9+ Best Commercial Pressure Washers Reviews (Updated)

Top 10 best commercial pressure washers comparison table:

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simpson-clean-msh3125-3100-psi-2.5-gpm-gas-powered-honda-oem-technologies-axial-cam-pump-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100
23.25”x21”X34.25” 72 lbs, 3100 PSI
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simpson-cleaning-60205-4200-psi-4-gpm-gas-powered-honda-aaa-triplex-pump-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews SIMPSON Cleaning 60205 4200 PSI
24.5”x26”x44.25” 200 lbs, 4200 PSI
Check Price
briggs-stratton-20655-gas-3200-psi-2.7-gpm-208cc-ohv-easy-start-technology-carb-compliant-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews Briggs & Stratton 20655 Gas Pressure Washer 3200 PSI
24.3”x21.6”x25.13” 73 lbs, 3200 PSI
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ford-fpwg3100h-j-gas-powered-3100psi-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews Ford FPWG3100H-J Gas Powered
19.7”x25.25”x25.6” 71 lbs, 3100 PSI
Check Price
northstar-gas-cold-water-4000-psi-3.5-gpm-honda-engine-model-15781520-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer
160 lbs, 4000 PSI
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pro-e3027hc-heavy-duty-professional-2700-psi-3.0-gpm-honda-gas-powered-cat-pump-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Professional
25”x22”x32” 88.1 lbs, 2700 PSI
Check Price
generac-7019-onewash-3100-psi-2.4-gpm-gas-powered-powerdial-gun-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews Generac 7019 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas
35.5”x18.9”24.2” 68 lbs, 3100 PSI
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generac-6565-4200-psi-4.0-gpm-420cc-ohv-gas-powered-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews Generac 6565 4,200 PSI 4.0 GPM 420cc OHV
42.5”x28.3”x34.5” 151 lbs, 4200 PSI
Check Price
simpson-cleaning-ps4240h-4200-psi-4-gpm-gas-powered-honda-with-aaa-triplex-pump-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H
27”x24”x37” 175 lbs, 4200 PSI
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simpson-cleaning-ps3228-s-3200-psi-at-2.8-gpm-gas-pressure-washer-powered-honda-aaa-triplex-pump-best-commercial-pressure-washers-reviews SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S
25”x20”x34” 83.2 lbs, 3200 PSI
Check Price

Can’t actually overcome the odds of the hosepipes in heavy-duty cleaning?

Yes, they are manual and are not efficient for heavy duty. But if you’re up to date with techie stuff, then you already know that a pressure washer can be the best alternative for heavy-duty commercial cleaning.

In today’s market, you’ll find several cleaning machines that can be used for cleaning the house and gardens. Again, for washing dirt with a hosepipe not only inefficient, but also wastes water. Even it takes too much time for any simple task. In that case, pressure washers can be the best help.

You’ll find many brands that are manufactured pressure washer. But, all of them are that much effective for fast cleaning with less use of water. Normal pressure washers are for occasional using not suitable for the heavy purpose. The commercial washers give higher performance and last longer.

All you need is to go through the articles for further information.

List of Top Rated Best Commercial Pressure Washers Reviews

Just to make your cleaning task easier, our research team had decided to do something awesome. We in here, came along with best commercial and industrial pressure washer reviews and their unstrapped details. Here, we’ll discuss ten best commercial pressure washers with the guideline.

SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S 3100 PSI at 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Review


The SIMPSON MSH3125-S is the product of HONDA top our list of best commercial pressure washer reviews. It’s an amazing combination of price and quality. The machine is capable of providing full coverage even in dependable areas. Basically, it’s a gas pressure washer and can be used for any kind of hard task. Thus, the power washer can remove dirt from the very tough regions with just single effort. Most of the pressure washers get slower after some usage. But these pressure washers provide service for the owners for years. That’s why we kept in the best industrial and commercial pressure washer list.

