9+ Best Surface Cleaner Reviews: Pressure Washer, Multi (Edited)

Let’s check best pressure washer surface cleaner at a glance in a comprising table:

ImageNameCheck Price
PowerFit PF31023B PowerFit PF31023B
15-inch cleaning area, flat surfaces, 3300 PSI, electric & gas, 6.1 lb
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Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13
15-inch cleaning area, large flat surfaces, 3300 PSI, gas, 5.5 lb
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EZ Clean AEZ31023 EZ Clean AEZ31023
15-inch cleaning area, large flat surfaces, 3300 PSI, electric & gas, 5.9 lb
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Karcher 15” Surface Cleaner Karcher 15” Surface Cleaner
15-inch cleaning area, vertical & horizontal surfaces, 3200 PSI, gas, 1.7 lb
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Karcher T350 Karcher T350
12-inch cleaning area, ideal for concrete surfaces, 2650 PSI, electric & gas, 5.8 lb
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AR Blue Clean PW408229 AR Blue Clean PW408229
10-inch cleaning area, flat smooth surfaces, 1900 PSI, electric, 2.6 lb
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Briggs & Stratton 6328 Briggs & Stratton 6328
14-inch cleaning area, large horizontal surfaces, 3200 PSI, electric & gas, 3.5 lb
Check Price
Be 85.403.007 Xstream Power Equipment Be 85.403.007 Xstream Power Equipment
20-inch cleaning area, large flat surfaces, 4000 PSI, electric & gas, 27.2 lb
Check Price
Erie Tools 21 Erie Tools 21" Surface Cleaner
21-inch cleaning area, large surfaces in both hot & cold water application, 4000 PSI, electric & gas, 30.8 lb
Check Price
Karcher T300 Karcher T300
11-inch cleaning area, flat surfaces, 3300 PSI, electric & gas, 4.7 lb
Check Price

A surface cleaner is mandatory for a neat and clean surrounding. It does your cleaning job for any kind of surfaces.

From your living room to the pathway of your house, you can’t deny the usefulness of it. But picking the right surface cleaner is sometimes confusing.


best could be relative depending on many factors.

No fear,

I am here to help you. After a thorough research from worst to best surface cleaners, I have enlisted 10 best surface cleaners for you.

They are pretty reliable as these are pressure washer surface cleaners. They use pressurized water to clean the surface.

They all are superb especially, for the outdoor cleaning purpose. In the concurrent market, I think I am presenting you the bests.

This is not just a surface cleaners’ review rather specifically, the best pressure washer surface cleaners review.

I have emphasized to help you find the right one for outdoor surfaces.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump.

Top Rated 10 Best Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Reviews

1. PowerFit PF31023B Surface Cleaner Review

PowerFit PF31023B Surface Cleaner

The PowerFit PF31023B Surface Cleaner is one of the best pressure washer surface cleaners out there.It covers 15-inch path at once. It works faster, 4 times than any standard spray.

Courtesy to quick-connect coupler system. It allows quicker output and hassle-free cleaning. Just connect to quarter-inch quick-connect and attach to a wand (almost any).

That’s it; you are ready to efficiently clean your sidewalks, patios, driveways, decks and other large outdoor areas.

The nozzle jet pair rotates at 1500 rpm and delivers an evenly cleaned surface without leaving any spikes, stripes or streaks.

It is one hell of a surface cleaner, which is easy to use and a real time saver.

The only drawback, I can say, is only usable to flat surfaces.

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    • Faster cleaning, 4X faster than standard one (Covers 15” at a time).
    • ¼” Quick-connect system.
    • Connectable to almost all brands of pressure washer (up to 3200 PSI).
    • Dual 1500 rpm rotating metal jet.
    • Stripe-free cleaning.
    • Ideal for only flat surfaces.
    • Extension rod doesn’t come with the package.

2. Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 Surface Cleaner Review

Yamaha ACC-31056-00-13 Surface Cleaner

This surface cleaner from Yamaha is another top-notch product. It also delivers 4X faster cleansing than available standard spray by cleaning 15-inch path at a time.

The evenly cleaned and streakless surface is the result of excellent rotating nozzles. The cleaner is attachable to any pressure washer surface cleaner wand with quick-connect capability.

Just over a 3000 PSI is necessary to function it properly.

