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Let’s check best pressure washer nozzle at a glance in a comprising table:

Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle TipsPressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips
MFG: Obecome, 5 different colored nozzles, 4000 PSI, brass, stainless steel, higher psi, requires QC wand.
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Pressure Washer Spray Tip Kit Pressure Washer Spray Tip Kit
MFG: Apache, 5 different colored nozzles, 3500 PSI, quick disconnect type, 3.5 orifice, requires QC wand.

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Turbo Spray Nozzle for Pressure WashersTurbo Spray Nozzle for Pressure Washers
MFG: Briggs & Stratton, 1 single nozzle, 3000 PSI, 40% faster spray, OEM standards, requires QC wand.
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Pressure Washer Quick- Connect Spray TipsPressure Washer Quick- Connect Spray Tips
MFG: Briggs & Stratton,5 different colored nozzles, 4000 PSI, brass, stainless steel, good replacement spray tips, requires QC wand.
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Turbo Nozzle for Cold Water Pressure WashersTurbo Nozzle for Cold Water Pressure Washers
MFG: SIMPSON Cleaning, 1 single nozzle, 3600 PSI, universal fitting, requires QC wand.
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When we think about pressure washer nozzles, suddenly a picture flashes on our mind. Holding a hose pipe and spraying water with the tip of the hose attaching the nozzle in our garden. Usually, hose pipe has smart activity in watering tasks. But this becomes more flexible and innovative when we connect pressure washer nozzles with the hose.

This tool is used to spray the water at a fixed place without scattering at expected speed. I have seen people prefer power washer nozzle to have the excellent work in gardening, cleaning the things. Commonly, you can spray water with simple restricting the water by holding part of the tip of the hose. But you can’t spray water properly and be able to reach the slightest corners.

The velocity of the water will be pretty much lower. Best pressure washer nozzle is the best idea to restrict the flow of water. This helps to increase the swiftness of water which let the water spray about 10-15 feet from you. High pressure nozzle for pressure washer allows the user to control over the pressure washer.

Top Rated 5 Best Branded Pressure Washer Nozzle Reviews

Obecome Pressure – Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Review

Obecome Pressure - Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle Tips Review

Obecome Pressure Multiple Degrees Washer Spray Nozzle comes in a set of 5 packs. You’ll get 0-degree red stainless steel nozzle, 15 degrees yellow stainless steel nozzle, 25 Degrees green Stainless Steel Nozzle, 40 degrees white stainless Steel nozzle, 65 degrees brass soap nozzle. These nozzles are suitable for higher PSI (4000 PSI) pressure washer. You can remove stains from hard surface quickly. You can clean garden, lawn, vehicles with this high-pressure water spray nozzle set.
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  • Set of 5 packs of different nozzles.
  • Brass & stainless steel made.
  • Works at high pressure.
  • No leak.
  • Helps to water explicitly.
  • Top rated nozzles.
  • Works with all standard pressure washers.
  • GPM flow not labeled on the tips.

Apache 99023778 3.5 Orifice – Quick Disconnect Spray Tip Kit Review

Apache 99023778 3.5 Orifice - Quick Disconnect Spray Tip Kit Review
Apache 3.5 Orifice Quick Disconnect spray nozzle set contains five different degrees pressure washer spray tips. These are five different color-coded spray nozzles work in various degrees. All these spray tips help to speed up the cleaning process. You can ideally wipe off things you want to remove with these. This pressure washer spray tip kit supports most popular pressure washers like Simpson, Craftsman, Clean force power washer, etc. But you need to attach these spray nozzles 1/4″ QD socket on the wand. These nozzles are made of stainless steel and brass.

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  •         Works with higher PSI pressure washers.
  •         Set of 5 packs.
  •         Improves watering experience.
  •         Cleans dirt, mildews.
  •         Brass & stainless steel made.
  •         Better than OEM nozzles.
  • Requires ¼” QD socket.

Briggs Stratton 6195 – Quick Connect Turbo Jet Power Washer Review

Briggs Stratton 6195 - Quick Connect Turbo Jet Power Washer Review
Briggs & Stratton Quick Connect Turbo jet power washer Spray Nozzle sprays water at high speed at the targeted area. This is kind of most powerful garden best high pressure hose nozzle that fits with up to 3000 PSI pressure washers. This nozzle allows you to clean mud, dirt, and debris from the brick, concrete and vinyl surface with the powerful pin-point jet of water. This product is 40% more competent than other ordinary spray nozzles. This spray nozzle matches the OEM standards. If you have a Quick-Connect wand, then you can attach it easily. This is specially made for Briggs & Stratton pressure washers but supports many other standard pressure washers.