The best things or features of this pressure washer is its hosepipe. An abrasion resistant hose comes with the device. Now, it’s time to throw the cheaply made hose that becomes spoiled after a few uses. Sometimes, you have to invest frequently on the hose just because of this. The hose is lightweight a MorFlex. So, it is Kink as well as non-marring. As it is abrasion resistant it can be used for heavy duty conveniently. Also, the hose comes with some connectors which ensure it’s fitting to the hose.

Besides, the machine comes with four different angles for setting the nozzles. You can adjust it to 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees. Again, you’ll find the gun bear with a lockout system. Furthermore, the heavy duty pressure gauge comes with the high-quality frame. For, easy and frequent mobility, the manufacturer constructed it with 10-inch pneumatic tires. So, you can clean any surface you want with this powerful machine. It even comes with a siphon tube for spraying detergent when necessary.

From floor to top, you can use this device for any surface. Again, this can be used for any type of floor, like tiles, wood, or marbled or others. You can clean the mess with the help of the pressure gauge. It can be used in the shops or in-house gardens. Again, the slaughters can use it to clean up the floors after finishing the cutting.

The commercial power washer is best for gardening and cleaning the mess in shops and rooftops. It’s very rare to get top quality products on such amazing features.

Pressure washer trailer

  • Comes with an abrasion resistant hosepipe.
  • Provides different angles of setting nozzles.
  • High power and high strength, pressure washer.
  • Provides pneumatic tire for mobility.
  • Comes with the durable spray gun.
  • On-board storage system.
  • Provides axial cam pump.
  • The design should be more efficient.
  • Quality should be improved.

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SIMPSON Cleaning 60205 4200 PSI at 4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Powered by HONDA Review


Let’s talk about the next best commercial pressure washers. Well, it comes from the king HONDA too. Thus, This 4200 PSI commercial grade pressure washer provides maximum strength due to cleaning. The Simpson launched the professional pressure washer for the painting purpose first, but later these pressure washers were used for the industries and professional cleaning agency or offices. The SIMPSON water blast is such type pressure washer that can be used for anywhere for cleaning and washing.

The feature that made this the industrial triplex plunger. This, pump allows the engine heavy duty for industrial purpose. Again, the pump is designed with ceramic pistons that provide maximum performance. Further, the engine includes a thermal relief valve that lasts for the lifetime. Besides these, the tool belt driven pressure washer includes dual belt-drive system. Thus, it extends the engine life more. The thermal relief automatically purges the overheated water and then it prevents damage to the pump.

The commercial pressure washer includes a non marring hose. Also, it is kink and resistant to the abrasion. Furthermore, the hose is very flexible, so you can use this in any position. It comes with some connectors for the nozzles. A pro-style spray also comes with the machine. It’s a double frame pressure washer. About five nozzle tips are included with the hose. Even a soap, applying nozzle is there also with tips. So, one can apply the soap for better cleaning if needed.

The tire dia is quite larger than the previous SIMPSON-HONDA product, it comes with a pneumatic tire about 13 inches. The type of the wheels is the mag for this washer. By keeping in mind about your safety due to working, the machine includes a spray gun with the lockout system. So, it prevents the sudden exit of liquids with the lockout system. The machine is made for painters at the beginning and then came to the industries who need frequent washing. For those who need to eliminate strong stains of muds and dirt, can use the detergent nozzle of this washer, as it comes with it.

Overall, it includes all the necessary features that are needed for the professional heavy duty cleaning. But the only inconvenience about this product is it’s expensive. But, if you need a pressure washer for using in your shops or agency, you must keep this in your minds. Though it’s expensive, it lasts longer and gives any kind of cleaning service.

  • Provides triplex plunger pump.
  • Designed for industrial and commercials use.
  • Comes with HONDA GX OHV engine.
  • Dual belt system prevents overheating.
  • Double framing ensures the long life of the engine.
  • Great washer for the painters.
  • Provides maximum possible efficiency.
  • It’s little expensive than others.

