Liberty Garden Products 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose – Bronze Review

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Liberty Garden Hose Reel is one of the finest things that I have ever seen. It solves our messy hose problem. When we work in the garden or lawn, we face problems with the hose like where can we fix it, or how can we store it organized.

Liberty Garden Hose Reel solves that problem very easily. We can store the hose onto it. It has a beautiful design which is very attractive. It has a huge hose capacity.

So that we can store a huge hose onto it. It is better to keep the hose onto it than the ground. It has a strong rigid construction which is very durable.

Why Chose It

There are many hose reels on the market, but this one is extraordinary. It has a wonderful design with a strong construction. Which is made of aluminum. For this reason, it is very hard to break.

You can place it on your wall or any other place. It has a rack by which you can keep other things onto the rack. There is a crank handle by which you can roll the reel and your hose is stored. It is the great option to keep the place neat and clean.

It saves your hose from unwanted damage. It can be also used in a garage. It has a huge hose capacity, which is 125ft. That means you can store a lot of hose onto it. This is the best thing ever that I have seen in my entire life.

Why This Is the Best One

Comparing with other hose reels which are available in the existing market this hose reel is the best. Because it is very durable and it has a beautiful design. Other hose reels do not last long.

Their design and cheap construction are very poor. It is very easy to install and can be used year after year. On the other hand, other plastic maiden hose reels are not as durable as this one. Its unique design and strong construction made it extraordinary. Another great feature is that there is a storage self on it.

You can keep your garden tools or other necessary things on it. Once you install it on your garden or lawn there is no need to worry about the messy hose problem. Now you can spend more time on your household work and less for cleaning.

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  • Huge hose capacity about 125ft of 5/8″.
  • Heavy Aluminum Construction.
  • It is fully assembled.
  • It has storage shelf.
  • It has 5′ leader hose.
    • It is very durable.
    • Attractive design.
    • Product quality is very high.
    • Very strong aluminum structure.
    • Easy installation.
    • It’s not automatic.
    • Mounting hardware not included.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does this have metal fittings (the part that you attach the hose to), or is it cheap plastic?
Answer: No, it has brass fittings on it. It’s very well built and very sturdy.

Question: Has anyone tried a 100′ length of 3/4″ hose? I’m wondering if that length would fit on the spool given the larger diameter?
Answer: I have a 3/4 100ft hose on mine.

Question: Can I mount this to garage drywall?
Answer: Well, I’m sure you can, but you will need to secure it to the studs behind the drywall unless you want to risk it tearing off under the weight.

Question: Can the reel be turned around so the crank is on the left instead of the right?
Answer: Yes, the handle is reversible, without turning the unit upside down.

Final Recommendation

Liberty Garden Hose Reel is the best choice to work with a hose. It keeps your garden or other places neat and clean.

With this hose reel, you can work very easily with your hose.

It has a strong aluminum construction which is very durable and unique.

It has a huge hose capacity and a very wonderful design.

It looks like a furniture. Strong construction, unique design, and durability made it extraordinary.

It is better than the other cheap maiden hose reel. It has a storage self by which you can put your garden tools on it.

Its color is bronze which looks very beautiful.

If you are looking for a hose reel which is durable and attractive this is the best choice for you.

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