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8 Safety Tips & Checklist For Users of Pressure Washers (2018 Edit)

pressure washer with gun

A pressure washer is a very powerful and efficient cleaning tool in general.


this power needs to be handled properly by the person using it.

This is because as efficient as it is,

The risk of getting injured is very high when safety precautions are not in place.

You would be able to maximize the benefits of having a pressure washer as long as you are careful.

It was reported in 2014 that about 6,057 people suffered from pressure washer injuries.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission,

All these people needed to be rushed to the emergency room with varying degrees of severity.

Additionally, 14% of these people needed a secondary treatment and therapy for their injuries.


Injuries from pressure washers may range from:

  • Deep Cuts
  • Abrasions
  • Neurovascular ruptures
  • Electrocution

Some of these injuries may even lead to amputation of the affected body part.

A 100 psi or greater is just enough to break the skin but it was reported that people who suffered injuries have been hit between 2,000 to 12,000 psi.  Most of the injuries occurred in the non-dominant hand and mainly in their index finger.


Pressure Washer Types

Pressure washers can be used in numerous areas and spaces that require cleaning such as:

  1. Fences
  2. Exterior Sidings
  3. Bricks
  4. Garage
  5. Outdoor Grills
  6. Driveways
  7. Motorcycles
  8. Cars

It is important that you have the basic knowledge about pressure washers and be familiar with how they work to decrease risks, most especially for first-time users.

You can choose to rent or purchase a pressure washer depending on your budget and future uses.

Pressure washers are basically a garden hose with an air compressor.

Its basic process starts with pumping the water and speeding it up thru the hose, thereby, producing high pressure inside.



The hose is connected to a water gun and when the trigger is pulled, a mix of water and air accelerates out the nozzle.

If a normal garden hose emits a pressure of 150 psi, the lowest-powered pressure washer model is about 200 times stronger than that.

This power is the key to removing stubborn dirt by initiating a high kinetic energy onto the surface due to the water speed.

The cleaning performance is determined by the value of PSI (pounds per square inch) and the GPM (gallons per minute) of this machinery.

The PSI is the measurement of the water pressure output that gives the power to infiltrate grime and grease.

The GPM is the measurement of water flow up to the gun that degrades the dirt to be able to wash it away as well as an indication of the model that can clean using less water.  The higher the values, the more heavy duty the pressure washer is.


It is divided into two categories based on its engine type which is the gas-fueled type and the electric model washer.  The electric model is advantageous in terms of its cost as it is cheaper and the engine is quieter.

It is generally compact, lighter in weight, and is more convenient to move around.  It is a good tool to use indoor since it doesn’t have any harmful emissions and is relatively easier to maintain.

The disadvantage of an electric-powered washer is that it has a lower power than gas-fueled types so it will take you a long time to finish large spaces.  Therefore a higher water consumption is also to be expected.

wood pressure washing

Another thing is that water and electricity don’t really mix so there is a possibility of electrocution which is why this type should be always protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

Gas-fueled types have a wider range of models and are more powerful than electric models so they are more efficient in large spaces.  They are also best recommended for outdoor uses.  They have no power cord so you are not restricted to a certain working space.

A drawback of gas-fueled washers is that they have a higher maintenance like oil change compared to an electric engine.  They are also loud and are not recommended for indoor use because they produce emissions as gas is consumed.  Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and inhalation of this fume may cause dizziness, fatigue, headache or irregular breathing.

Pressure washers can also be categorized depending on their pressure levels.

Different models can either be a light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty or professional duty.

Light-Duty Pressure Washers

Light-duty pressure washers have a pressure level below 2,000 psi.  This is applicable for easy cleaning of small spaces or patios and occasional cleaning of small items.

Medium-Duty Pressure Washers

Medium-duty washers have a water pressure level from 2,000 to 2,800 psi and are good for cleaning fences, brick or house sidings, driveways plus small cleaning jobs at home.

Heavy-Duty Pressure Washers

A heavy-duty pressure washer, on the other hand, can already be used for large areas of concrete and second level applications.

The pressure level can be between 2,900 to 3,300 psi.

The professional-duty washer has pressure levels higher than 3,300 psi and is designed to work for many hours.

It can handle various heavy jobs like preparation of a house exterior for repainting.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Types

Pressure washers come with 5 different types of nozzles used for various applications.

They are universally color-coded so it is easier to identify them from each other.


They are categorized based on the water fan patterns that each nozzle produce.

