and products to bleach your sink without damaging it.

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilet Bowl

There could also be traces of rust on your sink especially if it’s a copper sink. You need to get rid of all this to ensure that your sink is as good as new after the cleaning. These procedures are not as complicated.

You can use readily available products such as lemon and salt to remove the rust from your sink. These are products you have in your home and so you won’t go out of your way to have a fresh smelling and shining sink.


One thing to be cautious about though is the type of material that your sink is made of. Some of the products you use could be too harsh on your sink and you end up scratching or staining your sink with them. Make sure to use products that are safe for your sink. After the stains are gone you just need to rinse and buff the sink and it will be a sight to behold.


Best Way to Clean Your Sink

Stainless Steel Sinks and Porcelain Sinks

The first thing you need to know before you can clean your sink is what it is made of and what products are harmful to the material. This will help you choose which products are the best to use to clean it effectively.


For a Stainless Steel sink, you’ll need to use a very easy home remedy. What you need is baking soda, warm water, a toothbrush, white vinegar and soft towels. Sprinkle a little baking soda on the surface of the sink, let it sit for a while and then rinse it off with warm water.

If your sink has lime deposits or the white spots created by hard water, don’t worry about it. Just take some paper towels and soak them in vinegar. Line the spotted areas with the vinegar-soaked towels and let it sit for 10-20 minutes and then rinse off and buff. All your stains will have disappeared.

Cleaning a porcelain sink is not any different. The same procedure you use with the stainless steel is the same one you use on it. The vinegar towels also work to disinfect the sink leaving it both clean and free of disease-causing germs. A regular cleanup will keep that shine on your sinks and make your work easy when cleaning.

Ceramic Sink

With a ceramic sink, you do not use anything that is too abrasive as it could scratch your sink. To remove stains from it, use lemon juice or vinegar. It is only in extreme cases that you result in baking soda. Baking soda is very effective but at the same time could scratch your sink.


Use it when the stains won’t come off with lemon or vinegar. Use a lemon wedge to scrub off the stain or just squeeze lemon juice onto the stain and let it sink for a few minutes before you can rinse it off with warm soapy water.

The procedure is the same when you’re using vinegar as your bleach. To avoid build-up of dirt and stains on your ceramic sink, make sure to clean up every time after use. Use soap and water as well as a non-abrasive sponge to scrub off the sink.

This will ensure stains don’t form on your sink in the first place. When they do, you have a home remedy to remove them without necessarily scratching your sink.

You just remove the stain and leave the sink very clean and spot free. Clean the sink as often as possible to avoid dirt buildup that eventually causes staining.

Copper Sink


Copper is a metal. You don’t want to use chemical cleaners on copper sinks as they could react with the sink and destroy it. On that note, most chemical cleaners are toxic. We use sinks to clean things like utensils and if the chemicals are left in the sink they could contaminate your kitchenware.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink [Infographic]


It is also not advisable to use acidic ones. They are also as harmful as the chemical ones. Acids will always react with metals. Keep them easy from your copper sink. What you need to use is a mild dish soap to clean off the dirt.

When faced with stains and rusted surfaces on your sink, use salt and lemon mixture to remove that. You mix a little salt with lemon juice, put it on the spotted areas and let it sit for a while. Scrub it off with a sponge or a brush with soft bristles and rinse off.

Your sink will be blinding your eyes with a glitter. That is after you dry it and buff with a dry piece of cloth or use a sink cleaner polish. If you want your sink to always sparkle, you’ll need to maintain these cleaning procedures.

Stone Sink

A stone sink or bathtub is also very delicate. You shouldn’t use abrasive chemical or acidic cleaners and they will scratch the stone. Instead, you should use a mild soap to clean and later on rinse with clean water.


If you live in places with hard water, you need extra care of your stone sink. Leaving your sink wet could lead to lime deposits forming on the stone and causing stains that are very hard to remove. Like I said, you cannot use chemicals or acids to remove them and so you’ll be required to hire a professional cleaner to de-stain your sink.

To avoid all this, make sure every time you use your sink you rinse it off with clean water and pat dry with a clean piece of cloth afterward. This will ensure that no water collects on your stone and leaves unwanted stains all over.