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Briggs & Stratton 20655 Gas Pressure Washer 3200 PSI Review


The third best commercial pressure washers in the commercial pressure washer reviews are from the Briggs & Stratton. It’s a gas pressure washer also. The Briggs total strength is 3200 PSI. The engine is ergonomically designed so any user will like it. It’s user-friendly while working with it. The Briggs and Stratton have won its user trust over the century. It’s the most equipment combinations of both budget and the quality. If we talk about the gas pressure washer, their product is highly efficient for commercial works.

The Briggs & Stratton comes with OHV engine which capacity is 208 cc. Certainly, the engine is a good combination of power and performance. From home to industry, it can be used for professional cleaning service also. The engine, especially makes the entire machine durable and strong. It is quiet and doesn’t make any disgusting noise. So, you’ll feel comfortable while using it. That’s actually the professional wants. This washer is capable of fulfilling all those.

For low effort starting, the device comes with the Easy Start Technology and the maintenance free pump with the axial cam. It increases the performance and pressure output for the engine so that one starts this easily without facing any difficulties. Even for long time operation, the engine performs well without being heated that much. Besides, it includes the high-temperature thermal relief to protect the pump from damage. It’ s because the pump may be overheated due to long time use. This thermal relief helps the pump from any kind of damage.

Besides all of these things, the industrial power washer comes with a high-quality hose that conveys the water. Hence, it includes four spray tips of different angles. These can be inserted very quickly in very short time. These four different patterns can be used for a different purpose in precise cleaning. Generally, the house owners and the cleaning professionals are the main users of this pressure washer.

Except for all these features, the engine provides an injection system for applying the detergent for cleaning more dirty areas. Again, it’s 10-inch flat tire allows smooth mobility during operation and makes the task easier.

  • Includes four different spraying tips for applications.
  • Comes with the flat wheel for easy mobility.
  • Provides high-performance OHV engine.
  • Includes detergent injection system.
  • Thermal reliefs to eliminate pump damage.
  • Good pressure washers for commercial use.
  • Axial pump with easy start technology.
  • Can’t be stored in small place.

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Ford FPWG3100H-J Gas Powered Pressure Washer, 3100PSI Review


Another renowned brand that comes to our list, the Ford FPWG3100H-J. It’s a gas power pressure washer. The Ford appears with a unique design of blue and black. The strong frame makes the machine durable. Maximum pressure for this machine is 3100 PSi and the flow rate is 2.5 GPM. Such an authentic design and lightweight structure made this pressure washer more attractive. Even it includes 7750 cleaning units for powerful cleaning.

The washer comes with OHV engine which power is 7.0 hp and 212cc. Another important feature of this product is brass head of the pump. Thus, the pump is a high pressure and comes with the axial cam. The pressure washer includes a handle that can be folded down easily. So, it takes less space for storing as well as carrying. When you’re not using the commercial washer you can fold the handle up. Again, you can get the best output by adding a turbo nozzle which can oscillate the water and flow in the maximum pressure to eliminate dirt from the toughest place and job.

The washer also includes four spray nozzles that can be connected quickly and five different tips for dispersion of the water. Besides, you’ll find a soap nozzle there just to for applying if it seems necessary. You’ll be amazed to know that it includes an on-board soap tank for detergents or soap liquid. The motto of this FORD is not sparing any single chance to give the best performance. Also, it includes 30′ pressure hose. Besides, it comes with the dual reservoir that is built in.

The tire of the commercial washer is pneumatic and no flat. So, the griping of the wheels are very rigid and tough. For rolling up or ride on the stairs, no other wheels will be as effective as this. Thus, the device also includes a trigger control. The separate chemical tank mix ups the chemicals properly. From your personal garden to the commercial place like shops, factories etc anywhere you can use this pressure washer for cleaning purpose. The price is also reasonable comparatively. So, anyone can afford it.

