(Zero Dust) House Cleaning Tips – If You Have NO Time!

apartment-architecture-artAccording to The Bureau of Labor Statistics
A woman daily spends:

  • 2 hours 15 minutes in household activities.
  • 13 minutes only use for cleaning the kitchen.
  • 70% time in food preparation & cleanup.
  • Source

In A House…

Where we spend almost whole life to use it as a shelter, sleeping and roaming the place, to stay safer than any other places.

In this case –

To clean your house and make it zero dust! is more important to…

  • Our mind
  • Heart
  • Body
  • In Every Aspect

Cleaning the house is a must to maintain the cleanliness of us keeping ourselves away from dirt and vermin.

A dirty house can be a birthplace of diseases.


We should know and follow the process of house cleaning. This process can be followed by some simple steps rather than thinking it as tiresome or trifling work.


Let’s see how we can keep our house clean in these steps.

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You will see them in this whole article described in significant ways.

The Plan for (Zero Dust) House Cleaning

Before we start the cleaning process, we must plan how we are going to finish it properly.

Most of the time until we fail in the exam because we don’t have proper planning and preparation.

As like us –

We won’t be able to keep our house clean without a plan. Planning meaning is making a chart or schedule of the steps you are going to take. Let’s make the topic easier.

Suppose you are going to clean your room:

What thing should be cleaned first?


We think to clean the floors first, then furniture and later others.


If this is about cleaning the whole house, we become tensed what to clean first-

  • Toilet.
  • Kitchen.
  • Dining.
  • Restroom.

Many professional cleaners suggest having planned for each step.

You should make the plan of house cleaning according to our need and time.

checklist plan

First –

You need to schedule the time of cleaning when the process is going to happen. Then the quantity and quality of cleaning is also part of the plan.

It depends on –

How much you are motivated to spend your time on cleaning?

At leisure time can be helpful in this case. If you can clean the full house in a single period, then it can be properly done.


If you don’t have enough time to clean, then at least try to clean the dirtiest corners of the home. Part by part cleaning the floors or the kitchen or toilet can be a greater idea if you have a shorter time.

Even you can try to clean those areas which you missed last time to clean.

If you are “average busy person,” then clean the house every day in the little potion. It will reduce your pressure of cleaning.

But when you get enough time like once or twice a month, make the cleaning total for your house.

Cleaning Checklist


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The checklist helps to make a job fun and interesting to do and increases the enthusiasm.

In-house cleaning checklist:

there are some major things listed like attention and mind set-up

  • Closets.
  • Cleaning Equipment.
  • Cleaning Areas, Etc.

Here I am going to illustrate them to guide you.

Cleaning requires the kind of attention of yours so that the job can be done successfully.


You need to be attentive to everything while cleaning.

If you are in a hurry, then the cleaning process will be scattered.


The first thing set up your mind on timing. Play cool songs on the music player while cleaning. It can help you to keep your mind calm and contented.


Do something that will keep your stress away.When you are about to clean the house, cover your closets to stay dirt-free.

Look for the vacuum if it’s working or not. Mop the floors and brush where it requires. For TV, fridge, computer monitor cleaning, try to use a cotton cloth.

Cleaning house daily, weekly or monthly is also the content of the checklist.

  • Number 1 is, For cleaning the house daily, you should follow few things. Prepare your bed wisely and try to keep wiping down the washroom after you use them. Again, kitchen and dining room should be kept dirt and garbage clean.
  • Number 2 is, For weekly cleaning, clean the floors by wiping and mopping them. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them. Wipe the mirrors, furniture, etc. And clean the kitchen sink, bathtubs after scrubbing them.
  • Number 3 is, And if you get once or twice the period of house cleaning in a month, your work is less stress-free. Clean the garbage basket, wipe down whole floors and try to mop them. Make the furniture, ceiling dust free, wash the kitchen sink, bathtub. Also, make your toilet clean with cleaner.
  • Number 4 is, Use a vacuum to reach the corners where your hands can’t reach such as under the bed, behind the furniture, etc.Some house cleaning experts have suggested cleaning the house specifically which is a term in the checklist. This thing covers the whole ideas of places to clean in a house. If you are cleaning the kitchen, then try to clean the counter tops, inside & outside of microwave, glass doors, etc. Keep the dirty things out of the house and clean there. When you are moving to clean the bathroom, sanitize the sinks, tubs, shower, toilet, etc.
  • Number 5 is, Remove rugs or wastebaskets, clean the mirror, shine the faucets, etc. In your bedrooms, make sure there is no dust under or beside the bed. Clean the window and use the sprayer to wipe them. Other furniture such as a table, chair, desk, cushions, doors, doorknobs, should be cleaned thoroughly.