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  •         A powerful jet of water.
  •         Cleans debris thoroughly.
  •         40% effective than other spray nozzles.
  •         Matches OEM standards.
  •         Most suitable for concrete and vinyl.
  •         Supports up to 3000 PSI pressure washer.
  •         Connects with Quick-Connect wand.
  •         Not enough GPM of sprayed water.

Briggs Stratton B4847GS – Rotating Nozzle Review

Briggs Stratton B4847GS - Rotating Nozzle Review
B4847GS Quick-Connect Spray Tips come in a single set with five different colored rotating pressure washer nozzles. Briggs & Stratton has made these spray tips to spray water at maximum 4000 PSI. With this high speed, you can water your garden or clean hard surfaces properly. This spray nozzle set contains pre-defined spray patterns to use any selected nozzle with a specific radius of spray. These are the excellent replacement of old damaged, lost spray nozzles. You can use these spray tips with the hose having the Quick-Connect option. These fit various pressure washers.
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  •        Good for the patio, lawn cleaning.
  •         Set of 5 different spray nozzles.
  •         Supports up to 4000 PSI pressure washer.
  •         Good replacement spray tips.
  •         Fits standard pressure washers.
  •         Requires Quick-Connect option to attach with hose.
  • May have fitting problem with some pressure washers.

SIMPSON Cleaning 80155 – for Cold Water Review

SIMPSON Cleaning 80155 - For Cold Water Review
SIMPSON 3600 psi Cleaning 3 Orifice Size Turbo Spray Nozzle is manufactured to fit most pressure washers universally. This 3-orifice size turbo spray tip can be attached with ¼” QC wand. This nozzle creates powerful turbo of water to fulfill the nozzle needs. You can clean brick, concrete, vinyl and other hard surfaces attaching this nozzle to the hose. This pressure washer rotating nozzle is compatible with higher PSI (max 3600) cold water pressure washers.

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  •         3-orifice size turbo spray nozzle.
  •         Supports up to 3600 PSI pressure washers.
  •         Creates powerful spray.
  •         Attachable with any ¼” QC wand.
  •         Faster cleaning and watering.
  • Less effective sometimes.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Tips

These are most popular and top-rated spray nozzles available online. You can buy any of these for best results. Now I am giving small tips about buying nozzles rightly.

Before you buy any spray nozzle, read the reviews about the item. Then check the sizes, degree dimension, quality reviews about them. When you purchase defective power washer nozzle for the garden hose, you will face few problems inevitably. These can be damaging the cleaning surface, car paint, wood deck etc. Choosing the right one can restrict these problems.

You should choose spray nozzle according to the PSI of your pressure washer. Besides this, some spray nozzles are only attachable with QC wand. You have to remind about that. Select the right PSI spray nozzles for the full-proof result. Attach the right one (depending on color, size) to avoid improper water spray.

Types of Pressure Washer Nozzles

Usually, pressure hose nozzles do the same work in bit different way depending on their structure. Classification of spray nozzles is divided into multiple ways. Some of the nozzles are classified with their color, some on other criteria. By color, nozzles are of 5 types. These are Red, Yellow, Green, Black, and White.

Red type of nozzle refers to those nozzles which provide a zero-degree spray of water. This helps to use the maximum flow and speed of water on the non-fragile surfaces.

The yellow nozzle can spray water at the 15-degree radius. This is very effective in car washing. This is the best car wash nozzle can peel the damaged paint, remove dirt and grime.

Green best water nozzle is used in cleaning the larger area of the house such as patio, siding, driveway, etc. This power nozzle for water hose sprays water at the 25-degree radius.

The maximum radius of spray water with washer nozzle comes from white nozzles. This nozzle can spray water at the 40-degree radius. You can clean glass window, car mirrors, wooden deck, plastic things, etc. with white nozzles.

The black nozzle is used to spray soapy solution. You can call it “soapy tip.” This is pretty helpful for a full car wash.

There are more types of car wash nozzle or pressure nozzles for garden hose available. These are classified as NPT threaded MEG type, quick disconnect type, and black tip type. These are similar to these above-colored nozzles.

I have found these below best pressure washer nozzle after vast research. Please, check this pressure washer nozzle chart for more interesting information.

Pressure Washer Nozzle Chart

pressure washer nozzle chart

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the frequently asked questions about buying best pressure washer nozzle:

Question: Does this spray nozzle support my pressure washer?
Answer: Yes. This depends on the PSI of your pressure washer.

Question: Can I attach this one to my garden hose?
Answer: Some of the nozzles require ¼” Quick-Connect hose. Some can be attached directly.

Question: From what these spray nozzles are made of?
Answer: Spray nozzles are made of brass, steel etc. to provide longevity.

Final Recommendation

Pressure washer spray nozzles are the catalyst to improve watering via pressure washer. You need to choose the appropriate nozzle or tip for your water hose. This is certainly the important thing to keep your house, car, and garden clean. So, pick the right set and start using them.

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