25+ Best Gutter Cleaning Tools Reviews (Updated)

Comparison table for best gutter cleaning tools & best gutter cleaners:

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ezsmart-gutter-cleaning-tool-ladder-free-operation-with-120-mph-blower-rechargeable-18-volt-lithium-ion-battery-powered-blower EZsmart Gutter Cleaning Tool
Manufacturer: EZsmart Gutter Cleaner, LLC, Tool Type: Blower, Specialty: Blows debris away
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gutter-getter-00301-rake-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutter Getter 00301 Rake
Manufacturer: Gutter Getter, Tool Type: Rake, Specialty: Raking the gutters
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chomp-smop-gutter-cleaning-tool-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Chomp Smop Gutter Cleaning Tool
Manufacturer: Chomp, Tool Type: Mop, Specialty: Mopping the gutters
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gutter-getter-00101-cleaning-scoop-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop
Manufacturer: Gutter Getter, Tool Type: Scoop, Specialty: Carrying debris away
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gutter-edge-gutter-cleaner-citrus-scented-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner
Manufacturer: Gutter Edge, Tool Type: Cleaner concentrate, Specialty: 4x cleaning than regular cleaners
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ar-blue-clean-ar390ss-2000-psi-pressure-washer-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews AR Blue Clean AR390SSElectric Pressure Washer
Manufacturer: Annovi Reverberi, Tool Type: Pressure washer, Specialty: Powerful pressure washing
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irobot-looj-330-gutter-cleaning-robot-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot
Manufacturer: iRobot, Tool Type: Cleaning robot, Specialty: Splits clogs to clean gutters
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gutter-guard-pro-gg5w-1-12-foot-gutter-screen-system-snap-in-cover-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutter Guard Pro GG5W-1 12-Foot
Manufacturer: Arlington Industries, Tool Type: Gutter screen, Specialty: Creates protective layer
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little-giant-14013-001-model-17-250-lbs-capacity-alta-one-ladder-15-feet-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Alta-One Ladder Little Giant
Manufacturer: Little Giant Ladders, Tool Type: Ladder, Length: 15 feet, Specialty: Multipurpose ladder use
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gutter-sense-gutter-cleaning-tool-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutter Sense
Manufacturer: Gutter Sense, Tool Type: Cleaning tool, Specialty: Tongs to grab debris
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gutterwhiz-gw1-gutter-cleaning-tool-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Gutterwhiz GW1
Manufacturer: GutterWhiz, Tool Type: Debris grabber, Specialty: Tongs to grab debris
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weed-eater-ga2010-gutter-cleaning-blower-attachment-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Weed Eater GA2010 Gutter Cleaning
Manufacturer: Weed Eater, Tool Type: Blower attachment, Extends Up To/Length: 10 feet, Specialty: Air-flow to blow debris off
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worx-wa4090-worxair-gutter-cleaning-kit-for-wg540-wg545-wg565-wg575-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews WORX WA4090 WORXAIR Gutter Cleaning Kit
Manufacturer: Worx, Tool Type: Blower attachment, Extends Up To/Length: 11 feet, Specialty: Blows debris
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worx-wa4090-worxair-gutter-cleaning-kit-for-wg540-wg545-wg565-wg575-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Gutter Cleaning
Manufacturer: WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs, Tool Type: Blower attachment, Extends Up To/Length: 20.5 inch, Specialty: Blows and collects debris
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shop-vac-9197000-2.5-inch-gutter-cleaning-kit-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Shop-Vac 9197000 2.5-Inch Gutter Cleaning Kit
Manufacturer: Shop-vac, Tool Type: Blower attachment, Extends Up To/Length: 5 feet, Specialty: Blows debris
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melnor-vortex-extreme-cleaning-wand-extends-to-6-long-gutters-windows-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Melnor Vortex Extreme Cleaning Wand
Manufacturer: Melnor, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 72 inches, Specialty: Powerful sprays
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ezy-flo-high-reach-gutter-cleaning-kit-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit
Manufacturer: Ezy Flo, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 22 feet, Specialty: Radial water flow brush
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24-heavy-duty-telescoping-extension-wand-leverlock-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews 24' Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand, Leverlock
Manufacturer: BE Pressure Supply, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 24 feet, Specialty: Powerful sprays
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ar-north-america-telescoping-lance-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews AR North America Telescoping Lance
Manufacturer: Annovi Reverberi, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 28 feet, Specialty: Powerful sprays
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mr-longarm-3212-pro-pole-extension-pole-6-to-12-foot-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot
Manufacturer: Mr. Long Arm, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 18 feet, Specialty: Powerful sprays
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big-reach-pole-hook-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews BIG-REACH Pole Hook
Manufacturer: Jimmy's Outdoor Tool Company, Tool Type: Pole hook, Specialty: Pulls debris
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orbit-58543-telescoping-gutter-cleaning-wand-with-ratcheting-head-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews-11 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand
Manufacturer: Orbit, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 70 inches, Specialty: 180 degree nozzle rotation
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mr-longarm-6624-8-feet-to-24-feet-professional-grade-bulb-changer-extension-pole-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Professional Grade Bulb Changer Extension Pole