  • Red Nozzle (0o) – is used for heavy dirt and stains on concrete, crevices, and for washing to reach a second level siding. This is not typically used because it may cause serious injury when used in closer distances.
  • Yellow Nozzle (15o) – for heavy-duty cleaning of outdoor walks and garage floors. This may also be applicable for stripping paint and greases from different surfaces.
  • Green Nozzle (25o) – this is the nozzle typically recommended for general cleanings like patios, outdoor furniture, and decks. The green nozzle is safer to use compared to the previously discussed nozzles.
  • White Nozzle (40o) – the nozzle that is used for cleaning cars and for surfaces that can easily be damaged like stucco walls.
  • Black Nozzle (65o) – has the lowest pressure out of all the nozzles; this is typically used for cleaning agents. Given the gentle pressure it releases, it is normally used if there is a need to just wet a surface.

pressure washer nozzle color chart

Parts of a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer has the following basic parts:

  • Water inlet – this is the hose that connects the water supply and the pressure washer. There’s a filter in the inlet to prevent debris passing through the high-pressure nozzle since they could be risky when they go blasting at the other end of the water gun.
  • Electric motor or gas engine – the source of power for the water pump.
  • Water pump – is the heart of the pressure washer and is designed to control water flow of around 1 to 2 gallons per minute.
  • High-pressure hose – the tube that connects your washer to the needed cleaning attachment. It is characteristically made from reinforced wire mesh and another layer of high-density plastic to withstand high pressure.
  • Cleaning attachment – may range from just a simple trigger gun to a spinning wand spray or rotating brush.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security. -- Jodi Rell

Safety Tips in Using a Pressure Washer

  1. Point the pressure washer away from your body.

Do not underestimate the power of high-pressured water as it may cause fatal injuries.

Do not point the pressure washer at people, pets, especially to your own body.

Keep your fingers away from the nozzle so avoid changing the attachments while spraying.

This powerful tool is not a toy so avoid letting a child operate it.  Always aim carefully for what you’re cleaning before pulling the trigger.
Also, avoid pointing high-pressured nozzles into glass windows as this can easily break.


  1. Read the pressure washer manual.

Getting acquainted with a pressure washer prior to using it is the first step to achieving safety.

There are a lot of washer models and each has its own characteristics and features including the water temperature requirement and amount of pressure exerted by the unit.

It is advised that you read all the pages of the manual because it contains all the essential information to safely use your unit.

You will also be able to see specific instructions on how to set it up and how to properly disassemble it which is also critical in reducing possible injuries.

read manual


  1. Do a test run and provide clearance between the surface and nozzle.

Before starting on your cleaning activity,

Conduct a test run using the widest angle nozzle with a clearance of about 2 feet away from a cleaning surface.

Adjust the size and distance accordingly, based on what you think will be the most efficient and safe during cleaning.

Make sure to hold the wand securely with both hands if necessary until you are confident enough to use the pressure washer.


  1. Wear protective gears.

Majority of pressure washer injuries can be prevented with just wearing the proper gear during cleaning.

Here are the recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) when using a pressure washer:

  • Boots – Ensure that you are wearing enclosed boots or shoes to protect your feet. Wearing a steel-toe boot is better as the high pressure may potentially cut through a normal rubber boot.
  • Gloves – As mentioned earlier, hands are the most common injured part of the body when using pressure washers. Protect them by using gloves and not only can it keep you safe, it can also improve your grip on the wand.
  • Long Pants – It is highly possible that debris and dirt may blast off from surfaces that may cut the skin. Protect your legs by wearing long pants since you can never predict the direction of the spray and dirt.
  • Safety Glasses – This is used to protect your eyes from the same hazards as mentioned above. Safety glasses or at least shatterproof sunglasses should be used to prevent small debris from getting into your eyes.
  • Hearing Protection – This is especially applicable for gas-fueled pressure washers because of the noise that they make since their engines are not enclosed. The loud sound they generate may damage your hearing, especially in the long run.

protative wears


  1. Consider all possible hazards in your working space.

Be aware of your surroundings and all possible hazards before turning on a pressure washer.

This may include slippery areas, distractions or passing traffic.

If you are working outside and along the streets, it is better to have a spotter for any approaching traffic or person within your working space.

Move any furniture, pots or any other objects away from your working space.

Consider as well your physical well-being on the day you are about to use the pressure washer.

Do not use this tool when you feel weak or nauseous.

Ensure that you are away from open windows and exposed electrical cords.  Avoid using the pressure washer in heavy rains or winds.

  1. Avoid using a ladder or working from a height with a pressure washer.

You have to be stable when using a pressure washer as it can easily knock you off your balance.

There is a possible recoil from just the water pressure itself so you will eventually fall down and a bad fall may be fatal.

If you need to clean a surface on a high ground, use an extension wand instead of using a ladder.

  1. Use a safety latch when not spraying.

The washer gun has a safety latch attached that is to be used whenever you are not using the spray.  This is to prevent any unintentional action of turning on the washer by accident.  This safety latch is usually a lever that can be moved horizontally to hold the gun trigger in place.

Avoid putting down the gun without moving the safety latch.

Don’t leave the pressure washer unattended and turn it off completely if you need to move away for a bit.
  1. Remove the excess pressure inside the wand before disassembling.

After using your pressure washer, turn it off then squeeze the trigger to release the pressure that is still inside as it may cause injury if released in a wrong way.