Bathroom Sink Cleaning

  • Do not use anything abrasive with this kind of sink. The cloth you wipe with should be a soft one, the soap you use should be mild and if you find it necessary to use a detergent it should also be very mild. All these measures will keep your stone clean and intact.

The methods to clean and care for your sink are quite easy. Most of them are do it yourself procedures and they require products that are readily available at home.


Therefore, there is no reason why you should have a dirty or dull sink. When your sink is colored, don’t use any bleach as it may make the color fade. Just clean with soap and water.

Applying lemon oil once in a while could also go a long way to keep your sink smelling fresh and eventually protect it from stains and dirt. Don’t let your kitchen or bathroom look old and grey. Go make it a sparkling site.

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered with OEM Technologies Axial Cam Pump Review (Buying Guide 2018)

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3200 PSIClick Here to See More

Are you searching for something comparable to your cleaning project?

Then simply look at this item. Simpson MSH3125-S is a pressure washer you require to look forward to.

Simpson 3125 is one of the best pressure washers on the market now a day.

Simpson Megashot MSH 3125 can simply knob all kinds of cleaning task and job you wish to do within your house. It is simple and as easy to use as well energy efficient.

Why will you chose Simpson Megashot MSH3125

It can be a smart and elegant investment for many people who are searching for a unit which is powerful and sturdy enough for tackling tough as well as rough cleaning jobs.

Most of the online customer reviews are quite positive – users are admiring the MSH3125-S for its ease of use and great power that makes a short as well hard work of every cleaning job in a matter of minutes.

Why Simpson Megashot MSH3125 is the best one

SIMPSON brand is one of the most popular brands as well they are much familiar with their commitment to users and users find themselves like as a reliable friend.

It is true that anybody will be amazed to see their warm customer service. This is what makes their brands more famous in the industry.

Why we love this Megashot MSH3125

The SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas Pressure Washer is a very professional model that comes with a very reasonable price. It is a perfect model for domestic and commercial use.

There are a lot of reasons come with why you will love this item, and these include reliable and powerful performance comes with all excellent features that do any washing job perfectly as well most of all,

….this Megashot MSH3125 attaches with modern and reputed new developed technology to assure that pressure is supplied for great cleaning performance.

What is wrong with this product?

A few customer downbeat reviews have been ended with its hose. It might take long a bit. We did not find anything wrong more with this item.

Best to use

The item is powered by a Honda engine and delivers 3,100 PSI of pressure. That PSI rate is more than enough to assist to clean grime, dirt and other items at the house or on the job site.

You can use this item to clean your vehicles, paths, fencing, driveway, outdoor furniture, decking areas or anything else that you require to clean..

Convenient Design

It has a simple to use an ergonomically designed structure with a pro-style spray gun with an anti-vibration pump.


…the nozzles of this item are made of steel, and they are fittings with brass. This assures that there won’t have any water leakage.

Powerful Engine

Honda manufactures the powerful engine in Simpson pressure washer.

Honda is one of the leading manufacturers that manufacture reliable pressure washer machine parts, and therefore you can depend upon its durability.

Easy to move

Simpson 3100PSI MSH3125-S washer is simple to move around due to its 10’’ pneumatic tires.

You can simply clean your backyard with excellent ease due to its compact and lightweight structure, roughly 65 pounds.

Five Spray Options

Fortunately for everybody who is doing a lot of different cleaning chores around the home, the Simpson MSH3125 comes with 5 nozzles, providing you with a varieties range of spray options from 0 to 40 degrees.

Easy to use

This heavy-duty MSH3125 power cleaner comes with a horizontal orientation design which makes this item more reliable, dependable and easy-to-use.

Amiable Fuel Tank

The device comes with a large fuel tank. This fuel tank weight is 1.9 quarts. A tank which is full of fuel will be smart enough to clean as well make your full house dirt free for more than one time.

amazon buy button


  • Product Dimensions comes with 34.8 x 21 x 23.2 inches.
  • Item Weight is 65 pounds.
  • This item is technologically advanced and easy to start.
  • Comes with Honda GC190 Engine, 187 cc, 4 strokes, overhead cam or valve design.
  • It operates at 3100 PSI / 2.5 GSM (Flow Rate).
  • Attached with 5 Quick connecting nozzles packed along with 0, 15, 25, 40 and another soap nozzle.
  • Excellent portable design with 10-inch pneumatic premium tires.
  • It features thermal relief valve with an unloaded system.
  • Comes with hose and gun storage onboard and Siphoning tube for detergent.
  • The product meets EPA and CARB emission standards.
    • A powerful engine.
    • Five different spray nozzles.
    • Excellent materials.
    • Sturdy build.
    • Convenient design.
    • Fairly large footprint.

amazon buy button

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does the handle fold for storage?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are the nozzles included?
Answer: Yes, they are.