  • Comes with high-quality PVC hose pipe for carrying water.
  • Includes four different nozzles for spray.
  • Comes with a separate soap tank.
  • Includes five different nozzle tips.
  • Provides dual resarviores for chemicals.
  • High-quality pneumatic tire allows it to roll upstairs.
  • High-pressure machine suitable for commercial use.
  • The quality should be improved.

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NorthStar Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer – 4000 PSI Review


Here go the fifth top rated commercial pressure washers the NorthStar Gas Coldwater. Thus, it provides good performance with cold water. The engine is from Honda. So, you can rely on it as it’s a trusted brand. Like the other Honda pressure washer, it includes OHV engine. Again, the washer has a manifold of brass for the pump. The engine makes the machine great for cleaning any tough machine and region that is messed up with dirt.

The man thing is the engine comes with a new design. It includes the horizontal shaft which gives the better performance the than the vertical one. The comet direct drive pump works more time than others. The capacity of the engine is 389cc. It is durable and reliable all along. The easy-care, body makes the pressure washer more comfortable to push. Again, it’s super tire allows it to climb stairs easily.

The pressure washer comes with five nozzle tip. One for spraying chemical and four other for spraying water in the different angle to the workpiece. Again, it comes with a high-quality hose for carrying the water. The high-pressure gas washer provides the best output. Besides, there is the thermal protector. Thus, it protects the pump from damage that may cause due to overheating. The nozzles are very easy to connect and replace. So, will able to do the cleaning job within few minutes.

As it’s a commercial pressure washer, you can certainly use it for professional purpose. Besides for getting quick and no-time cleaning, this washer will be very helpful. The only thing about worrying is the price, as it’ll cross your thousand bills.
Overall, it’s an amazing product to use at home and out wherever you want.

  • Provides brass manifolds for the pump.
  • Comes with the powerful engine.
  • Includes a thermal protector.
  • Five different nozzle tips are there.
  • Top quality hose for water and liquid.
  • Horizontal shaft engine provides better performance.
  • Get the job done within minutes.
  • It is quite expensive.

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Pressure Pro E3027HC Heavy Duty Professional 2,700 PSI 3.0 GPM Honda Gas Review


The Honda has been always a great manufacturer of machines and engines. Yes, our next product, Pressure Pro E3027HC, comes with the Honda engine. The engine is 6.5b HP and gives maximum performance for cleaning with a strong and powerful flow. The pressure is also famous for their good design and functionality. You can use this engine in the home and out. No matter how much more difficult the job is or how hard the cleaning place is to reach, it makes the job done easily.

The unique feature about this pressure washer is its body and the frame. The frame is made aircraft grade aluminum which is not only light but also strong. For your convenience, the manufacturer designed dual handles. So, you’ll feel comfortable to push while moving. Sound amounts of water can be pushed by this pressure washer. And, the amount is approximately three gallons. I think it’s a sufficient supply for household works. To protect the engine from any kind of dirt, the machines include good filter system.

The engine is quiet and very easy to run. For a cooler running, it includes a triplex plunger pump. The pump is very efficient and from the renowned brand CAT. Further, washer comes with also a thermosensor. It prevents the pump from overheating and further damage. It works in the bypass mode. When purchasing a pressure washer, you must be careful about the hose. A good quality hose with high durability reaches to maximum output. It includes five nozzles for different applications.

Besides, it comes with a professional quality wand and gun. The gun is insulated. Furthermore, it includes a dual feet tire, which is shock absorbent. Even it can move to any surface effortlessly. The washer can be used for painting, and wood- brightening, and mostly for washing vehicles. Again, you can use this in the tannery for cleaning the dirt and residue.