Do not remove the:

  • hose
  • spray gun
  • nozzle

until all the pressure is released.

If you remove any one of the parts while there is still pressure,

It will directly be released straight to your hand.

Allow the unit to cool down before moving and storing it to prevent any possible burns.

A pressure washer is a very reliable piece of machinery as long as safety precautions are in place.

If by any chance someone gets injured by a pressure washer, immediately call your emergency number and apply first aid to the wounds.

Stop the bleeding and carefully clean the affected area.

People with this type of injury should always seek urgent medical attention.

How to Use a Pressure Washer [Infographics]

Pressure Washer Guide

9+ Best Pressure Washer Trailer for Sale (2018 Buy Guide)

Comparison table of branded and under budget best pressure washer trailers for sale reviews:

NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer Review NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer
4000 PSI, 4.0 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V H Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V H
4000 PSI, 8.0 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V
4000 PSI, 5.5 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount 200 Gal - Diesel c Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount 200 Gal - Diesel c
3200 PSI, 4.0 GPM, Diesel.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V A Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V A
4000 PSI, 5.0 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V H Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V H
3500 PSI, 5.5 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V C Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V C
4000 PSI, 4.0 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Jetter - Trailer Mounted - 200 Gal - 18 Hp Review Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Jetter - Trailer Mounted - 200 Gal - 18 Hp
3500 PSI, 5.5 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Simpson 95000 Mobile Cleaning Gas Powered Pressure Washer Trailer System with Commercial Honda Engine Review Simpson 95000 Mobile Cleaning Gas Powered Pressure Washer Trailer System with Commercial Honda Engine
3200 PSI, 2.8 GPM, Gas.
Check Price
Easy Kleen Car Lot Wash Trailer Review Easy Kleen Car Lot Wash Trailer
2700 PSI, 3.0 GPM, Gas. Under budget
Check Price

Are you considering a trailer mounted pressure washer? Now maybe you are confused about which product to choose. Then read this our best pressure washer trailer reviews.

If the investment is bigger, the tougher it could be to choose on the correct one.

This is the reason why this time I grabbed the guesswork out of finding you the best pressure washer trailer for your company.

We have gathered the topmost lists of the top-rated, best-selling, and professional endorsed hot water pressure washer trailer for you.

Spend a minute to discover our power washer trailer buying guide.

Pick out from one of the classifications below and determine the perfect pressure cleaning trailer washer for your requirements.

Top-Rated Pressure Washer Trailer for Sale – Editors Pick

NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer Review

NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer Review

The NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer derives with built-in water container of 200-gallon. Which ensures and provides hot water cleaning facility anywhere! This is picture-perfect for distant job sites where lack of running water persists or no electricity is present. For effective cleaning Honda GX630, V-twin engine is used to provide hot water pressure of 4000 PSI. This shaft engine is Horizontally planned for extended life. Cat pump has ceramic plungers and brass manifold.

It is made using little temperature conductivity and resistance. It has custom-molded fully encased combustion chamber. This device is not going to face any ignition problems. Because it embraces water separator. Which will prevent the fuel filter to mix with the water. Another best thing is it has rear entry spray gun. This will make your life easier. You can also adjust the pressure as you want.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount – 200 Gal – 115V H Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V H Review

This is the streamline industrial 4,000 PSI 8.0 GPM pressure washer which is Gas generated Pressure Washer using Kohler Engine. It has 200 gal water capacity and also includes adjustable thermostats. We remained a little concerned of tallying onto our list for the reason of being high price and the least reviews parting us by the small amount of review to gauge.

Still, the extraordinary power is what we are totaling it to those that ignore the rate and need numerous price choices to look through. This product is best for specialized washing services such as deck cleaning, graffiti removal, paint preparations, wood restoration, etc. It is constructed to beat other pressure washers concluding every task it starts.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount – 200 Gal – 115V Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V Review

This pressure washer is made by streamlining industrial. Which has 4,000 PSI and 5.5 GPM. This gas powered pressure washer is great for industrial usage. It owns a powerful Honda Engine. This pressure washer can hold 200-gallon water for longer jobs. The pressure of hot water can be adjusted effortlessly. It is user-friendly and easy to assemble.

I accept that the price of this machine is quite high but compare to services it delivers what you get is considerable. This machine is ideal for specialized dirt cleaning services such as deck cleaning, paint preparations, etc.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount 200 Gal – Diesel c Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount 200 Gal - Diesel c Review

Here this trailer mount pressure washer runs on diesel. So the power of this engine will be enormous. This series also derives with the 200-gallon water container and it flows water at 4GPM. It delivers a quite decent pressure for cleaning tasks. Which is 3200 PSI only.