Manufacturer: Mr. Long Arm, Tool Type: Wand ,Extends Up To/Length: 24 feet, Specialty: Extension pole with bulb changer option
Check Price
karcher-right-angle-wand-for-karcher-electric-power-pressure-washers-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Karcher Right Angle Wand
Manufacturer: Karcher, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 30 inches, Specialty: Reaches tough corners
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be-pressure-85.400.007-washer-gutter-cleaner-attachment-4000-psi-chrome-brass-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews BE Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment
Manufacturer: B E Pressure, Tool Type: Wand attachment, Specialty: Powerful pressure washing
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powerfit-pf31052b-gutter-cleaner-attachment-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner Attachment
Manufacturer: Powerfit, Tool Type: Wand attachment, Specialty: Two high-pressure nozzles
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super-blaster-home-gutter-spray-wand-best-gutter-cleaning-tools-reviews Super Blaster Home & Gutter Spray Wan
Manufacturer: GetSet2Save, Tool Type: Wand, Extends Up To/Length: 86 inches, Specialty: Powerful sprays
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Gutter cleaning is an essential part of entire house cleaning. We have plenty options of cleaning the gutters.

Most of the times we require a ladder to climb on the roof and clean the debris, leaves and other dirty things. But it’s quite risky to maintaining the cleanliness of gutters.

Climbing on the ceiling may let you slip off and can hurt your body. In this case, gutter cleaning tools can assist you in every step without any occurrence.

I suggest you allow the precipitation runoff to flow through the gutters freely. This free flow stops water to gather in the gutters like in a pool which damages the home foundation.


Even this can create leaks and cracks on the wall and roof. A dirty drain system is vulnerable to rodents, pests, and germs. So you must make it sure to keep the gutter system barrier-free. This free flow of rainwater is possible entirely when you keep them out of the debris.

Gutter cleaning tools are specially made to reduce the stress and work of cleaning the gutters. These tools have long telescopic handles to scour every corner of the trench. Even you won’t need to climb up on the roof anymore. If you want to have clean shining gutter system, there is no alternative to the gutter cleaning tools.

Here in this article, I have enlisted best gutter cleaning tools with their specifications and specialty. This below table is the list of the products.

List of Top-Rated Best Gutter Cleaners Tools

EZsmart Gutter Cleaner Tool – Ladder Free Operation with 120 MPH Blower Review


EZsmart gutter cleaning tool helps you to clean out the gutter easier, safer and faster even without any help of a ladder. This innovative equipment has brought revolutionary changes to the most the essential part of cleaning house. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered blower motor and a sleek custom case come with this cleaning tool. Using this, we can clean any size, shape or material made gutter by attaching with extension pole within the shortest time. The adjustable front air nozzle helps to control the air flow directional output. You can clean two storied home quickly with this lightweight (less than 5 lbs.) gutter cleaning tool.

  • Patented design features to move the tool quickly over gutters.
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery-power blower.
  • Sleek custom case.
  • Fits with any extension pole.
  • Adjustable front air nozzle with facility.
  • Contains no extension pole.
  • Bulky, heavy, noisy and underpowered.