  • Comes with powerful Honda engine.
  • Can run a long time without any disturbance.
  • The protective thermal sensor is there.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum frame.
  • Lightweight but high strength.
  • Capable of pushing up to 3 gallons/min.
  • Can be used for painting and wood-brightening.
  • Dual handles for comfortable holding.
  • The valves and nozzles quality should be improved.

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Generac 7019 OneWash 3100 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review


The seventh product of our best commercial pressure washer reviews is Generac 7019. This model for the Generac is something you’ll find it both economical and reliable. For any kind cleaning, you can use this doubtlessly. Even it beats the commercial washers with its reasonable price. The maximum pressure it can put is 3100 PSI. From patio furniture to vehicles, you can use this pressure washer. Even you can clean almost everything with its powerful flow.

The is one of the best commercial and industrial pressure washers. The unique pressure gun spray makes the machine more powerful for eliminating any specks of dirt and stains. It includes horizontal axial pumps. It is more powerful than the vertical pumps. The pressure spray comes with a pressure dial. So, you can adjust it with the pressure dial. It allows you to adjust for four different tasks. They are car wood, soap, and concrete. If you’re up to one of these, it’ll be the best commercial pressure for you.

For hassle-free cleaning, you’ll find the detergent tank which can store half gallons conveniently. The tank is on-board. So, no carrying problem. You can use the detergents, whenever you need. Besides, the 196cc OHV engine provides maximum performance of removing residues. It includes four nozzle tips that can be connected quickly to sudden needs. A twenty-five foot hose also comes with the washer for supplying the water. The hose is very flexible and non-marring and abrasion resistant. So, you can use this for any tough operation.

The professionals can select this pressure washer as it runs for a long time, with just one easy start. No problem with assembling and handling, as it is very user-friendly. So, you get and assemble it easily with less time. You can connect the hoses easily and even it can be moved without terrain. If you want to clean your car with it, you can do that. Even you clean concrete and wood with that too. For weekly cleaning for your long, you can have a pressure washer. It cleans faster and effectively. Hence it saves your time.

  • Includes horizontal shaft pump.
  • Includes 196cc engine.
  • User-friendly and easy to assemble and move.
  • Large never-flat tire and wheels.
  • Capable of cleaning any hard reach areas.
  • Long and durable hose for proper cleaning.
  • Adjustable pressure dial for various operations.
  • Sometimes the engine becomes hot.

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Generac 6565 4200 PSI 4.0 GPM 420cc OHV Gas Powered Commercial Pressure Washer Review


Here goes another one from the Generac, the general 6565. The device comes with the highest powers 420cc OHV engines. Thus, it ensures maximum reliability. Even the maximum pressure is 4200 PSI. Thus, you can clean up even harder stains through it. Again, it comes with the triplex pr-pump. Thus, this pump is four times more durable and comes with stronger life than others. If you’re purchasing the second time, you can try this. Again, if you have been using a different brand and wants some change, you should keep this model on your list. It’s a high appreciated model, though.

The special thing about this machine is its low-oil shutdown sensor. It will shut down the engine if the engine contains low-oil. It is very useful and saves the engine from sudden damage. Operating in low-oil, the engine may get harmed slowly. You must not want to expend extra money for repairs. For this, this washer will take care of your engine. From zero to four degrees and a soap nozzle tips are included with this pressure washer. They are quick attached and replaceable. So, it takes less time to change the nozzles and tips for the different job.

The tire is also an important thing too. Our this best pressure washer for commercial use comes with a pair of oversized tires. They include good grip and also shock absorbent. So, it can obtain maximum mobility. Even to obtain stability, a larg sized tire is needed. It helps to free moving even on the rough surface. It includes a high-quality hose for spraying the water and soap. The flow is too powerful to eliminate any kind of dirt from any places.

Like another Generac pressure washer, this can be used for a commercial purpose too. You can use this in your garden. For cleaning rooftop and your vehicles, you can use this pressure washer.