Streamline industrial Pressure Cleaner is an actually dominant direct drive device. This machine delivers more pressure and moreover even further water drive to the targeted area. This makes it appropriate to be utilized by experts and contractors who had lots of tasks to do in a smaller amount period. No one wants to waste his time, and this powerful Cleaner fixes the job for you in compact time.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount – 200 Gal – 115V A Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 115V A Review

If you relate to electric pressure washer with the gas running pressure washer, you will get the pressure in lower quantity using the electric pressure washer. Lesser pressure means you need to place extra efforts during washing rough stains. That’s the fact why you need the gas powered pressure washer. This trailer mounted product comes with 4000 PSI and 5.0 GPM. This series of pressure washers are pretty expensive but in return what you will achieve is going to worth it.

This cleaning machine is very user-friendly and as well as powerful.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount – 200 Gal – 12V H Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V H Review

Each individual wishes to get rid of the stains or dirt. More or less horrible area with tough dried mud requires proficient labor to clean.

You absolutely want the correct set of tools, equipment or machines for having the stained area spotless.

Washing and scrubbing the area physically is a scary and strenuous job.

So you definitely see for an appropriate high-quality gas pressure washer that does the cleaning job professionally. Streamline gas power pressure washer is one of the best which offers various task. This machine can contain about 200 gal of water and the flow of the water would be 5.5 GPM. It has also a decent pressure of 3500 Psi.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water – Trailer Mount – 200 Gal – 12V C Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Hot Water - Trailer Mount - 200 Gal - 12V C Review

This streamline cleaning machine is going to rock the pressure washer industry with the exceptional quality and performance. This device works great for any type of hard cleaning task. Because it delivers hot water to the right spot to clean efficiently. It has the pressure of 4000 PSI and flow of water is 4.0 GPM.

For longer performance, this device has the capability of 200 gallons of water.

It is built that way it can last longer. The powerful engine is associated with it is self-contained. So do not worry about your cleaning job.

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Jetter – Trailer Mounted – 200 Gal – 18 Hp Review

Streamline Industrial Pressure Washer Jetter - Trailer Mounted - 200 Gal - 18 Hp Review

Here the streamline industrial pressure washer is one of the fines due to the remarkable stability of structures, quality, and performance. No one likes bordered by stain and dust because it is not a pleasing moment.

For that reason, it is a must to preserve the nearby surroundings clean and tidy. On the other hand, it is not nearly conceivable to keep the outdoor spotless. Natural surroundings have its own way of messing the whole thing up. The streamline gas power washer has to turn into the need of every family and business because of its marvelous features. This tough cleaning machine can generate 3500 psi and 5.5 GPM of water flow.

Simpson 95000 Mobile Cleaning Gas Powered Pressure Washer Trailer System with Commercial Honda Engine Review

Simpson 95000 Mobile Cleaning Gas Powered Pressure Washer Trailer System with Commercial Honda Engine Review

This influential SIMPSON Cleaning 95000 mobile Gas pressure washer can tackle all your profitable industrial jobs.

It’s flawlessly well-matched for mobile detailers, contract cleaners, resorts, and municipalities.

The trailer pressure washer is DOT certified as an over-the-road cleaning solution. With this system, you can set-up your job site very quickly.

You need to pull up the machine to the job area, link the spray gun with the pressure washer then start the engine and begin cleaning.

It comes with a commercial series of Honda engine GX200. This machine also features oil alert and It can generate the pressure of 3200 PSI as well as 2.8 GPM of water supply.

With this machine, a self-contained quite transparent polyethylene 100-gallon water container adjusted. It has water level indicators which are easy to read.

Easy Kleen Car Lot Wash Trailer Review

Easy Kleen Car Lot Wash Trailer Review

A pressure washer is very useful for those hard cleaning jobs. That may require more washing effort than you can physically provide. The powerful Easy-Kleen Professional 4000 PSI (Gas – Hot Water) Pressure Washer can remove stains from a variety of surfaces, such as vinyl, concrete, and masonry coatings. There are times when a cleaning agent is needed to break down the most difficult stains, as well as to eliminate mold.


Question: Is the item durable?
Answer: Yes, All the item described in this guide are durable. They are made it that way it can last a few years easily.

Question: Is this item easy to use?
Answer: Yes, they are intended to designed as user-friendly. So, these pressure washers can be handled very easily.

Question: Are they build for the commercial use only?
Answer: No, it is mostly used for commercial jobs but also can be used for personal usage.

Question: Do they all run on gasoline?
Answer: Mostly they do run on gas but some run on diesel.

Final Recommendation

So, above those were the best pressure washer trailer reviews for you guys. Each person has its strong points. Everyone is having their own uniqueness. Separately they can do the specialized task. Although few of them might use next level machinery, others may use the moderately simpler method to work. However, you should be cautious and knowledgeable when choosing the perfect one for you. After buying your hot water pressure washer please use it in front of an expert user.

Likewise, if you wish to utilize your pressure washer for the first time, learn how to operate it or you may damage the machine. This will assist you to comprehend the functions of a pressure washer trailer.