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Gutter Getter 00301 Rake Review


Gutter Getter 00301 rake is an innovative, durable polypropylene made gutter cleaning tool. This rake reduces time to clean out debris from the gutter by pulling down. The unique ABS blade gutter grabber turns the handle to surface the front edge of the gutter to clean out debris from the most laborious corner to approach. This rake is attachable to any standard threaded extension handle. The built-in hook helps to hang the rake expediently from the gutter during the cleaning process.

Pressure washer trailer

  • Eliminates countless ladder moves.
  • Specially designed to work properly.
  • Polypropylene made rake.
  • ABS gutter grabber to reach the hardest corner of gutters.
  • Attachable to any extension handle.
  • Built-in hook to hang it expediently.
  • The tip of the rake pops off sometimes.
  • The rake portion is composed of hard plastic.
  • Sometimes may not last longer.

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Chomp Smop Gutter Cleaner Tool Review


Chomp Smop gutter cleaning tool is the handy useful thing to reduce the movement of the ladder when you are cleaning the gutter. This gutter smop is made of 90% cotton and 10% nylon. You can clean the gutter with this part mop part sponge cleaning tool quickly. This is washable and reusable and perfect for any size or shape gutter. This helps to remove the black streaks easily. You don’t need to scrub the gutter, just wet the thing and wipe the area. This tool fits any standard extension pole.

  • Part mop, part sponge.
  • Fits any standard extension pole.
  • 90% cotton and 10% nylon made.
  • Removes black streaks easily.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • No need to scrub gutter anymore.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Less effective sometimes.

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Gutter Getter 00101 Cleaning Scoop Review


Cleaning the gutter system with the Gutter Getter 00101 scoop is flexible, easier and hassle-free. This scoop fits any gutter. You can clean the gutter quickly for its flexibility. This scoop can remove two big handfuls of debris with each single scoop. This durable polypropylene made gutter cleaning scoop has high handle position. This protects against any scrapes and scratches. There are many other usages of this cleaning scoop alongside this is marked for measurement. This lightweight scoop lasts for a more extended period.

  • Flexible to use.
  • Fits gutter entirely.
  • Each scoop removes two big handfuls.
  • Polypropylene made.
  • High handle position protects against scratches.
  • Lightweight.
  • May need to scrub.
  • Found less effective sometimes.

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Gutter Edge Gutter Cleaner – Citrus Scented Review


Gutter Edge gutter cleaner is undoubtedly one of the best cleaners that remove the dirt and debris from the gutter system quickly. This commercial strength concentrated cleaner can clean the exterior aluminum gutters entirely. This is non-toxic and safer to use. The ingredients of this cleaner are 100% plant-based with some organic mixtures. You need to spray only and wipe off later to clean any interior or exterior surfaces. A single 32 Oz. works like four bottles of other average cleaners. This cleaner can clean any black streaks or any stains from the gutters.

  • Non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Perfect for exterior aluminum gutters.
  • Commercial strength concentrate.
  • 1 32 Oz. bottle works similarly to 4 bottles of average cleaners.
  • Removes black streaks and stains.
  • Easy to apply – spray and wipe off.
  • Citrus scented.
  • May leave stains sometimes.
  • Less efficient now and then.

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AR Blue Clean AR390SS 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer with Spray Gun Review


ANNOVI REVERBERI Blue Clean AR390SS pressure washer is efficient for multipurpose cleaning of your house. This AR390SS washer comes with a spray gun that can quickly reach every corner of the gutter system. With the spray gun having 2000 psi at 1.4 GPM water pressure, you can bring back the cleanliness and shining beauty of gutters. You can remove the dirt, grime, mold or stains from the gutter whatever its size or shape.

You can get a brilliant result by adding the detergent solution in the tank. This machine is safe to use on most concrete, stone and stucco surfaces. The benefit of using a pressure washer to clean the gutter is you don’t need to scrub the gutter and spend more time. With the 30ft high air hose plus the spray gun, you can clean gutter even in the more top roofed house.