  • Comes with high powerful 420 cc engine.
  • Provides maximum output.
  • Includes shock absorbent tires.
  • Provides different nozzle tips.
  • Includes low-oil shut down sensor.
  • Provides heavy duty.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • The design should be improved.

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SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H 4200 PSI at 4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Review


The ninth product on our list is the SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240H. We have discussed SIMPSON Product previously. Here goes another one of them. This machine includes HONDA commercial series engine. Thus, the engine includes oil alerts just to save the engine for the damage. The high-quality OHV engine takes less time to start. The capacity is 389cc and it includes four strokes. This overhead valve makes the engine more efficient. Thus, it is very reliable as a commercial engine.


p align=”justify”>The focusing point about this pressure washer is oil alerts. It just shutdowns the engine when the oil is low in the engine. It’s because insufficient oil level can damage the engine. However, the cylinders of the engines are made of cast iron can sustain longer than the other cylinders. It includes a triples pump that is capable of creating higher pressure and make the job done perfectly. It includes 50-foot long hose for carrying water during cleaning. The hose is very tough and includes some quick connectors.
Besides, it come with five nozzle tips for different jobs. Even you’ll find a pro-style spray for spraying water and soap.

The frame of the pressure washer is welded and made of steel and it is very hard. It also includes steel plate over the engine. A solid axle is also included with the machine. It includes a wide 13-inch tire that is pneumatic and stable enough for moving on the rough surface. It includes a professional spray gun. The grease gun comes with a safety lock system for controlling the spray. The machine also includes ceramic pistons. Even it includes the Brass head for the pistons so that it can withstand high pressure. The thermal relief system also is there for protecting the pump.

The pressure washer can be used for your shops and house. You can clean the dirt from your car. The powerful engine creates pressure to the nozzle for more efficient cleaning. Even it is capable of removing stains and wash any deep specks of dirt. If you think that these features useful for you, you can go for this product. It’s because the SIMPSON has been a good brand for pressure washers.

  • Includes oil alert the keep the engine safe.
  • Comes with a welded frame for durability.
  • Provides thermal relief system.
  • Wide tires for good performance.
  • Ceramic pistons ensure long life.
  • Steel cylinders last long.
  • Designed for professional purpose.
  • Comes with the high-quality hose.
  • The quality should be better at this price.

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SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228-S 3200 PSI at 2.8 GPM Gas Pressure Washer Review


Finally, we reached to our last best commercial pressure washer. Well, it’s again from the SIMPSON. Actually, the SIMPSON has won a large part of the market with their outstanding pressure washer. Thus, this model provides you excellent pressure washer with this minimum price. So, anyone can afford this commercial pressure washer and use that for his business purpose or for personal use. The pressure washer is powered by HONDA and comes with maximum pressure 3200PSI. From tough to the toughest region, the washer can remove the grime and dirt.

The washer is very easy to use and operate. It includes an abrasion resistant hose with kink. So, they are very strong. The hose includes M22 connectors to attach with the nozzles. It is very lightweight and flexible. So, you can keep this on board. The hoses are non-marring. Correct and exact nozzle tips are required for performing different jobs. Hence, correct nozzle tips are easy to attach and use. Thus, this gas power pressure is very comfortable to use. The PowerShot series gives maximum performance in such smaller investment. That’s why we kept this in our commercial pressure washer reviews.

The machine comes with a professional spray gun, with the safety lockout system. Thus, this gas pressure washer comes with a heavy duty steel frame. It comes with five nozzle tips for spraying water and soap. The pneumatic tire is durable and performs smoothly even on the uneven surface. The power boost technology provides the best output for this gas pressure washer. As it is smaller in size, one can easily transport it. The combustion chamber is the compact design that reduces the fuel consumption of the engine.

You can use this gas pressure washer for outdoor use and to use in the home. Even you can use it for the painting and for polishing the furniture. It’ll greatly for patios and decks. Thus, this pressure washer is highly appreciable and reliable. Again, rooftops, cars, sidings, and trucks can be easily cleaned with this commercial washer. If it seems compatible with you, you must order this. You can get it from both market and online buy.