29+ Best Pressure Washer Accessories & Attachments (2018 Edit)

List of pressure washer accessories & attachments latest trending & positive reviewed by the customer. Comparison table for best pressure washer attachments & accessories

Check Price
Electric Pressure Washe Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric Pressure Washer
Electric pressure washer. Total Stop System automatically shuts off. 5 Quick-Connect spray tips, tackle light. Medium and heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Dual removable tanks.
Check Price
Gas Pressure Washer SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer
Gas pressure washer. Gain cleaning power in your hands. Kink & abrasion resistant hose. Select the correct nozzle tips for your cleaning needs. Safety comes first.
Check Price
Handheld Pressure Washer AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer
Handheld pressure washer. Three axial-piston wobble-plate pump, Automatic safety valve shut-off, 1500 PSI/1.50 GPM, 30-Foot cord, 20-Foot hose, Stainless steel plungers.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips
Pressure washer spray nozzle tips. Clean hard-to-reach areas. 5 Pack: 65, 0,15, 25, 40 Degrees. Don't use a ladder. Up to 4000 PSI
Check Price
Pressure Washer Turbo Spray Nozzle Briggs & Stratton 6195 Quick-Connect Turbo Spray Nozzle for Pressure Washers
Pressure washer turbo spray nozzle. 3000 PSI. Cleaning brick, concrete and vinyl. 40% faster.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Pump RSV4G40HDF40EZ Pressure Washer Pump w/ Easy Start 4000PSI, 4.0GPM AR
Pressure washer pump
Check Price
Pressure Washer Gun, Wand General Pump Shark 87105910 4000 PSI Telescoping Wand with Shut-Off Gun, 6-24-Feet
Pressure washer gun, wand. 4000 PSI. NPT & M22. 13.7 pounds
Check Price
Pressure Washer Soap Simple Green SMP13421CT Pro HD Heavy Duty Cleaner, 1 gal Bottle
Pressure washer soap. Non-toxic, non-corrosive. Multi-purpose floors, walls, industrial equipment, appliances, vehicle cleaning, degreasing, commercial kitchens, baths, pressure washing, parts washing, ultrasonic cleaning. Eliminates grease, grime, stains.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Soap for Car Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner - 64 oz
Pressure washer soap for car. Car wash, condition. Gently, safely foams away tough dirt, road grime, and contaminants. Not compromise wax protection. 4 pounds. 4.7 x 3.1 x 11.8 inches.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Erie Tools 21" Stainless Steel Flat Surface Cleaner 4000 PSI Max for Power Pressure Washer
Pressure washer surface cleaner. 21 in. 4000 PSI at 8 GPM. Cold and hot water applications. Stainless steel, light-weight aluminum handle. Flat surfaces. 180° F. 3/8 Quick Connect. 25° nozzles.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner EZ Clean AEZ31023 Surface Cleaner for Quick Connect Pressure Washer Wands, 15-Inch
Pressure washer surface cleaner. 2300-3300 PSI. 10 times faster. No streaks or over spray. 1/4 inch.
Check Price
Soap Dispenser Nozzle Karcher Foam Cannon Soap Dispenser Nozzle for Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washers
Soap dispenser nozzle. Dispensing a thick heavy foam. Canister and top with water. Trigger gun of Karcher electric models K3/K4/K5. Does not fit K1700-K2000.
Check Price
Pressure washer Soap Applicator Greenworks High Pressure Soap Applicator Universal Pressure Washer Attachment 51362
Pressure washer soap applicator. 1.4 GPM. 40 Degree. 1/4 in. 3100 PSI.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Hose Raptor Blast 4000 PSI BLACK Wire Braid Pressure Washer Hose 50' w/ Couplers
Pressure washer hose.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Brush Karcher Rotating Wash Brush Accessory for Karcher Electric Power Pressure Washers
Pressure washer brush. Super soft synthetic. Gently spin a set inner brushes.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Rotating Brush Sun Joe SPX-RB1 Rotary Wash Brush Kit for SPX Series Pressure Washers
Pressure washer rotating brush. Deep-cleaning patio furniture, scrubbing cars, windows, siding. Part # SPX-RB1.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Car Wash Brush Karcher Car Wash Brush
Pressure washer car wash brush. Stubborn dirt and grit. Cleaning the car.
Check Price
Brush with Window Squeegee Waschburste C&C für Fahrzeugwasche - Sonstiges Reinigungsgerat
Brush with window squeegee
Check Price
Pressure Washer Trailer NorthStar Hot Water Pressure Washer - 4000 PSI, 4.0 GPM, Honda Engine, Trailer Mounted
Pressure washer trailer
Check Price
Pressure Washer Seals Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washer Seal Kit Set 190595GS
Pressure washer seals
Check Price
Pressure Washer Detergent Tank 580875010 Homelite Pressure Washer Detergent / Soap Tank
Pressure washer detergent tank. Part #580875010
Check Price
Pressure Washer Water Tank Pressure Washer DK2000 W/Tank
Pressure washer water tank. 200 pounds, DK2000CPWT.
Check Price
Pressure Washing Pump Oil Briggs & Stratton Synthetic Pressure Washer Pump Oil - 5.3 oz 190585GS
Pressure washing pump oil. Synthetic pump oil, 5.3 Fl. Oz.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Foam Gun, Snow Foam DUSICHIN SFL-001 Pressure Washer Jet Wash
Pressure washer foam gun, snow foam. Foam cannon with 1/4" quick disconnection, 33 OZ (1 litre) container bottle, 2.0GPM , 1000 PSI.
Check Price
Pressure Washer Adapter Set Apache 98441024 3/8" Quick Disconnect Pressure Washer Adapter Set
Pressure washer adapter set. Socket to plug
Check Price
Pressure Washer Gauge Shark 87122080 Pressure Washer Pressure Gauge Kit
Pressure washer gauge. 5000 PSI, quick couples to discharge, glycerin filled gauges, 1-3/4-Inch gauge, 3/8-inch QC socket, 3/8-inch QC plug
Check Price
Spray Lance Extension for Pressure Washer Karcher 2.643-240.0 Extension Spray Lance
Spray lance extension for pressure washer
Check Price
Pressure Washer Pump Saver Briggs & Stratton 6151 Pressure Washer Pump Saver Anti-Freeze and Lubricant Formula
Pressure washer pump saver. Protects & seals from damage, anti-freeze and lubricant formula, 10.7-ounce.
Check Price
Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment BE Pressure 85.400.007 Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment
Washer gutter cleaner attachment. 4000 PSI, quick coupler, 8.0 ounces, chrome , brass, 12 feet.
Check Price
Pressure Water Broom for Pressure Washing Ultimate Washer UW16-PW9EF9 High Pressure Water Broom for Pressure Washing
Pressure water broom for pressure washing. 3.0 gpm, 1/4" quick-disconnect plug, bar 16-inch, path 18-inch, aluminum, stainless steel threaded nozzles, hard composite swivel casters, brass, 4 lbs.
Check Price