  • Removes dirt, mold, mildew quickly.
  • Works at higher psi and GPM.
  • 30ft long air hose with spray gun.
  • Reaches every corner of gutter system.
  • Usable in various cleaning task.
  • No need to scrub the gutter.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Sturdy, lightweight and quiet.
  • Pressure may reduce after many uses.
  • May have hose control problem.

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iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot Review


iRobot Looj 330 gutter cleaning robot is an autonomous technology to clean the gutter with the pure one-button clean mode. You need to tap the button, and this robot will move in the gutter from one corner to another corner. Lithium-ion battery technology provides the power to the robot to eradicate the severe clogs powerfully. The four-stage auger does the duty by splitting the clogs, and durable polypropylene sweepers brush the gutters making gutters debris-free.

Remote control handle with extended range, low profile, and waterproof design, auger ejectors allows you to reduce the numbers of ladder climbing. Even you can have hands-free transportation and ladder safety with belt clip option.

  • Remote control technology.
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery.
  • Cleans gutter automatically.
  • Reduces the use of ladders.
  • Splits clogs with four-stage auger.
  • Belt clip for free transportation and ladder safety.
  • Customizable.
  • Cleans 30ft area within 5 minutes.
  • Too wide for some gutter sizes.
  • May require changing battery repeatedly.

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Gutter Guard Pro GG5W-1 12-Foot Gutter Screen System Review


Gutter Guard Pro is an undoubtedly different tool to protect the gutter from any debris. None likes to climb up the ladder and move here and there repeatedly. This GG5W-1 12ft gutter screen system covers the whole gutter with its durable plastic body. This tool has more holes than just best gutter guards which allow the rain and wind to clean the clogs from the gutter. This white colored Warnock-Hersey and ASTM standard gutter screen system have tensile and flexural strength, dimensional stability and resistance to exterior weather conditions. You can cover 5”-6” size gutter easily. No need to have fasteners as this tool has Snap-Off/Snap-On design.

  • Fits 5” gutter perfectly.
  • White 12 feet gutter screen system.
  • Meets Warnock-Hersey and ASTM standard.
  • Protects gutter from clogging.
  • Allows water flow smoothly.
  • No need to use ladder repeatedly.
  • May have fitting problem to different size gutters.

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Alta-One Ladder Little Giant 14013-001 Model 17 250 Lbs Capacity Review


Now I am talking about Little Giant Alta-One ladder which Is essential equipment during the gutter cleaning process. This ladder brings you the unmatched feeling of stability in any situation. This ladder has some unique features like aircraft-grade aluminum, the wide-flared legs, and the highest quality construction. There are more specialties of this ladder as this has a-frame, extension, 90-degree ladder and three different scaffolding positions. This ladder is used for multiple purposes. This lightweight, portable, sturdy ladder meets OSHA & ANSI A14.2 standards and can bear up to 250 lbs. Triple locking hinge and longevity helps to clean the gutter safely. This 15-foot ladder is an excellent asset to cleaning not only gutter but also the whole house.

If you are interested in a range of very cool telescoping ladders, check out this review of the best telescopic ladders.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum made ladder lasts longer.
  • 90-degree ladder with three scaffolding positions.
  • Portable and very handy to use.
  • Lightweight and the height is 15 feet.
  • Can hold up to 250 lbs.
  • Efficient for gutter cleaning.
  • Bit unstable when fully extended.
  • Maybe heavier than expectation.

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Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool Review


Gutter cleaning is indeed tough task with bare hands. Most of the time we use a ladder to clean up debris from the gutters. However, this Gutter Sense gutter cleaning tool means how quickly you can handle the cleaning task with it. With this tool, you can clean leaves or pine needles from the gutter standing on the ground. You will not need a ladder anymore. The large polycarbonate “tongs” with 2.5” paddles grab 14″ of debris from flat-bottom gutters. You just need to pull on the 12′-long braided rope which is added with this cleaning tool. You need to add an extension pole to this device to clean higher two-story gutters.