Cleaning Habits

Cleaning habits are more effective rather than cleaning the house once or twice a month.

It also helps –

The mind to stay joyous while staying at home.

Here is a short list of cleaning habits, those you should have:

  • Try to keep your worn clothes back to wardrobe, closet or laundry hampers at night. It saves time when you are putting the clothes again or going to wash them gathering all dresses. Don’t through the clothes or socks everywhere rather than keep them in one place. It will look pleasant to see a clean room.
  • Having lots of pairs of shoes in front of the door will make the floor dirty. Similarly, having extra things may cause a kind of little space in the house. So, try to make the short list of the usable things. It will reduce the pressure of cleaning them.
  • Does the floor size, making you think about cleaning? Then we suggest you clean them thinking grids. It will reduce the stress and also you can make sure everything and every corner are cleaned perfectly.
  • Toss the extra thrill of stacks of papers such as a letter, delivery menus, old newspapers. A good filing system of daily used papers can keep your house clean.
  • Mildew, grease, oil, food stains, etc. should be wiped after you have them anyway. Again, try to clean your house from top to bottom.
  • Keep your bed well organized. Don’t make a pile of unnecessary stuff on the bed. Use hooks to put the clothes or other things.
  • Keep your kitchen and bathroom dry to prohibit the birth of fungus. Squeegee shower curtains and wipes the floor with the kitchen every day after you use them.
  • If there are any stains seen in your house, then order for stain remover and use properly.
  • If you are more aware of cleaning house, then you can use vacuum cleaner daily. It will sum up the whole thing of cleaning.

Cleaning Area

Cleaning area means the whole space you are going to clean in your residence.
You may separate each area of your house in your checklist such as –

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Mudroom, etc.

Here I am showing the process cleaning each area serially:


The bathroom is as important to place like your bedroom.

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You should give more effort to clean the bathroom area. Suppose you had a guest in your house, don’t forget to clean the bathrooms.

Maybe you are habiting to some dirty bathroom…

But others won’t.

That’s why you should never leave your bathroom dirty. In the bathroom, you need to keep in mind about several things separately to clean them such as –

  • Window or mirror,
  • Tub,
  • Wall,
  • Toilet,
  • Towel,
  • Bathroom fan, etc which also an essential part of the bathroom.


Cleaning you should keep the things out, those don’t belong in the bathroom.

Let’s go to the point.

Window Cleaning

Usually nowadays:

People are using Windows, like a ventilation system. A bathroom window is smaller than regular windows.


We almost forget to keep that clean.

You can use a cleaning sprayer to keep the window dust and dirt free.

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Mirror Cleaning Quick Tips of Cleaning House

The streak-free shining mirror will bring your attention to look upon it.


This thing is as used as other things in the bathroom.

Many of us have the habit of looking at our reflected image in the mirror wherever it is in the bathroom or other places.

That’s why –

We should keep the mirror clean.

A good glass cleaner can help in this case. You can use a no-scratch scouring pad while cleaning the mirror.

You can try:

Vinegar and water instead of glass cleaner if that doesn’t work.

Bathtub Cleaning

The bathtub has regularly used the item as we need to wash regularly.

Soap scum…


…Grime, etc. can be seen on the surface of the tub if it isn’t cleaned timely.

When you finish your bathing, try to rinse the tub with warm water


Use a soft sponge to wipe off the moisture from the tub.

Wall Cleaning

If you see any mold on the wall or ceiling in the bathroom, then use –

  • Water
  • Bleach or
  • Cleaner via spraying them on the wall.

You may use a sponge


A cloth rag to scrub the wall.

Be sure about wearing rubber gloves while scrubbing the wall.

Then wash the wall carefully.

Shower Cleaning

The shower is another thing and vital part of a bathroom.


there is seen corrosion, soap scum on the body of the shower.

It happens when you don’t clean it regularly.

Spray cleaner is the most effective solution to this problem. Soak the shower head to eradicate the clogs.

Sink Cleaning

You need to scrub the soap scum and toothpaste on the sink and later rinse them with a sponge.


try to clean the trash bin, tissue holder and brush case make the cleaning full.

Use a different rag or sponge to clean the counter area of the bathroom sink.

You should also –

Wash the towel regularly that you use after every shower.

Fold them and hang on the holder or hanger in an arranged way.



Kitchen cleaning is another important task while cleaning the whole house.

Most waste materials are thrown and appear from the kitchen:

  • Dishes
  • Oven
  • Sink
  • Cabinet
  • Burner
  • Fridge, etc.