Top Rated in The Market Pressure Washer Accessories & Attachments

Videos for Attachments & Accessories of Pressure Washer

RYOBI 2000-PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

RYOBI 2000-PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer. Model # RY141900

Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips

This video is about Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips and how to choose the right tip for the right job.

Pressure washer trailer

Turbo Nozzle Demonstration by Briggs and Stratton

How can you tell if the Turbo Nozzle is better than a standard tip? We had a concrete cleaning competition to find out. Between the Turbo Nozzle and a standard tip, we found that the Turbo Nozzle cleans 40% faster! Check it out.

General Pump Telescoping Wand Dual Valve – 4000 Maximum PSI, 10 GPM, Model# 2100269

This spray wand’s dual valve provides an off-setting pressure release that allows the operator to more easily lift and use the telescoping wand under pressures up to 4000 PSI. Works with all telescoping wands.

Pressure Washer Accessories and Surface Cleaners

Hydro Tek manufactures a variety of pressure washer accessories including stainless steel flat surface cleaners for cleaning concrete, extension poles for building washing, and stainless steel hose reels. All of these accessories for hot and cold power washers are built in the USA and can be demoed and purchased at one of our many distributors’ locations.

Images for Attachments & Accessories of Pressure Washer

Hose coupling

A hose coupling is a connector on the end of a hose to connect it with another hose or with a tap or a hose, such as an irrigation sprinkler.


Pressure washer.


Pressure washer sewer jetter attachment.

Pressure washer spray wands/guns

Pressure washer spray wands/guns.


Thread seal tape known as PTFE tape or plumber’s tape is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film tape commonly used in plumbing for sealing pipe threads.


A wire brush is a tool consisting of a brush whose bristles are made of wire, most often steel wire.

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Karcher pro series 4000 psi honda gx390 gas powered pressure washer g 4000 oh

Karcher pro series 4000 psi honda gx390 gas powered pressure washer g 4000 oh

Bring out the Best Pressure Washer Water Broom for Cleaning Today!

Bring out the Best Pressure Washer Water Broom for Cleaning Today!

Application of the HLD microemulsion model for the Development of Phase Stable SOW Type Hard Surface Cleaner Formulation

Application of the HLD microemulsion model for the Development of Phase Stable SOW Type Hard Surface Cleaner Formulation

Rug Cleaning Perth by Carpet Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Perth by Carpet Cleaning

Pressure Washing your Home

Pressure Washing your Home

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Infographic for – Maintenance Tips for Your Pressure Washer

Infographic for - Maintenance Tips for Your Pressure Washer



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Generac 6602 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.8 GPM, 4-in-1 PowerDial, Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review (Buying Guide 2018)

Generac 6602 OneWash 3Click Here to See More

When you have a very tight schedule in your daily life, you may require things those can make your life easier. Things get dirty and stains cover the surfaces over the time.