  • Polycarbonate tongs grab debris.
  • Useful to clean dry and wet leaves.
  • Natural gutter cleaning while standing on the ground.
  • No use of ladders.
  • Fits with any standard extension pole.
  • Usable to two stories.
  • Need extension pole.
  • Works better only for grabbing light things like leaves.

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Gutterwhiz GW1 Gutter Cleaning Tool Review


Gutterwhiz gutter cleaning tool is similar to Gutter Sense gutter cleaning tool. It’s different in size and design but works great. You can use it to clean out the gutters without any help of the ladder. The grabber of this tool grabs all the leaves, pine cones, pine needles, toys, etc. from the gutters. You can pull all these with the help of simple sliding, tightening and loosening of the rope. You can add extension pole to suit the gutter height. This cleaning tool leaves no debris in the gutter.

  • Tongs grab debris.
  • Requires no ladder.
  • Usable to two stories.
  • Fits with any standard extension pole.
  • Removes leaves, pine cones, pine needles, etc.
  • Fits any gutter sizes.
  • Includes free safety glasses.
  • Need extension pole.

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Weed Eater GA2010 Gutter Cleaning Blower Attachment Review


Weed Eater gutter cleaning blower is another helpful device. This tool blows away the leaves and other debris from the gutter. This ideal gutter cleaning blower attachment has pivot tubes which provide direct air-flow to clean leaves, pine cones, pine needles, etc. While standing on the ground, you can clean gutter at 10-foot height reach. This blower is attachable to all “Weed Eater” gas and electric blowers except few ones. Also, this one comes with adapter, tubes, and U-nozzle. There is no requirement to climb up and down on a ladder to do cleaning task.

  • Easy to control.
  • Blows debris from the gutters.
  • Cleans gutter of 10-ft heights.
  • Attachable to blowers.
  • No need to climb on ladder.
  • May not fit some blowers.

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WORX WA4090 WORXAIR Gutter Cleaning Kit Review


Worx Worxair gutter cleaning kit is sensibly the better choice to blow out dirt and debris from the gutter. This package includes tubes those blow off the leaves, pine needles, pine cones, etc. with 120 mph airspeed. To clean the debris, you need to twist all the tubes together. After bending them, you need to attach the hook at the end. Later your cleaning kit is ready to clean the debris. The length will be up to 11 feet after twisting all the tubes together. You won’t require any ladder instead you can clean the debris standing on the ground. Worx kit works perfectly on cleaning dry leaves.

  • Easy to control.
  • Blows debris from the gutters.
  • Cleans gutter of 11-ft heights.
  • Attachable to blowers.
  • No need to climb on ladder.
  • Blows dry leaves quickly.
  • 120 mph airspeed to blow debris.
  • Cleaning may be harsh for more than 11 ft. high gutters.

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WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Kit WS25051A 2-1/2-Inch Review


Workshop wet dry vacuum cleaning kit is efficient to clean the gutter by blowing or collecting the debris. Twist all the tubes and start blasting the damp or dry debris. Attach the blower nozzle to the tube elbow when using the blowing port on your vacuum. This kit comes with two additional extension wands to clean at the extended height of gutters. 90-degree angle and 2-1/2-inch diameter tubes seamlessly blow or collect the leaves, pine cones, pine needles, etc. This kit fits with the vacuum cleaners having 2-1/2-inch diameter hose. You can unclog the gutters standing on the ground on your feet. This toolkit has blower nozzle and a male-to-male adapter with this.

  • Excellent cleaning service.
  • Blows and collects debris.
  • Fits vacuum cleaners.
  • Two 20.5-inch long wands for extended reach.
  • No use of ladder.
  • Multiple cleaning.
  • Controlling the kit may appear problematic.

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Shop-Vac 9197000 2.5-Inch Gutter Cleaning Kit Review


Shop-Vac 9197000 2.5-Inch Gutter Cleaning Kit is attachable with the detachable blower or vacuum blower port. This cleaning kit contains cleaning tubes having 120-degree elbow, 2-1/2-Inch extension wands, and concentrator nozzle. You can clean the leaves and debris from the gutter by blowing them with the Shop-Vac cleaning tubes. This kit is suitable for spring and fall clean up. This leaves no trash on the gutter and reaches 5 ft. high gutters.

