Your Ultimate Buying Guide for Soap Dispenser

Soap dispenser on toilet sinkLooking for the best dispenser out in the market, you need a perfect buying guide.

The soap dispenser is essential when it comes to safety and hygiene. You need to keep your hands and dishes free of germs.

Soap dispenser plays not only an important role as a home decorative tool but also it is vital in

  • restaurants
  • hospitals
  • offices

It is available in various forms.

Which soap dispenser you do need it depends on how much traffic your dispenser is going to deal with?

Are you using it in the bathroom or kitchen or restrooms?


There some more factors you need to consider before buying a soap dispenser.

Here you will some basics of the soap dispenser and a comprehensive buying guide along with a brief review of our recommended soap dispensers.

What is the Soap Dispenser?

A soap dispenser is a device usually with a manual or automatic operating system.

It is designed in a way that it dispenses soap in a small quantity while it is accustomed to manipulate or trigger appropriately.

This device is seen more often in public toilets or bathrooms in the home.

Manual Soap Dispenser

A manual soap dispenser is designed on the basis of soap quality whether it is liquid, powder, or foam form.

For liquid form,

Soap dispensers are designed in a squeeze bottle or pump such as plastic pump bottles.

They are also disposable. These are very common ones found in the most of the places.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

It is a hands-free design of soap dispenser.

You don’t need to trigger or manipulate it with hand. It is the same for both liquid soap and foaming soap.

These touch-free dispenses are powered by a battery which activates the sensor while motioning under the nozzle and it dispenses soap.

Types of Soaps Use in A Soap Dispenser

Soap is in general known a variety of cleaning and lubricating products.

It is a business term for a salt of a fatty acid. They are used to maintaining hygiene in households and outdoors.


Two types of soaps are used in a soap dispenser.

  1. Liquid soap
  2. Foam soap

For common type use a liquid type of soaps are very popular.

They are thick like lotion and are cost-effective for heavy-duty purposes such as they are quite common in restaurants and other eating places.

They are basically refilled in pushed bottle type manual soap dispenser.

Dish wash soaps are another very usual type of liquid soap.

Though it is less thick than hand liquid soap.

Foam type soaps are very popular in the bathroom.

They are used in high-end functional restrooms, residential hotels, and houses etc.

They are used both in automatic and manual soap dispensers.

washing hand with soap

Buying Guide for Soap Dispenser

Before you buy a soap dispenser you should look into several important things.

You know that how safety is important.

It is necessary to keep our hands clean.

Types of Soap Dispenser

At first,

You must learn how many types of soap dispenser are available on the market.

So, you can buy the best suitable one for you.

Here it goes,

Dispenser Snap Shot

Both manual and automatic dispensers are available. Manual dispenser snapshots allow a push button to dispense soap and no battery is required while automatic ones need a battery to operate. Automatic ones have much better control over user’s portion size. The automatic dispenser will take you some extra bucks.

Manual Dispenser

Push button dispenser needs less maintenance. They look traditional. They are available in much different form.

  • Bag-in-Box
    Only liquid soap can use as refills. These are really awesome for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens. Simple in design these dispensers use basic options. It is quick and convenient to use. It utilizes full inner-dispenser space. Collapsible bags make this product ensure less wastage.
  • Cartridge
    It is perfect for the hospitals and healthcare centers. There are multi-purpose options available. You can use liquid soap, liquid sanitizer, liquid lotion and liquid shampoo you can also use it in restrooms, kitchens, or showers. It has larger capacities. So there is no need for frequent refilling.
  • Foaming
    This dispenser is ideal for hotel and restaurant restrooms. You can refill it with foaming Soap and foaming Sanitizer. It provides a luxurious foam feel. For small spaces compact styles available. It will not clog the drain.
  • Refillable
    This allows bulk liquid Soap and bulk foaming Soap to use as refills. It is good for using locker rooms, kitchens, and industrial work sites. It is the most economical. It can be prone to messes and spills as there is no inner refill casing. This type is available in both liquid soap and foaming version.
  • Counter Mount
    This type of manual dispenser is specially designed for kitchen or restroom countertops. It permits user access to soap. You can find it in both foaming and liquid soap versions. This type allows the user to use foaming soap, bulk liquid soap, and bulk foaming soap.

hand soap dispenser

Automatic Dispenser

Automatic dispensers are battery operated soap dispensers. Which allow a sensor to detect the motion of human palm under it.
Available versions:

  • Wall automatic dispenser
    It allows using foaming soap, buck liquid soap, and bulk foaming soap. This type is designed for high-traffic restrooms and kitchens. It is motion activated with perfect control portions.
  • Counter mount
    This type of automatic dispensers is specifically designed for the kitchen. You can use it for restroom countertops. It allows easy user access. It is motion activated and battery operated with high-end options.
  • Purpose
    First look at your intended purpose to use a soap dispenser. If you have got restricted counter or work-station area, you’ll need to buy a wall bracket for your soap or sanitize bottle. While if you are thinking to use it in many short space areas, liquid and foaming hand soap or sanitize bottles are good for it. With push pumps that guarantee straightforward dispensing, the bottles will be placed on restroom, kitchen, or work-station chrome steel sink for convenience…
  • The capacity you do need
    Next, you must look for the capacity of your dispenser. Use a smaller dispenser to conserve wall area or a low-traffic space. For high-traffic areas, you should use a bigger dispenser for fewer refills. There are refills and cartridges starting from 700 cubic centimeters (23.6 oz.) to 4500 cubic centimeters (152.2 oz.) and bulk soap by the gallon are available in the market.
  • Where you are using your dispenser
    It’s very important where you are using the soap dispenser. Look for one that will contemplate wherever the dispenser is going to be placed. Is compatible with a very tight area or look good in a large space. Ensure to depart enough area between the sink and therefore the dispenser, therefore, your guests will effectively retrieve soap. it’s suggested to depart a minimum of 6 inches of the area from the lowest of the dispenser to the sink.

soap automatic dispenser


Some of the Best Soap Dispensers

So many varieties of dispensers are out in the market.

Some of them are best in term of features and operating quality.

Here are some of the best soap dispensers in below:

Opernee Automatic Dispenser

The Opernee soap dispenser is one the best automatic dispenser out in the market.

This is touchless and battery operated.

Manufacturers applied Infra-Red Technology for sensing your hand movement.

This updated version of this product allows 4 levels of soap liquid volume control. You can set the drop amount of soaps to come out. There is no dripping which ensures less wastage of soap.

This touch-free dispenser has a stainless steel body in addition to ABS plastic. The modern look makes it good for your kitchen and bathroom.

Before buying it please note that this soap dispenser has high sensitivity. You must be concerned while washing the sink.

Another thing after several timed using of this dispenser the tip may drip a little. To sort out this problem either turn it off or You can hold it by the top while moving it.


This dispenser is made of Satin stainless steel.

It comes with 5 years of replacement warranty.

It is designed specifically for use in the kitchen.

The dispenser quality is quite good and solid built. It is easy to install. This will make your dish wash and hand wash easy. You can use it for a longer period of time. Even it offers you replacement opportunity. It has a big hose that makes easy you washing dishes.

Though it is a good quality product you need to aware of pushing the dispenser.

It has a tendency to burst out soap.

You can avoid this kind of problem by gentle pushing of the dispenser.

Jarmazing Products Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This is quite a good quality product. This great product is well built. It features a sturdy pump. This works very well.

You will also see that the lid can fit any regular-mouthed mason jars or jars like them.

This pump works great for thick hand liquid soap rather than foaming soap.

Because this pump is too strong and it works well on soaps like the consistency of lotion. You can use many other products with this dispenser.

There is only one issue that you may face while setting the jar. You should ensure a flat surface to place the jar as it is made of glass.

Chunnuo Soap Dispenser

The design and quality of this product are quite good. This features a Simplified ON/OFF system. It has an adjustable button. User control is good. The user can control the soap volume. All you need to move your hand and pull your hand away. It allows an IR motion sensor to control the sensitivity. It is a touch less.

The updated circuit board of its new version makes it more durable. It has a stainless steel body. To prevent splashed water from entering the dispenser a rubber ring is placed on the base. It allows the user to use a variety of liquid hand soap or dish soap. Even you can use hand lotion or body lotion with it.

This product has a 1-year replacement warranty and 90 days of cash back opportunity.

Though the device works great the only thing I disturbed with it is it dispenses soap too much. It is highly sensitive. Make sure you set it to the lowest position for dispensing soap.

Seafulee Best Soap & Liquid Dispenser Bottle With Pump

This product is manufactured with the high-end material. It has a rust-free stainless steel body with clear acrylic. It has the capacity to hold up any soap and liquid. This dispenser allows a clear acrylic instead of glass which eliminates the accidental breaking problem. This has an easy refilling system. The wide mouth permits easy refilling of soap.

This product has a cash back opportunity. Though it is quite a good fit, it has a few drawbacks. You may find it pumping out a small amount of soap. So you need to pump multiple times for a sponge. But sometimes it shoots right over the sponge. So, to prevent that you need to put the sponge in front

Loading Instructions for Liquid Soap Dispenser

Here are general instructions for loading liquid soap dispenser. But you must follow the instructions that come from the manufacturer.

  • Step 1: To open – handout button at the rear under surface of the dispenser. If necessary, ease cowl forward.
  • Step 2: Take away the soap bag from the carton and place the entire bag on a high level.
  • Step 3: Ensure the bag doesn’t impede the quilt from closing.
  • Step 4: Shut the cowl firmly and push lever many times to prime the pump.
  • Step 5: “Click” tube tip into the nose piece of the dispenser. “CLICK”

Cleanliness is a high main concern in any health care center, restaurants, hotels, school etc. This is also important in houses. Especially for kids, it is very important to keep them away from germs. And a soap dispenser plays a vital role here.

You need to supply your guests, kids, and workers with an easy means to effectively wash and sanitize their hands. Soap dispensers facilitate forestall the unfold of germs and microorganism, therefore reducing diseases and sick days.

This soap dispenser buying guide will make it easier for you to decide which one is the best suit for you.

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