9+ Best Microfiber Towels for Cars, Kitchen, Glasses, Window (Edited)

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Buying Guide – Top Rated Towel for Drying a Car, Kitchen, Glasses, Window, Bathroom, Dishes, House

Today you are here to know about the best drying towel or cloth for cars, glasses, window, bathroom, dishes, house, kitchen buying the guide.

I am adding lots of information here in this article. Drying towel is obviously an important tool to add completion of cleaning your dishes, house, cars, glasses, window, bathroom, kitchen.

Let’s read the whole buying guide drying towel purchasing.

We love to use the car as the second home after the actual one. We use vehicles regularly to move from one place to another.


Cars or kitchen get dirt, dust, mud, grease, grime and other nasty things.


We clean them with cleaning products.


If we don’t dry them after cleaning with soap or liquid detergent, it won’t be quite satisfactory.

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Keeping the car under direct sunlight can be easy to dry the car.


This is totally out of any result. The water spots appear on the car’s body. It can damage the paint and create more issues. Rubbing the spots brings for anguishes.


You should choose the best drying towel.

Thinking about towel you may imagine the regular towel you use in the bathroom.


Towel for drying the bathroom, kitchen, dishes, house, car, glasses, or window is quite different.

You need to be aware of a few things while you are going to dry. Regular bath towels are made of heavy polyester thread.

Polyester isn’t friendly on the surface of the metal body or floor.

It can cause mild scratches.

Water blade is quite good for drying. But this can be dangerous too.

If the dirt goes between the water blade, you will see the scratches. Air dry can change the actual look or attractiveness of the car.

Many people may recommend using chamois or shammy to dry out.

I am not suggesting you do so.

Shammy creates bit suction when you try to use it on dry. This suction can spread the leftover dirt after cleaning (if there’s any).


This can be less helpful. Waffle weave drying towel is another kind drying towel. The weave of the waffle towel makes drying simple.

There’s less chance of having any scratches. But it’s not so effective than the specific top rated drying towel.

Then What Shall You Choose?

In one line –

You should buy a microfiber towel for drying.

This is the best solution for drying the vehicles properly.

A microfiber towel is different from any other types of cloth. This type of towel is produced for cleaning any vehicle and drying them well.

Depending on single silk standard, microfiber is of 1 denier or less by measurement.

You may now think what is this denier.

The fineness of a unit of fiber weighing one gram with the length of 9KM. Seemingly the length can make you think again. It’s very smaller than you can think.

A single strand of silk can be of 1/5x smaller by the diameter of a human hair.


Almost 2 lakhs of fibers can be in just a single square inch of microfiber.

Microfiber towels can be made of different types of materials.

These materials can be polyester, polyamide, or both of them combining.


Manufacturers are using polypropylene to make microfiber towel recyclable for next time.

These ingredients make the towel stronger, long-lasting.

Using the microfiber towel can be effective as it doesn’t damage after several applications.

Any kind of shrinking or stretching, abrasion etc. stay away from the towels.

After all,

Microfiber dries things faster.

Microfiber towels are of multiple types.

The pile height of the microfibers defines the classifications of it. If the pile height is higher, then the microfiber will be softer, plusher.

Short pile microfibers are good for cleaning and drying the car dashboards, trims, upholstery, exhausts etc.

The popular 80/20 blends come in 220-250 GSM.

Medium pile microfiber towel is used to clean or apply the car waxes, car polishes.

Medium pile microfibers have 3 versatile variants.

The blend of medium pile microfiber has 75/25 blend having 360 GSM levels.

This is satisfactory in drying the trims, glass, clear plastics etc.

The blend of long pile microfiber towel is 70/30 blend in 600 GSM.

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Why should you choose the microfiber towels?

  • A microfiber towel is a faster solution.
  • This towel can absorb liquid for more than twice times of their weight.
  • This towel is very beneficiary as it can absorb a lot of liquid. The effect of microfiber towels is absent in cleaning the paint.
  • You can use a microfiber towel for buffing of the polish, wax etc.
  • You also can wash the best drying towel it gets horrible over time.

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There are lots of differently branded drying towels available at the market. You should read the reviews given by the users. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the best drying towel buying guide:

Question: What is the best type of car drying towel?

Answer: You can choose any of them on your choice. But not all of them are satisfactory. Microfiber towels are best. They smoothen the task and performs faster.

Question: Can I wash microfiber towel for drying the car?

Answer: Yes. You can wash them without any hesitation.

Question: Why microfiber towel is different than ordinary clothes?

Answer: It’s the structure of the microfiber towel. It is soft and gentle on the surface. No chance of dents.

Final Recommendation

Drying is important for taking a complete care.

There is nothing alternative to use a drying towel instead of heating under the sun.

Many top-quality drying towels come with extra facilities, discounts, offers etc.

Choosing the right one is very important. Because no one is fond of having any water spots, scratches.


Buy the best drying towel for your loving item for saving your money and time.

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