  • Perfect for fall and spring clean up.
  • 120-degree elbow.
  • 2-1/2-Inch extension wands, and concentrator nozzle.
  • Blows leaves and debris.
  • Fits vacuum cleaner port.
  • Need extension wands.
  • Less active to reach proper height.

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Melnor Vortex Extreme Cleaning Wand Extends to 6′ Long for Gutters & Windows Review


Melnor Vortex Extreme cleaning wand is a fantastic tool to spray water for removing the dirt and debris from the gutters. This thing works like a liquid broom with the spray having a pressure of water. This kit depends on the strength of water, but increased pressure can help this wand to be more efficient. The wand can be adjustable in 40”-72” length. So, you can quickly spray and clean the gutter as well as windows. This wand also has more multipurpose uses. This lightweight aluminum made cleaning wand has non-slip foam grips to hold this comfortably. This want is more comfortable to operate.

  • Powerful spray helps cleaning debris.
  • Extendable up to 72. inches.
  • Gutter and windows cleaning becomes handy.
  • No use of ladder.
  • Acts like liquid broom.
  • May need adaptor.
  • Only for residential use.

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Ezy Flo High Reach Gutter Cleaning Kit Review


Ezy Flo brings brilliant technology to clean the gutters of your house. This High Reach, gutter cleaning kit, extends up to 22 feet height. So, you have no tension to clean up the gutters at a proper height. You need to attach this cleaning kit to your garden hose. Then the high-pressure nozzle will blow away the leaves & debris. You can control the water flow with an adjustable valve. This aluminum made cleaning kit has safety foam grip to hold at ease. With the radial water flow brush, you can clean up any tough debris from the gutter.

  • Reaches up to 22 feet height gutters.
  • Radial water flow brush to clean gutters smoothly.
  • Eradicates leaves and debris from any gutter.
  • Adjustable valve to control water flow.
  • Perfect for any residence.
  • High-pressure nozzle blows leaves away.
  • Lightweight aluminum made kit.
  • Can’t add any fluid solution.
  • Unmanageable sometimes when fully extended.

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24′ Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand, Leverlock Review


BE Pressure Supply 24’ Heavy-Duty Telescoping Extension Wand with Leverlock technology works exceptionally in cleaning gutters. This wand can clean gutters of 9’-24’ height. You can clean second story walls, gutters, soffits, and many other hard to reach areas with this wand. This wand is lightweight and made of fiberglass. The Leverlock design helps to hold the wand comfortably while you are using the wand. This also contributes to adjust the pole height faster. The durable threaded gun allows quick removal and easy field repair. You can use this wand with gutter cleaner and belt kit. This wand sprays water at high speed. You can easily remove the leaves and debris from the gutter standing on the ground.

  • No need for ladder use.
  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Up to 24 feet height gutter can be cleaned.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Removes leaves and debris apparently.
  • Flimsy and unwieldy when extended.

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AR North America Telescoping Lance Review


Annovi Reverberi North America Telescoping Lance is an admirable gutter cleaning wand. This tube-alike cleaning tool has the power to pressure wash the debris from the gutters. This quality telescoping lance uses the pressure of water and removes leaves, pine cones, pine needles, and much more. This lance ejects liquid at 4000 PSI (which is high pressure) at 7 GPM. So, all the debris can be easily removable entirely with this magic wand. This professional grade gutter cleaning accessory has 1/4″ outlet (QC), 3/8″ inlet (pipe thread) and 1/4-inch Hose, 300-degree max temperature, etc. features. This 6-feet-18-feet lance is a great asset to clean house gutters.

  • Perfect for vertical cleaning.
  • Works great with pressure washer.
  • Flipper type arrangement to control this lance easily.
  • Lightweight but powerful.
  • Removes debris faster.
  • Works at 18’ height gutter cleaning.
  • Reduces ladder climbing.
  • Professional grade cleaning kit.
  • May appear hard to control when extended.
  • Hose connection problem may rise.