So, cleaning becomes an important matter. Cleaning manually with a piece of cloth or broom is very time-consuming. You may lose your attention if the task gets bigger in size. A good gas powered pressure washer can sort out this major problem.

A pressure washer emits high-pressure water spray. You can use this pressurized water to clean the hard or other regular surfaces by spraying on them.

I have a great example of pressure washer for you. Generac 6602 OneWash gas powered pressure washer is one of the best devices in the market. I have practical experience of using this device.

What do you need to know?

The pressure washer has strong engine or motor. This engine or motor generates enough water power to blow dirt, grime, droppings, grease etc. away. A good pressure washer sprays water at 2800-3200 PSI and 2.5 -3.0 GPM.

Beside this, there is also a detergent tank to wash things without any hassle. You can take the device to anywhere you want if there’s an option of wheels. Generac 6602 qualifies for all the specs those a good pressure washer has.

Why Generac 6602?

Generac 6602 OneWash has a dominant OHV engine of 212cc. So, there’s no compromising about the pressure of water or the sturdy service. This engine is the most powerful one in its class.

This is a 4-in-1 gas powered pressure washer with different pressure control and settings. From low to heavy-duty cleaning work, you can switch on this machine and get your job completely done. I have used this useful pressure washer in washing my car, deck and the driveway.

There was no drop off service. You can spray water at up to 3100 PSI and 2.8 GPM with a simple turn of a dial. The PowerDial Variable-Pressure control helps you to minimize or maximize the pressure of spray. Therefore, all the different controls are operated from a single consolidated control panel.

This panel is easily identifying and operating so that you can quickly start and adjust the machine. You just need to select any specific tasks on the PowerDial.

You will get the exact balance of water pressure and flow. This axial cam pump has comfort-grip handle. I like this feature most because you can get amazing comfy while using the machine. There is always less user fatigue for the easy-to-pull inverted trigger. The rear hose connection on the spray gun serves improved balance and comfort when you use the pressure washer.

This Generac 6602 OneWash pressure washer is also known for its portability. It has two 11” never-flat tires to carry the machine easily from one place to another regardless of terrain. There’s a large 0.75-gallon detergent tank attached to this equipment. Obviously, detergent spray helps to remove the absurd chemicals, grease, and other stains.

Another feature is that the 30 ft.high pressure hose helps you to reach the far corners such as beneath the car, corners of wall or floors, windows etc. Adding to these, this 6602 gas-powered pressure washer has 3 different quick-change nozzle tips (00, 250 and soap). These tips provide different angles or pressure of water while spraying. This cold water pressure washer has onboard storage to coil the hose pipe easily.

Here are the major features, advantages and disadvantages of the Generac 6602 OneWash gas powered pressure washer.

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  • 212cc OHV engine.
  • 11” dual never-flat tires.
  • PowerDial Variable-Pressure Control.
  • Consolidated Control Panel.
  • Comfort-grip Handle.
  • Spray speed: 3100 PSI and spray volume: 2.8 GPM.
  • 75 gallon onboard detergent tank.
  • 30 ft. high pressure hose.
  • 3 quick-nozzle tips (00, 250 and soap).
  • Weight: 68.5 pounds.
    • Powerful engine provides continuous water spray speed and volume.
    • Smart control system in a single place.
    • Comfortable handling and operation while application.
    • Gently performs from normal to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
    • Large detergent tank for hassle free cleaning.
    • Extendable hose to reach the toughest corners.
    • Large tires to move the machine easily according to user’s choices.
    • On demand spray speed, you have the control what you need.
    • May appear assembling issues, hose connection problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the difference between the 6602 and the 6412?
Answer: 3100 psi max on the 6602 as opposed to 3000 psi on the 6412. Also, the low oil and low water cutoff sensors and the associated indicator light have been deleted on the 6602. As of 4/19/14 Amazon’s pictures are incorrect and show last year’s 6412 model.

Question: Does this have a cleaning solution injection system?
Answer: Yes, the reservoir is on the lower front. It comes with a clear tube that you push onto the brass barb pointing up in the back, then put the suction end in the reservoir. Once you put the soap solution in the suds will only flow when are using the black soap nozzle.

Question: Can you hook it up to the hot water heater?
Answer: This unit is designed to be a cold water pressure washer. Please take a look at the manual and you will see that there is pump overheat valve on the pump so running hot water unit like tankless water heater would cause this to go off.

Final Recommendation

There are lots of gas-powered pressure washers rule in the present market. But I suggest you choose this one. You have already known the aspects of this Generac 6602 OneWash.

Home or away, you can carry this one and get the same service. It is also recommended by many house cleaning experts. Smart control, superb features, credibility – what more you will need.

Just choose one comparing with other common pressure washers, you will get the best result. I hope this buying guide will help you a lot.

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Generac 6595 2,500 PSI 2.3 GPM 196cc OHV Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer Review (Buying Guide 2018)

Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

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If you are looking for a powerful and affordable pressure washer, then my friend you search ends here. The Generac 6595 Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer is a device that has high-quality ratings and a considerable pound per square inch (PSI) for domestic uses.