The cleaning mechanism needs to rotate the nozzles.

So, it slides over the surface. Therefore, it is not ideal to use on rugged, uneven or aggregate surfaces.

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  • 4X faster cleaning with 15” path-cleaning.
  • Connectable to Quick-connect washer wand.
  • Excellent rotating nozzles.
  • Even, stripe-free cleaning output.

3. EZ Clean AEZ31023 Surface Cleaner Review

EZ Clean AEZ31023 Surface Cleaner

EZ Clean is another 15-inch surface washer. It fits with all pressure washer surface cleaner wands that is quick-connect capable. It features the quarter-inch quick-connect system and dual nozzles.

The EZ Clean is compatible with both electric and gas power washer surface cleaner. The most surprising is, it offers 10X faster cleaning prospect. This is really a “wow” factor.

The thing is every time you wash with it, you are going to get your driveway or sidewalk evenly cleaned with no streaks and over-spray.

Extreme use without proper maintenance can cause damage to the parts.

As a result, it stops spinning and proper filtration. But, parts are usually replaceable.

Pressure washer trailer

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  • 10X faster surface washer.
  • ¼” Quick-connect plug and swivel.
  • 15” covering with even, streak-free and no over-spray.
  • Both electric and gas power washer compatible with a PSI between 2300 to 3300.
  • With times, it stops spinning.
  • Proper maintenance required.

4. Karcher 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment Review

Karcher 15-Inch Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Attachment

If you want your premises cleaner in quicker time, then Karcher 15-Inch Surface Cleaner is for you. This is one of the best surface cleaners. It cleans 4X faster with 15-inch covering.

Thanks to professional grade dual spinning nozzles. It maintains a constantly fixed height to remove streaks and stripes.

The washer is compatible with standard quick-connect plug fitting. It can work up to 3200 PSI with gas power cleaners. Suitable to patios, driveways, sidewalks, and decks.

It can also clean vertical surfaces like the home sidings, garage doors or this sort. The out skirt of the device is splash-free meaning, it won’t splash water to you while you are cleaning.

The cleaner is only compatible with electric K1700-K2000 and you have to tighten up the nuts and bolts more often. I recommend you to buy a sturdy longer wand for better performance.

Overall, it is an excellent pressure washer floor attachment.

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  • 4X quicker leaving no streaks.
  • Excellent dual nozzles.
  • Standard (1/4”) quick-connect system and connectable to all wands.
  • Be dry with splash-free skirt.
  • Can clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Design flaw that leaves the nuts loose after a certain period of time.
  • Not compatible with all electric surface cleaner.

5. Karcher T350 12-Inch Surface Cleaner Review

Karcher T350 12-Inch Surface Cleaner

This is one of the best power washer driveway attachment from Karcher. They keep their promises: Cleaner, quicker with efficient 12-inch wide dual nozzle spinners.

The nozzles keep the constant height from the surface and deliver a clean surface like a new.

The cleaner is compatible with Karcher gas pressure cleaner with a level of just above 2600 PSI. It can handle both flat surfaces as well as vertical surface without splashing back to you.

The splash-free feature will keep you dry.

The surface cleaner is very good for the concrete floor but not very suitable for wooden decks.

It leaves thin lines on the wooden surfaces.

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  • Very efficient pair of rotating nozzles.
  • Compatible with the gas pressure cleaner.
  • Ideal as a concrete surface washer.
  • Can wash both flat and vertical surfaces.
  • Streak-free even cleaning.
  • Not ideal for wooden surfaces.
  • 12” cleaning at a time, a bit slower than a 15” covering.

6. AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner Review

AR Blue Clean Surface Cleaner

AR Blue Clean is a great surface cleaner in terms of money and performances. It is cheap and usable to decks, driveway etc.

The splash-free feature prevents water from splashing to walls or sidings. A nice nylon brush kit keeps it away from over-spraying.

The system is easy and quickly attachable to spray gun. It got a 15-inch extension lance. Still, it is not comfortable for taller people.

This cleaner only fits with AR Blue Clean units (AR112, AR240 etc.)

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  • Splash-free and prevents overspray.
  • Quick attachment to the spray gun.
  • Comfortable for shorter guys.
  • Cheaper.
  • Slower than other as it covers 10” at once.
  • Compatible with only AR Blue Clean Units.
  • Not great for tall people.