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Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole 6-to-12 Foot Review


Mr. LongArm Pro-Pole is another operative gutter cleaning kit. This extension pole has fluted fiberglass handle and anodized aluminum slider tube. Anodized aluminum slider keeps this pole rust free. Nylar threaded end of this gutter cleaning pole fits all types of threaded tools. Another impressive feature external chuck & collet locking device gives this a secure lock whenever you extend this to use. This USA made kit can be extendable from 6 to 18 feet. So, you can quickly clean your gutter at the proper height. This Pro-Pole extension pole reduces the stress to clean the gutter with climbing the ladder.

  • Professional grade extension pole.
  • Fluted fiberglass handle.
  • Aluminum slider tube.
  • Fits all types of threaded tools.
  • Extendable up to 18 feet.
  • Cleans debris faster.
  • Long lasting pole.
  • May have problem when extended.
  • Hard to balance sometimes.

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BIG-REACH Pole Hook Review


Have you tried any hook with your extension pole to clean the gutters? This Big-Reach pole hook is kind of hook which does any hard-to-reach cleaning task. Attaching this to extension pole helps to pull out the debris from the gutters. This multipurpose hook is usable in many different functions. This pole hook fits on any acme-threaded extension pole or standard broom handle. With this hook, you can reach those points of the gutters without the help of ladders. Patented design to fit any standard extension pole. This hook has zinc-casted with hardened marine-grade chrome finish, machine thread, and stainless-steel locking screw, etc. features.

  • Strong and powerful hook.
  • Pulls the debris out.
  • Reaches hardest corners.
  • Patented design.
  • Multipurpose pole hook.
  • Special features.
  • Fits any acme-threaded extension pole.
  • Doesn’t have flat edge.

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Orbit 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head Review


Orbit telescoping gutter cleaning wand does all the task to have a clean gutter system. This wand is extendable from 40” to 70” which is sufficient for gutter cleaning. The zinc sweeper nozzle has the rotation of 180 degrees. This lightweight, rugged aluminum made wand also has four position ratcheting head. The improved shut-off valve helps to control the flow of water. This wand is helpful cleaning the hard-to-reach corners of gutters. This is also suitable for cleaning other areas of the house like siding, lawns, driveways, etc. This gutter cleaning wand washes away the dirt and debris with the force of water.

  • Easily attachable with ¾” garden hose.
  • 40”-70” extendable range.
  • Sturdy, lightweight.
  • Four position ratcheting head.
  • Reaches hardest corners.
  • Works with water pressure.
  • May have nozzle problem.
  • Removing larger leaves can be tough.

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Mr. LongArm 6624 8 Feet to 24 Feet Professional Grade Bulb Changer Extension Pole Review


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Mr. LongArm 6624 extension pole aids in multipurpose house cleaning works. This model is entirely professional grade extension pole with bulb changer. This pole can be extendable from 8 feet to 24 feet, and this fits with most standard threaded tools. With this extension pole, you can quickly clean your gutter. Not only gutter cleaning, but you can also change your bulb of your house using this. This alumiglass extension pole has the strength to work efficiently.

  • Professional grade extension pole.
  • Comes with bulb changer.
  • Fits standard threaded tools.
  • Easily cleans gutter.
  • Long lasting pole.
  • Multipurpose cleaning tool.
  • May have problem when extended.
  • Hard to balance sometimes.

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Karcher Right Angle Wand Review


Karcher right angle wand performs like a charm in cleaning the gutter system. The 90° angle on the end of this metal wand approaches the hard-to-reach corner of the gutters. This tool washes the mud, leaves, and debris away. You can attach this to any standard extension pole for further use. This right-angle wand’s length is 30-inches. This is the right choice for pressure washing. You can use it to clean the sidings, lawn and your car thoroughly. This model fits Karcher electric power pressure washers perfectly.

  • Reduces ladder climbing.
  • 90-degree angle.
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas.
  • Attachable with extension pole.
  • Usable in car cleaning.
  • Compatible with Karcher pressure washers.
  • Fitting problems may appear.