Best detergent for bed bugs

It is considered as the top-rated power washer in the market since it delivers ‘value for the money’. Generally, because of the fact, this high power-driven pressure washer can do your job 20% quicker than using an electric model. This pressure washer evaluation guide will assist you to recognize that the Generac 6595 is a potent piece of equipment. Established in 1959, Generac has proven its name in the industry.

Proficient in providing remarkable reliability and cleaning power. The Generac Gas Pressure Washer absolutely lives up to the standard of company’s reputation.

This product embraces 3 quick-set nozzle tips. The 3 nozzle tips include the soap tip, the 0-degree blast tip, and 25-degree clean tip. Intended for durable usage and comfort of operation. This Gas Pressure Washer comes with such features which commonly are not included in most pressure washers available in the market now.

The axial cam pump has the stress-free access to the hose connections that abolish the requirement to go down on your knees and join different nozzles.

The washer frame is aimed for stability and contains an easy start-up setting along with an incorporated holster for the gun.

Additionally, for comfortable handling and extended usage of the spray gun, it originates using a cushion handle and an easy-to-pull trigger.

Although Generac 6595 Gas Pressure Washer retains a plenty of power contained by itself, it never compromises with its power for comfort. Moreover, to add convenience and ease of use to machine operation, it can offer 25 foot PVC hose that is attached to the back of the trigger spray gun.

Do you want to have a gasoline pressure washer that will expediently clean nearly any exterior that your home has to offer?

What Are the Best Features of this Generac 6595?

I certainly like the spray hose that emanates with this specific pressure washer.

Because various hoses that derive with pressure washers today have a tendency to either get all twisted or kink up and looped that it is practically difficult to use them.

It is quite a time-consuming process removing the hose from the spray wand and winds down it than you do actually start using the pressure washer!

This Generac 6595 pressure washer hose is well planned and permits you up to 25 feet of movability, which is great.

There are few more extra features to think about this pressure washer today.

  • It compromises 03 fast click nozzle tips of 25 and 0 degrees, also a soap applicator, so you can blast away dirt’s from your property surfaces.
  • There is a 0.75-gallon detergent container combined that lets you preserve your soap on the device instead of separate.
  • The spray wand will give you a comfy grip without jerking or too much vibration. It will be very stable in your hands.

This cleaning device will start working instantly for you very regularly.

You can use it again reliably even if you’ve had kept it in the garage for a while. You can count on this pressure washer because at this standard and strength range, it’s one of the finest device available on the market.

Why pick the Generac 6595?

This is the flawless gas pressure washer for those people who are searching for approximately which is tough enough to clean dirt’s and stains off their deck or driveway but don’t certainly wish to peel out the paint off from the garage.

Nonetheless, you should be careful while operating this pressure washer on definite surfaces – particularly garage floors that are painted.

The click nozzle that quickly provides 0-degree pressure is a skilled piercing spray that might still take out the paint.

I endorse buying some of the spare tips for this gas pressure washer to truly mark it stand out. The included are nice, but owning a 40-degree nozzle for certain applications is exceptionally beneficial and shores up the one feebleness I see with the Generac 6595.

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    • Easy to use because of the spray gun holds cushioned grip for better comfort.
    • This device derives with best easy to manage spray gun.
    • Work intensely with a powerful engine.
    • The combination of water and pressure of the spray will assist you to clean any rough surface very easily.
    • Solid build quality and design.
    • This Generac 6595 gas washer pressure has the versatility.
    • It can be used in adjustable power pressure.
    • It has very good quality evaluation motor.
    • Only shipped to the US.
    • Some people may feel, it creates louder noise.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: One review says the hose rests on or near the motor and that burns the hose. Have you seen this issue and if so, how do you avoid it?
Answer: There is no truth to this unless the customer is routing the hose incorrectly. If you look at the unit you will see both hoses mount in the back of the unit, the farthest side from the hot engine.

Question: Is the model 6598 Generac pressure washer worth the extra $100 you pay compared to the model 6596?
Answer: Also this is the cheapest you will ever find it, plus no tax and free shipping if your prime. So don’t bother shopping around.

Question: How good is this product for cleaning the outside of a house, driveway and tiles on an outside patio?
Answer: Very good…I’ve been very pleased with this product for cleaning and prepping a 10-Year-old deck for paint, and cleaning our siding and patron. Easy to move around, change tips and crank. Nice to not have a drop cord to pull around…lots of hose in my opinion.

Final Recommendation

This Generac 6595 pressure washer is a great item to clean your deck instantly. I highly recommend this product to all. Made with superb quality, this gas pressure washer proposes renters and home owners the chance to clean with comfort.

Attach it simply to a water line, offer it a little room to start, and you’ll have your stain cleaning task done in no time at all thanks to the Generac 6595. If you pick this gas pressure washer, you will not regret your decision.

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