Things need to be cleaned daily, or the kitchen room will be unpleasant.

Let’s see –

How can we cover this area:

Oven Cleaning


Do you like to eat roasted chicken?

Do you have bread toast in the early morning every day?

Then you surely do have a toaster oven in your kitchen.

To clean the oven first –

You should bust the crumbs.

Remember to unplug the machine before you do so.

Later remove the rack and pan and clean them with a sprayer.

Use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub them. Then you should go for wiping the oven grease. Wipe that with sponge scrubber and use a cleaner sprayer on it.


Try to clean the exterior such as glass door. Lastly, give minimum 05 minutes to dry the oven.


You will get your oven clean and ready to use again.

Kitchen Sink Cleaning

Soap scum, food stains, rust, water spots, etc. is found in an uncleaned kitchen sink.

You need to take care of these things while cleaning the sink in your kitchen.

Scrub the sink at least once a month.

Mix up warm water with dishwashing liquid


Scrub the sink with a sponge dipping into the mixture.

You can line the sink with paper towels and soak them with bleach to bring back the color of the sink like newer.

Then wait for half an hour to rinse the sink.

For this reason –

You may use vinegar, detergent powder or liquid, etc.

Remember that –

You should not use scouring powder to clean the kitchen sink.

Countertop Cleaning

Countertops in your kitchen are nothing but the places you use to stand on, unpacking the goods.


It’s the surface in the kitchen where you stand and do not only cooking but also other related works.

These places become dirty with food crumbs and wastage of foods.

Countertops can be of different types like –

  • Butcher-block
  • Solid wood
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Laminate
  • Stainless Steel (SS), etc.

Try to seal the butcher-block & wood countertops with the wrapper for protection. You can use food-grade wax to protect them from any scratches.

Clean the marble & granite countertops with sponge along with a mixture of warm water and cleaner.

You should clean the laminate countertops with a damp, soft cloth or microfiber towel and a mild household cleaner.

Do not use:

any harsh chemicals.

For other kinds of countertop, you can use a microfiber cloth with cleaner.

Plastic Containers Cleaning

Plastic containers are helping kit to store the food leftovers in the kitchen.


these things can get stinky, dirty.

You can clean the plastic containers in three steps:

Step #1:

These steps are banishing the stink, fighting the stains and cleaning totally.

Banish the stinks of these plastic containers with the mixture of baking soda and warm water.

Step #2:

Then soak them for 30 minutes and later rinse and dry.

For fighting stains

One tablespoon chlorine bleach with one cup of warm water solution will help you. Pour the solution or use a sponge to eradicate the stains.

Step #3:

Try to clean the containers at least once a week.


Try to keep them dry to make them odor free.

Kitchen Sponge Sanitization

If your kitchen isn’t enough to clean, then three kinds of pathogens will be found such as –

  1. Salmonella
  2. E. Coli, and
  3. Pseudomonas


You must try to sanitize the kitchen as well as a kitchen sponge.

Cleaning expert says using the bleach solution will kill the germs up to 99%.

Mix 3/4 cup of bleach in one gallon of water,


Soak the sponge for 5 minutes. And Put a sponge into a regular dishwasher load, using the “heated dry” setting.

Later you should use a strong vinegar solution to remove the bacteria.

Try to change the sponge after 3 weeks of usage.

Reduction of Kitchen Odors


White vinegar:

white vinegar can fight with alkaline odors and keep your kitchen away from bad smells.

The next –

Thing is to clean the garbage bin daily before or after you start cooking.

Use a wet paper towel to wipe debris from the kitchen. You should use disinfect cleaners to complete the cleaning process for zapping kitchen odors.


Clean the sink, fridge thoroughly to add this.



Mudroom or entry room or entryway:

Whatever you call this needs to be cleaned as it’s the first appearance of your guest.

Not only

For guests

But also

For the people living in the house, mudroom must remain shiny, cleaned and healthier.

Gleaning ideas of mudroom:

If your mudroom is chosen spaces to put –

  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Purses
  • Socks
  • And other apparatus
  • Then…

Take away the whole shebang that you can. Use water soaking the mats to soak the water and dirt if the shoes are sopping.

You can remove dry dirt easier than sticky mud.


You can sweep the floor with sweeper until you can’t see any footprints on it.

It will be plus if you separate the place of keeping clothes and other things at another right place.

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The bedroom is an integral part of our daily life.

It’s the place where we must go after the whole tiresome day to have a sound sleep. A clean bedroom is such a gift to everyone.