7. Briggs and Stratton 6328 Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review

Briggs and Stratton 6328 Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

The Briggs & Stratton has been famous for contriving best surface cleaners. The 6328 is another example of it.

It is a 14-inch pressure washer surface cleaner with high-pressure double rotating jets. The pressure is up to 3200 PSI.

This is ideal for large flat surfaces and one of the best concrete cleaner for the pressure washer. It is also fine for cleaning wooden decks or pavers.

The cleaner can couple with quick-connect capable wands. The design is very sophisticated. The dome type enclosure prevents the overspray.

The thing is you have to maintain it quite a regular.

It can stop spinning after a while. You can fix it by unscrewing the nozzles and washing them thoroughly.

But it can be irritating to some of the buyers.

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  • Excellent for concrete, large and flat surfaces.
  • Allows quick-connects.
  • Extra caution for controlling overspray.
  • Efficient dual rotating jets.
  • Have to wash the nozzles more often by unscrewing.

8. Be 85.403.007 Xstream Power Equipment Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner Review

Xstream Power Equipment Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner

This is an excellent accessory to clean your pavement, driveway, floors etc. This is extreme power equipment with a PSI of 4000. Its size is 20-inch and thus, works faster.

The frame is easy to handle and there is lesser operational tiredness.

The material and built quality are top-notch. The double arm rotary bar is made of welded steel. The brush kit is nylon-made and extremely durable.

The price is really high but there is a special offer of 6 months financing.

If you can afford it, I can ascertain you that it will value your money.

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  • 20” cleaning at once, quite a faster cleaning.
  • Excellent built quality.
  • Durable nylon brush.
  • Works up to 4000 PSI.
  • Zero wall clearance.
  • Special offer available with 6 months financing.
  • Expensive.
  • Comes without wheels.
  • Heavy.

9. Erie Tools 21″ Stainless Steel Flat Surface Cleaner Review

Erie Tools Stainless Steel Flat Surface Cleaner

This is a great tool for cleaning your large horizontal surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, garage floor etc. It is also suitable for both hot and cold water application.

The 21-inch surface covering offers a faster process. It does the job 15X faster, which is unbelievable. The maximum functional pressure is 4000 PSI.

The design is very compact and stainless steel-made. The light aluminum handle allows an easy and comfortable cleaning experience. Dual nozzles are good.

It also comes with a durable nylon brush kit with three non-marking casters.

All those above-mentioned features make the price a bit hefty. But still, I feel, it is a great value for your expense.

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  • 21” large cleaning surface with 4000 PSI maximum pressure.
  • Great for both hot and cold water applications.
  • Fantastic built-quality.
  • Durable brush kit, dual nozzles.
  • 3 non-marking casters and easy-to-handle design lessens operator fatigue.
  • Zero wall clearance.
  • Expensive.
  • Heavy.

10. Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner Review

Karcher T300 Hard Surface Cleaner

This is another best surface cleaner pressure washer from Karcher. It cleans the large area of the surface in quick time. Quite an ideal accessory for garage floors, patios, decks etc.

The locking joint mechanism allows to use it for vertical surface cleaning too.

The 11-inch surface area is not that large but efficiently handled and sufficiently faster enough to do your job.

Pressure dial is variable and it has a brilliant dual spinning nozzle.

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  • Tackles both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Pressure dial variability.
  • Double spinning nozzles.
  • Sufficiently quicker.
  • Not compatible with all models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Are these all use pressurized water to clean?
Answer: Yes. This is actually “Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Review”. So, all those, I listed above, use the high-pressure spray of water to clean.

Question: Are these compatible to both electric and gas power washer surface cleaner?
Answer: No. Few are not compatible to both. See the comparison table.

Question: Why do you think pressure washer surface cleaners are the best surface cleaners?
Answer: For hard, flat, large surfaces like concrete, marvels etc. you need high pressure to wash away all dirt and filths. For this purpose, pressure washer surface cleaners are the best.

Final Recommendation

So, these are the best surface cleaner in my eyes.

Picking anyone will serve you great. Asses your need, asses your budget.

The best for you will automatically evolve.

But from all aspects, PowerFit PF31023B is the best of the bests.

If you still can’t decide, then give it a shot.

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