Question: Does this product have a low oil pressure shutoff?
Answer: Yes it does

Question: Is this item okay to use it with bleach?
Answer: Yes, the soap dispenser of this item will work with bleach

Question: is it 4 cycles?
Answer: Yes

Question: Can tires be removed?
Answer: Yes.

Question: What Is Customer Saying About It?
Answer: Most customers from Amazon and other online market say positive things about this Cleaning MSH3125-S. Many of them are impressed by how this MSH3125 pressure washer works as well how this delivers guaranteed outcomes.

Final Recommendation

To end this Simpson MSH3125-s review,

it is crucial to say again the reasons why you should purchase this piece of excellent equipment.

The Honda engine of this item is quiet, dependable, and starts easily.

The spray gun designs are perfect, it is a comfort, and the included nozzles of this MSH3125 will assist with any cleaning task. Working efficiently and powerfully is sure.

With Simpson MSH3125-s pressure washer, you can simply take care of some household chores in just a short moment.

You can find out this product on and view the customer reviews and latest price.

Then you can pick whether to go forward browsing other pressure washer models or if it is the one you wish right now.

Happy Cleaning,


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24′ Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand, Leverlock Review (Buying Guide 2018)

24' Heavy-Duty Telescoping ExtensionClick Here to See More

Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand is a gutter cleaning tool. Everyone knows how difficult to clean a gutter. The person who has their own house they have to clean their gutter after some days.

They have to clean their windows and a two-story wall. It’s a very difficult and time-consuming work. If the owner is an old person they suffer more. For this reason, this Heavy Duty Telescoping Extension Wand is perfect for cleaning your gutters, windows, two-story building, walls, rooftops and other places.

You don’t have to buy a ladder or don’t have to hire someone to clean these things. By the help of this thing, you can clean all your things without any problem.

Why Chose It

Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand is ideal for cleaning your gutters. It can clean 9 feet up to 24 feet without any ladder. So you don’t have to buy any ladder. It can clean second story walls, gutters, soffits and many other places where it is very hard to reach.

The lightweight fiberglass construction made it very easy to hold. The Lever Lock design prevents the poles from slipping during operation. So you don’t have to worry about it because it will not slip from your hand. So this thing is the best thing for you to clean your gutter and other things.

Best to Use/Where Used

Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand can be used to clean your gutters, windows, rooftops, second story wall and any other place where is very hard to reach. It has a beautiful design which is very attractive.

It is very durable because it has two aluminum inner poles so it will not break very soon. You can clean up to 9-24 feet higher place. It has a maximum quality of pressure, which is 4,000 PSI. So you can clean with this pressure dead leaves and debris out of your gutter. So this thing is the perfect solution for your cleaning purpose.

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  • 24 feet Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand.
  • Thread-On spray gun.
  • Comfortable soft padded grip area.
  • Working Length: 9-24 ft.
  • Use with Gutter Cleaner.
  • Reach up to 9-24 ft high.
  • Lightweight.
  • Two aluminum inner poles and fiberglass outer pole for maximum strength.
  • Max Pressure: 4,000 PSI.
  • Max Volume: 8.0 GPM.
  • Working Length: 9′-24′.
  • Max Temp: 200°.
  • Item weight: 15.5 pounds.
  • Attractive design.
  • Easy installation.
    • It is very durable.
    • Attractive design.
    • Lightweight.
    • Product quality is very high.
    • Very strong alloy-aluminum structure.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Affordable.
    • Need upper body strength to handle.

amazon buy button

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can I connect the 24′ heavy-duty telescoping extension wand, lever lock to a Karcher electric power washer?
Answer: I highly recommend that your pressure washer has at least 2700 lbs. of pressure and an electric unit will not put that out. Besides, I don’t think it can be connected I know you will not have enough pressure with an electric pressure washer. So my answer is NO

Question: I Have a gas pressure washer Home Lite 179cc – would this attachment fit?
Answer: It should hook up to any standard pressure washer. If I recall correctly, it comes with two different size couplings one standard 3/8 and a larger size.