If the room isn’t suitable enough, then you may face many diseases.


You start cleaning your bedroom, you must know how to organize it properly.

Here I am going to show you the way.

Cleaning Bedroom

Cleaning the bedroom isn’t so, stressful.

First –

You need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the corner to the corner of the bedroom.

You can also mop the floor to bring a shine to the floor.

Sometimes – 

A locked bedroom, while you are outside a room creates an odor.

In this case:

You can spray a nice scent in various flavours according to your choice in the room so that you can feel ease in the room.

Making the Bed

While you were a kid, your mom might have asked you to prepare the bed before you lie down.

Making a bed isn’t as tougher as you think.

Firstly –

You need to clean your bed.

Take off anything like pillows, bed sheet, down comforter, etc.


Cleans them outside of the room.

Later –

Fit the bed sheet from corner to corner and keep the pillows nicely. It’s better to use washed bed sheets and pillow cover which are washed at least twice a month.

The blanket is another useful thing which you may use must be washed or cleaned.

While putting the bedsheet –

You may use the “hospital corner” bed preparation tips.

It’s a method of folding the top sheet corners under the mattress.

It is a good habit if you make your bed every day morning and before you go to sleep at night.

Organizing the Wardrobe


An organized closet or wardrobe is the symbol of a clean bedroom.

If you have a sorted wardrobe,


You may have a beautiful mind as a clean room is a sign of beauty in mind.


You need to sort clothes. Remove all the clothes from the wardrobe and take off the hangers.

Then fold the clothes as a pile. Now sort them out as more used and less used clothes.

Keep the most important or more used clothes in the upper drawers of the wardrobe and less used items in the lower drawers.

Throw or donate whatever you like to do with the rest of the clothes if you don’t use them.


You can sort out the clothes those you want to keep in an arrange the order like keeping the T-shirts and shirts in separate drawers, pants in another drawer, etc.

You can add a mirror to sparkle, paint your wardrobe to cheer your mind, etc.

General Living Area

In the general living areas…

…you also need extra attention to keep clean.

To clean a living room,

A big preparation to clean is needed.

You can start mild music while you are going to clean such a big area.


Clear the clutter on the floor.

Then keep the things in different place those don’t belong to the general living area.


clean the dust and debris from the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

Dust the furniture corners and try to polish the wood furniture.

If your floor is made of wood and somehow the wood is damaged, there’s also a solution for it.  Mop the floor with a towel and holding that with an iron stick. It may help to reduce the stains.

Not only

The floor

But also

The wooden table can stain free with this method.

Fresh walnuts or Brazil nuts contain natural oils that can darken the woods to make the scratches on wood invisible.

You can use perfume having alcohol or Hairspray to dissolve the wood finishes.

Then dump a cloth piece in water and mix with bit ammonia and wipe the wooden furniture or floor.

It will remove the sticky part. Thus, you can have wooden furniture like the newer one.

Everyone wants to have a fresh couch. If your couch is dirty somehow, there are also ways to make it clean.

Challenges while cleaning the couch are mainly cleaning pet hair, dusty cushions,


Stained fabric.

Rubber gloves can remove the pet hair from the couch


Whether it is a sofa or chair for its elasticity.

A lint roller can just make your time wasted. Run your vacuum cleaner thoroughly on the cushion, chair, etc. to clean the dirt and debris.

If the fabric is waterproof, then you can use mild dishwashing liquid to clean it. Solvent-based remover can clean the spots of the downside of the furniture.

Use a long-handled duster to clean out the dirt from hanging fixtures in the living room.

For the low-hanging fixture…

…prepare yourself with a cleaning microfiber clothing in one hand and a Premoistened glass-cleaning wipe in the other hand.


Use the clean paintbrush on table lamps or similar things to fix a shady situation.

Fan, Air Cooler, Air-Conditioner Cleaning

HOT and summer season – 

  • Fan
  • Air cooler or
  • Air-conditioner

..is the most useful components during the summer season.

To have a cool breeze in hot weather, there is nothing better alternate way than these.


These things got dirty and clogged as we can’t get expected service from these.


We must clean these things too. Grungy ceiling-fan blades, clogged air conditioner filters, and vents, etc. are the main obstacles while cleaning them.

Let’s get to the point…

For the ceiling fan cleaning –

You should put a tablecloth or cardboard sheet under it.


You can use long-handled broom or duster to clean the dust.

You can also use step stool and dust with a dry microfiber to clean the fan thoroughly.

Later clean the fan blades with a wet cloth to finish it.

For the portable fans –

Cleaning task is a bit easier.

Take a screwdriver and unscrew the fan.