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BE Pressure 85.400.007 Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment, 4000 PSI, Chrome/Brass Review


BE pressure washer gutter cleaner attachment is an amiable tool to have in your house. This accessory is usable attaching with any standard extension wand with a pressure washer. You can clean the high gutters with this cleaner attachment thoroughly. This tool gives you safety while cleaning the gutters without climbing the roof. 1/4″ male plug quick connect inlet, and quick couples help this tool to attach with most telescoping wands. You can attach nozzle with 1/4″ QC socket outlet. This first gutter cleaner attachment can clean the twigs, pine needles, stray bottles, etc. faster.

  • Easy gutter cleaning.
  • Fits most standard extension pole.
  • Nozzle attachment.
  • High-pressure wash (4000 PSI).
  • Cleans gutter entirely.
  • Creative design.
  • May not be compatible with few kinds of pressure washers.

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Powerfit PF31052B Gutter Cleaner Attachment Review


This Powerfit PF31052B is another personal gutter cleaner attachment which works fine. This accessory fits any standard cleaning wand of gas pressure washers. This is suitable for the gas pressure washers having 3000 PSI power. With this kit, you can clean the mud, leaves, needles, toys and so on from your gutters. This thing reduces the use of ladders. You can make gutter debris-free with the high pressure of water. The unique thing about this kit is the two high-pressure nozzles at the top end of this equipment. This is more effective than others having just single nozzle attachment facility.

The best gutter cleaners.

  • Stainless steel made the attachment.
  • Fits universal gas pressure washer wand.
  • Cleans faster than other accessories.
  • Two high-pressure nozzles.
  • Removes debris from gutters standing on ground.
  • Nozzles aren’t changeable.
  • Requires cover up everything while cleaning gutters.

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Super Blaster Home & Gutter Spray Wand Review


GetSet2Save super blaster home & gutter spray wand is for the people who love to keep gutters clean standing on the ground. This telescoping wand is extendable up to 86 inches. This plastic and metal made wand cleans the debris from the channel without any help of ladders. This wand has flexible nozzle to reach any hard-to-reach corner and clean out the leaves and other debris. This thing is attachable with any standard hose available at the market. You can use it in the car, driveways alongside gutter cleaning. This spray wand works fine if you use it regularly.

  • Better for home and gutter cleaning.
  • Extendable up to 86 inches.
  • Reduces use of ladders.
  • Usable in multipurpose cleaning.
  • Flexible nozzle reaches tough corners.
  • Plastic and metal made.
  • Leaks can be found.
  • Not suitable for heavy cleaning.

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Special Tips

There are a couple of ways to clean the gutters with cleaning tools. These tools are primarily ladder, extension pole, blower, hook, rake, cleaner, pressure washer, tubes, etc. Use ladders if your gutters are at a right height. If not, you can use extension pole with wands or rake the gutters. Remember to use protectors or take enough safety steps while cleaning the gutters. You can purchase the tools which help in not only gutter cleaning but also another house cleaning. Ladder climbing may be bit stressful. Choose any of the above which allows better without climbing ladder now and then. Also, check out the pros and cons to get the most result using the tools.

Final Recommendation

“The world is our house. Keep it clean.” – Chinese Proverb.

Cleanliness is most important part of healthy living. Everyone loves to live in a clean place. And clean gutters are a vital part of a clean house. So, we should make sure about cleaning them carefully.

Cleaning tools are beneficial to clean the gutters. These devices reduce time, result faster and maintain our safety while cleaning.

On the other hand, cleaning the gutters with your hand is risky, timely mannered and unsatisfying. None likes to clean the dirty gutter with own hand. And the slippery roof may cause you fall from the ceiling. You may not want the height or enough interested to climb the ladder every time. You may have a ladder in your shed or garage. But having the ladder only might not help you. When you are on the ladder, you may not reach the hard-to-reach corners of the gutters. Even this requires moving the ladder every time you use your hands to pull the leaves, pine needles, mud, etc. This is stressful.

So, this is the best option to choose cleaning tools.

You can also hire cleaning professionals. But they also use these above gutter cleaning tools instead of manual cleaning. Gutter cleaning tools are cheap, readily findable and very handy. They are easy to use, repair and maintain. It is the best time to choose the best gutter cleaning tools as your cleaning assistant.

Happy shopping with the best gutter cleaners!

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