  • Comes with high-efficiency, pressure washer.
  • Provides best triplex pump.
  • Comes with a safety lockout.
  • Capable of cleaning the mess quickly.
  • User-friendly quick start engine.
  • Constructed with welded steel.
  • Hoses are cheap in quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How do I connect the hose?
Answer: Using the connectors you can easily connect the hose.

Question: What kind of oil should be used?
Answer: Every model comes with an instruction for using the oil. Use only the recommended oil that is mentioned in the user guide.

Question: Which tips are for what kind of jobs?
Answer: You can use 0 degrees for hard and tough dirt, 15 degrees in painting and removing grease, 25 degrees for flushing dirt from rooftops and leaves and 40 degrees for cleaning your car or other vehicles.

Question: Should I drain the fuel while not using?
Answer: If you’re not using for a long time, you should drain the oil and keep the tank clean and safe.

Question: Does all of these washer includes the hose?
Answer: Yes, almost all of them come with a hose with the washer. The length may vary from brand to brand.

Electric Pressure Washer Vs. Gas Pressure Washer- Which Is Better?

Basically, electric pressure washers are smaller in size and can clean up only the small areas, patios, furniture etc. They are inexpensive but comes with sturdy plastic. No metal body. For one person use might be okay, but not for the professional purpose. But, it doesn’t emit any exhaust. That’s a good thing. Again, it takes less time in your house to store, as it is smaller in size.

On the other hand, the gas pressure is generally used for commercial purpose. It is larger and heavier duty pressure washer for outdoor use. It can create 3100-4200 PSI pressure. It can clean up the dirt about three times faster than the electric pressure washer. But the price is higher than the electric pressure washer. A commercial pressure washer can cross the 1000 bills sometimes. They are more durable and reliable for heavy duty. The main drawback is, it creates noise and exhausts while running.

For professional use, the gas pressure is more efficient and economical than the electric pressure washer.

5 Tips on Making Best Use of a Pressure Washer

Here goes some tips to make the best use of the pressure washer. Hope that’ll help you for easy use and maintenance of a pressure washer:

  • Tips 1:
    At the beginning, you should use a brush to remove all the debris. Then, you should remove the petrol from the tank and run the pump with water for better cleaning for a few minutes. Then you need to push the starter button or pull the cord to start the machine.
  • Tips 2:
    To get the best result from the pressure washer in cleaning the hard stains and greases, you should use the high-pressure spray with the soap and detergents. It’ ll wash all the debris away within few minutes.
  • Tips 3:
    You should use different types of the nozzles and nozzle tips that suit the particular job. If you use the nozzle tips according to the intensity of work, you’ll get the best output from the pressure washer with the faster cleaning process.
  • Tips 4:
    During operation, you should play with the nozzles. The high pressure can create damage to the skin if you point it out to someone just for fun. You don’t even place your hands in front of it just to feel the pressure, it’s not a matter of joke or playing.
  • Tips 5:
    Only proper maintenance can keep the machine active. So, you should take care of the parts and entire washer. To avoid damage from the petrol in the engine, you should use anti-freeze during winter. When you’re not using, keep the tank empty of oils.

Final Recommendation

In fine, I would like to thank you first for being with us till the last. I really appreciate your patience, as you come to the last and read our entire article on reviews of best pressure washer for commercial use. The motto of this guide is to learn you the best industrial pressure washers with the highest possible quality. So, being consistent with that we arranged this best commercial pressure washers list for review. We tried to discuss all the important information and features on them.

I hope you have selected your best pressure washer from the list in the meantime. AS you come to you all authentic information, the chances of getting wrong are zero almost. I’m pretty much sure that you’re going to come back to this article to comment a “thanks” just after you start using our reviewed product.

Anyway, best of luck!


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