Then use foamy warm water with a cloth piece and wipe the fan blades. Clean the grille cage of the fan in the same way.

Wipe down the base and buttons with a damp cloth.

Remove the washable filter of window units of the air-conditioner and rinse under a warm faucet until the water runs through clear.

Wait for a few hours to dry it and then re-install it.

You can use an odor-free sprayer to remove the bad smell of grunge.


You can get cleaned air-conditioner and reduce your electricity bill.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning and maintenance is similarly important in other parts of house cleaning.

There are two types of roof cleaning: pressure washing and chemical washing.

The pressure roof washing method works for metal or tiled roof and chemical roof washing work with any roof.

Pressure washing & Roof cleaning:

Start at the peak of the roof and work your way down, to avoid blasting water up between overlapping tiles or sheets of roofing materials.

Start with

A small area first and gradually lower the wand to remove the mold.

Chlorine is the best chemical choice for chemical washing. You can also apply weak sodium hydroxide.

Rinse the roof with this solution, but remember to have safety protection while using the chemicals.

Home Office Cleaning

Home office means where you do your office work not for too long time but regular.

  • A table,
  • A chair,
  • A laptop on the table,
  • A wastebasket under the table,
  • Etc. are common things in a home office.


These things get dirty, stained and germy.


You need to clean the dust on the electric things like laptop, desktop computer, cell phone, etc.

Use a microfiber cloth or electronic wipe clean the dust.


A glass cleaner may affect your computer monitor screen like reducing the glare and making it sticky.

Use a damp fiber cloth softly of the best travel monitor. Try to clean the CD or DVD with a clean spot of the cloth gently.


Try to erase the surface stains from your home office. If your working surface space is made of laminate or any washable material, then you can use floor cleaner easily.

Wipe and rinse the floor with the cleaner.

Apply vinegar and water solution if the floor is made of sealed wood.

Wait for a few seconds to soak the cleaner for sticky stains.


Try to scrape with a thin credit card or your fingernail; wipe and rinse.

Remove –

Ink stains will with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and then rinse with the sponge.


Give your phone and desktop accessories a sponge-down cleaning.

Use a paintbrush to clean the dust from the keyboard.

Damp a tissue ball in alcohol and clean the surface of the keyboard.

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Clothes Cleaning

Clothes cleaning is also a vital part of house cleaning.

Sometimes –

Cleaning clothes consumes a lot of time.

Especially –

The kids always keep themselves busy in making fun and clothes dirty.


I am going to tell you how to clean your clothes easily.

Banishing the stains of kids’ clothes:

To remove the stains of grass while your kid gets in playing, you can use prewash stain remover or stain-fighting detergent with enzymes.

After applying them,

Wait for a few minutes and wash them in warm water.

For chocolate and ice-cream stains,

Wash the fabric with detergent powder.

You may use bleach if the stains are stubborn. Stains caused by juice or any liquid, firstly remove the colorful stains with cool water. Then make a solution of white vinegar, liquid detergent, and cool water.

Let the clothing,

Soak the solution for 15 minutes. Then the stains will be gone.

If your clothing has stains of acrylic paint, then warm water and dishwashing liquid solution will be perfect.

Crayon stains on the fabric also can be removed easily.

For soft crayon stains, try to freeze it and scrap properly.


You can place the stain between two paper towels, and press with warm iron.


Use a stain remover to remove the crayon stains of clothing. To remove heavy-duty adhesive glue spots on the clothing, use nail polish remover with acetone.

Spots of mud on the clothes are also easier to clean out.

You can rub them or use stain remover or wash with detergent powder in warm water.

If the stains are created from markers, ketchup, and other things, you can also remove with sponge dampen in rubbing alcohol.


Banishing the stains of the clothing is simple.

Veranda, porch, lobby, balcony cleaning:

Cleaning the –

  • Veranda,
  • Porch,
  • Lobby or
  • Balcony is the same.

You just need to care about few things.


All these have the same kind of structure and gets dirty in almost the same way.


Here I am going to let you know about cleaning one of them.

Cleaning The Balcony

BalconyPhoto by Marylou

The balcony is the place which you use to relax your body & mind.


We spend a lot of time there.


The thing is this place can be full of dirt and vermin.

That’s why –

You should know how to clean your balcony as well as veranda, porch, and lobby.

As all these places are open to the surroundings, sometimes these become places for the birds.


Dust can easily enter into these places.

While you are planning to clean the lobby or balcony, remove the furniture, and plants from these places. Clean any waste papers, leaves, etc. with a brush. Then skirmish the places and drop the debris in the waste basket.