Question: Will it wash windows?
Answer: It could watch your pressure

Question: Can you use this with an air compressor to blow the leaves out?
Answer: No.

Question: I Have a Honda 2500 psi, premier excell, is this adaptable?
Answer: If the hose connection will fit yours, yes.

Final Recommendation

Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. This is the easiest solution for your cleaning purpose. No ladder needed to clean your gutters or rooftops.

Now you can use more time for your household work and less for cleaning up. It has a beautiful design and it’s very durable. It’s very affordable too. You can clean with this standing on the ground.

There are many other gutter cleaning tools available on the market, but this thing is awesome. It is very effective and very easy to clean.

So this is the right decision to take a step for your cleaning purpose.

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Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose – Bronze Review

Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast AluminumClick Here to See More

Liberty Garden Hose Reel is one of the finest things that I have ever seen. It solves our messy hose problem. When we work in the garden or lawn, we face problems with the hose like where can we fix it, or how can we store it organized.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel solves that problem very easily. We can store the hose onto it. It has a beautiful design which is very attractive. It has a huge hose capacity.

So that we can store a huge hose onto it. It is better to keep the hose onto it than the ground. It has a strong rigid construction which is very durable.

Why Chose It

There are many hose reels on the market, but this one is extraordinary. It has a wonderful design with a strong construction. Which is made of aluminum. For this reason, it is very hard to break.

You can place it on your wall or any other place. It has a rack by which you can keep other things onto the rack. There is a crank handle by which you can roll the reel and your hose is stored. It is the great option to keep the place neat and clean.

It saves your hose from unwanted damage. It can be also used in a garage. It has a huge hose capacity, which is 125ft. That means you can store a lot of hose onto it. This is the best thing ever that I have seen in my entire life.

Why This Is the Best One

Comparing with other hose reels which are available in the existing market this hose reel is the best. Because it is very durable and it has a beautiful design. Other hose reels do not last long.

Their design and cheap construction are very poor. It is very easy to install and can be used year after year. On the other hand, other plastic maiden hose reels are not as durable as this one. Its unique design and strong construction made it extraordinary. Another great feature is that there is a storage self on it.

You can keep your garden tools or other necessary things on it. Once you install it on your garden or lawn there is no need to worry about the messy hose problem. Now you can spend more time on your household work and less for cleaning.

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  • Huge hose capacity about 125ft of 5/8″.
  • Heavy Aluminum Construction.
  • It is fully assembled.
  • It has storage shelf.
  • It has 5′ leader hose.
    • It is very durable.
    • Attractive design.
    • Product quality is very high.
    • Very strong aluminum structure.
    • Easy installation.
    • It’s not automatic.
    • Mounting hardware not included.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does this have metal fittings (the part that you attach the hose to), or is it cheap plastic?
Answer: No, it has brass fittings on it. It’s very well built and very sturdy.

Question: Has anyone tried a 100′ length of 3/4″ hose? I’m wondering if that length would fit on the spool given the larger diameter?
Answer: I have a 3/4 100ft hose on mine.

Question: How do you stop it from leaking?
Answer: Liberty has a one year warranty on leaking. Reach out to us at We’ll be glad to help.

Question: Can I mount this to garage drywall?
Answer: Well, I’m sure you can, but you will need to secure it to the studs behind the drywall unless you want to risk it tearing off under the weight.

Question: Can the reel be turned around so the crank is on the left instead of the right?
Answer: Yes, the handle is reversible, without turning the unit upside down.

Final Recommendation

Liberty Garden Hose Reel is the best choice to work with a hose. It keeps your garden or other places neat and clean.

With this hose reel, you can work very easily with your hose.

It has a strong aluminum construction which is very durable and unique.

It has a huge hose capacity and a very wonderful design.

It looks like a furniture. Strong construction, unique design, and durability made it extraordinary.

It is better than the other cheap maiden hose reel. It has a storage self by which you can put your garden tools on it.

Its color is bronze which looks very beautiful.

If you are looking for a hose reel which is durable and attractive this is the best choice for you.

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