Before this –

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Clean the glass door to door cleaner.


Dunk a soft scrub brush into the bucket and scrub the walls down.


Wipe the wall with a soft wet cloth and finish it properly.

Remove any stains on the balcony floor with a stain remover as I mentioned above in-floor cleaning method.

Deck, Lawn, Patio, Yard Cleaning

Pressure washer cleaning is the most used method for cleaning the –

  • Deck
  • Lawn,
  • Patio, and
  • Yard.

This pressure washer machine can reduce your task


Let you be stressed, less while cleaning such a big area.

Mostly –

It takes just 30 minutes to clean a wood deck.

Stats show that a wood deck requires less than 1500 PSI pressure washer machine to wash the wood surface though sometimes the wood gets damaged.

Here is the way to clean the –

  • Deck
  • Lawn,
  • Patio, and
  • Yard.

Before –

You start cleaning the deck with a pressure washer, you should wear –

  • Safety goggles
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Long pants, etc.


You can proceed by removing breakable & non-breakable stuff from the deck.


Clean any debris and leaves found on the deck. Later apply a deck cleaner.

Fill the pressure washer soap dispenser with cleanser.

Then install the appropriate soap-dispensing nozzle onto the tip of the pressure washer wand.


power up the machine and distribute the cleaner all over the deck using long, overlapping strokes.

Start scrubbing with a brush and let the cleaner approach to the tight corners.

Start using the different widest nozzle of the pressure washer and start washing the deck in wide sweeping motions.

Keep the nozzle at least 6 inches distance from the surface. Complete the full deck cleaning in this way.

It’s better to use wood protective stain after cleaning the deck.


Finalize – Wrapping up Your Cleaning Area

After all, things clean,

You can finalize wrapping up all those areas.

Remember one thing –

Cleaning inside just can’t help you. Dirt comes from outside, and that’s why you shouldn’t forget to clean outside of your residence.

Try to clean washable things with a washing machine or your hand depending on clothing types.

Then take your time and dry those things.


Whole house cleaning, make a walk from one corner to another corner in case you might have missed any corner.

If you missed any side, clean it carefully.


One thing,

You should keep clean to get the food fresh and clean.

Time of Cleaning Your House

Daily 45 Minutes Plan

Have you ever thought of cleaning the whole house in just 45 minutes?

Probably not.


I’ll say this it is possible some other way if you follow the daily 45 minutes cleaning plan.


You can make everything clean by spending time regularly.

Let’s see what is in this plan.

This plan works in 3 different parts

15 Minutes Living Room

Cleaning the living room will take around 15 minutes.

First –

Keep everything outside of the living room and garbage the waste materials those don’t belong to a living room or unfamiliar.

Then –

Take a microfiber cloth and start dusting and cleaning the floors of the living room.

Clean other furniture, cushions, pillows accordingly as I mentioned the way above.

Remove –

Any pet hair, food stains while you clean the room.

15 Minutes Bathroom

Bathroom cleaning requires another 15 minutes.

As this is as essential place as others in a house, you should keep it neat and clean.

Even –

If any guest comes to your house or stays there, they will surely use the bathroom.

If they find it dirty and unhealthy, respect to yours will be gone.

In a bathroom –

You should clean few things must like a toilet, shower, sink, mirror shelf, etc.

Keep an air freshener in your bathroom so that everything seems fresh as usual. Scrub, brush, remove stains – etc. all I have added in this article before about bathroom cleaning.

Try to do properly based on your time.

15 Minutes Kitchen


And the rest 15 minutes of this above plan are for cleaning the kitchen.

Obviously –

A man in a house need to eat and the kitchen is the place where he or she can cook.

While cooking in the kitchen, the place gets dirtier.

If you can spend 15 minutes cleaning the kitchen daily, then you won’t have worry to clean it with the whole house when you don’t have the whole day.

Keep anything outside if those don’t belong in the kitchen.

Put the waste materials in a waste basket and take that out of the house.

Check every corner of the kitchen and brush the dust or any clutter.

Then mop the kitchen floor.


Look for the sink to clean it. Brush and scrub the body of the sink.

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Use new towels in the kitchen for twice a month. Make the kitchen a perfect place to work there.

Top Secrets Clean Your House

You don’t need a whole day to keep important task out and clean the house.

Here –

I am marking secrets to clean your house in the shortest possible time than you may think.

  • Have a regular, systematic way to clean your house. Don’t just waste time in scattered cleaning like cleaning the bedroom, but not cleaning the kitchen.
  • Whenever you are cleaning your house, clean it thoroughly. Clean top to bottom of your house and every corner of it.
  • Try to squeegee the windows of your house to get streaky-free finishing. Use glass cleaner or any other element related to the task and make the windows look pleasant.
  • Cleaning requires few kinds of tools like brush, broomstick, vinegar, cleaner, etc. things. Keep them in a fixed place so that you can use them whenever you need. This will reduce the stress and time of cleaning.
  • Always try to get proactive so that you can prevent any unwanted problems. As an example, use shower cleaner to clean the shower rather than scrubbing it. This cleaner can be sprayed and won’t require extra attention.
  • Do not spray while you can do the work with just dusting. Use a feather duster to clean the photo frame, table corner, nooks and other areas. Remember this, for heavy duty cleaning, this won’t work likely.
  • Use dishwasher or cleaner to cut the grease in the kitchen. A cleaner with orange oil would be a great solution to this. Mix the cleaner with warm water and make a solution. Then use the sponge dripping the solution and cut the greasy layer of the kitchen.
  • Don’t use acid to clean the stains or the rust on steel materials. You can take a lemon and cut it. Then scrub the rust with the lemon piece. Wait for a few minutes and the rust will be gone.
  • Fight with the bathroom molds. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the molds of any corner of the bathroom. You may find bottled hydrogen peroxide with sprayer. Spray it and wait for 3-5 minutes and it will kill all the fungus.
  • Don’t clean the mineral deposits with bristle brushes or pads. Pour some white vinegar on a cloth piece and wipe the plumbing materials.

Monthly Cleaning Plan

This is another kind of plan to clean your house within just 20 minutes a day.


28 days in every month.

This is not an absurd plan.


You will surely get the benefit if you follow this.

Basically –

This plan is for reducing the pressure and stress of the cleaning the house at once in a month or maybe twice.

It’s kind of a habit.

I am going to show the details of this cleaning plan.

  • Cleaning the dirt comes through the doorways of the house. It’s the path to enter dust into your house with shoes and footsteps. Better to keep a doormat in front of your house’s main gateway.
  • Wash your dishes after each meal you have. It’s kind of good habit to clean, the food crumbs and leftovers from your plates after you eat.
  • Typically, no one is interested in cleaning the dishes after each meal. They just want to clean them at the last meal of the day. But you should try to garbage the waste and clean all utensils you use in meal.
  • Laundry your clothes regularly to reduce the stress while cleaning your house. It’s easier if you have your own washing machine at your home.
  • Just wash a few items daily so that you won’t need to choose any special day for cleaning. At least wash socks and towels regularly because these are mostly used things.
  • If you take your clothes to laundry shop, then take the most used items first. So, in this 28 day plan, you must remember to clean out the dirt from your clothes.
  • Play sweet music, songs those can keep your mind cheerful and help you while cleaning your house. Either you use a speaker to hear the music or use Walkman to set your mind on cleaning.
  • You may whistle, sing if you like to do. All these will reduce the stress.
  • Set up a short timer like 20 minutes to clean house easily on every day. Usually all these kinds of cleaning require not more than 20 minutes.
  • So, try to make the timer according to your free time as no-one interrupts you.

Let’s Check out the 30-Days Schedule in Shortly Below of Cleaning House

  1. Floor or surface cleaning of your living room and kitchen.
  2. Cleaning the bathrooms properly.
  3. Bedroom surface cleaning.
  4. Basement, home office, and other rooms cleaning.
  5. Again, cleaning your living room’s surface.
  6. Cleaning the bathrooms.
  7. Windows cleaning.
  8. Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house (don’t forget stairs).
  9. Bedroom floors, cleaning.
  10. Deep clean living room & cleaning each thing of living room.
  11. Clean bathrooms again.
  12. Washing the clothes.
  13. Floor cleaning of the basement and extra rooms.
  14. Deep clean bedroom such as dusting, mopping, etc.
  15. Living room and kitchen floor cleaning.
  16. Extensive cleaning of bathrooms.
  17. Cleaning the tools those having regular touch of hands such as a door knob.
  18. Refrigerator cleaning.
  19. Clean the doorway, sweep the porch, clean out the car.
  20. Floor cleaning of living room and kitchen.
  21. Bathroom surface cleaning.
  22. Bedroom floors, cleaning.
  23. Cleaning all the floors of the house with sweeping and mopping.
  24. Clean linen closet, straighten towels, sheets or regular closet if not applicable.
  25. Surface clean living room and kitchen.
  26. Extra care, cleaning the kitchen and utensils.
  27. Bathroom floor cleaning.
  28. Cleaning and ready the bedrooms.
  29. Cleaning the other things such as an oven.
  30. Sweep and vacuum all floors in the house.

Bonus Tips on Cleaning Your House


I am going to give you some bonus tips those will let you have the cleaning job easier. Here are few of them:

  • Stainless steel appliances: Cleaning the refrigerator in two simple ways. The first one is clean the stainless-steel fridge with a half-wet microfiber cloth. Stainless Cleaner is another option of cleaning it.
  • Use oven cleaner sprayer and spray it on the stains of the oven. Let the steel soak it and clean it with a sponge or soft fiber wiping. Remember that you shouldn’t use other things rather than soft clothes while cleaning the stainless steel.
  • Apply Vim Oxy Gel when mopping to keep the shine of black tile in your home.
  • If you want complete fridge cleaning, apparently you will pull it to another place. Don’t try to do yourself alone as this thing is quite heavier. Look for the assistance so that the fridge can’t scratch on the floor while you are pulling it out.
  • Check the toilet if there is any dirt or stains on the sight line. Clean it properly with toilet cleaner with a brush.
  • Now I am coming to the important point of this long house cleaning guide. And this is keeping your house bug and insects free. Before getting rid of them, I want to list you those bugs and insects found in your home.
  • The ant is the most common insect in the house. This insect love to eat crumbs and take them away. But they don’t come for the leftovers rather than the weather. Ant isn’t a harmful insect, but it can make an ant nest inside your house. And surely that won’t be eye-pleasant.
  • The beetle is another common bug found in the house. This bug loves to nosh on the dry foods available in your kitchen. Usually, this is found in cloth racks, wardrobe, cracks, etc.
  • Centipedes are some kinds of scary bugs which have many legs in their bodies. Centipedes like to feast on Silverfish, Firebrats, beetle larvae, cockroaches, and spiders. These are found in the corner of the floors, floor drains, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Bees and wasps are also kinds of insects found under the roof in your house. They build nests on any corner of the roof. They come inside through holes of the window or any other way.
  • The cockroach, the most disgusting insect, can make your foods contaminated and let you face many diseases like asthma, allergies, stomach problems, etc. A German cockroach can give birth to 30000 offspring in just one year.
  • Surely no one love to hear the song or have bitten off the mosquitoes. This insect comes home in the evening from outside and hides in every corner or dark sides of a house. But in the day, they will rarely be seen. Zika, West Nile, etc. kind of virus are spread by mosquitoes.
  • The spider lives behind the window, corners and quiet areas. Usually, it is an almost harmful animal, though it makes nests over here and there. Sometimes few kinds of spiders can be harmful.
  • You may see this quite often like a fly is flying on your table or in the kitchen. It is quite annoying and also harmful as this thing carries harmful germs. This hovering home invader can sneak into your house via a window or door. You can find them on fruit, garbage or can.
  • Lice don’t come only to your hair but also may be available in your house. They’re booklice, or psocids, which like to feed on fungi and mold. Booklice don’t bite, but they lurk in grains, under wallpaper or behind the furniture.
  • The sound of the cricket insect in the night may be feeling like disturbing. This insect stays hidden in door and window frames or bright outdoor lights inside the doors. They don’t lay eggs in the human house normally, but love to stay there.
  • Pill bug which is of similar origin of lobsters stays in the wettest places in the house. They can also be found under the bathroom sink, in the basement or the plant pots.
  • Millipedes, the thin, long insect usually lives in gardens, a pile of leaves, flower beds. This bug crawls on the floor to the roof of the house.
  • Silverfish is another kind of insect which love to stay in the wet place in your house. They can be found beside the kitchen sink surface.
  • So, you got the ideas of house bugs and insects found in your house mostly. There is also some other bed bugs, and bathroom bugs can be found.
  • Now it’s time to show you how to get rid of this bug.
  • To reduce the attack of the ants in your house, find the entry points where they enter to house. Seal the points with chalk or insect cleaning chemicals. Pure cinnamon, coffee grinds, chili, etc. are natural pesticide of ants. Use a pinch of any of these and leave on the entryways of the ants. You may use lemon juice too.
  • Bees, wasps, beetles, etc. can be kept away from home with home bug pesticides. Before spraying it, cover yourself properly and find the place where these bugs made their residence. Then spray and remove any nest found and keep them the way. Killing these bees or wasps can be harmful to the natural ecosystem.
  • To keep your house fly-free, then firstly keeps the worst things out of your home. Use homemade traps to beat them. Put screens on windows and sliding doors to prevent flies from getting in from outside.
  • Use tea tree oil shampoo and then rinse with the solution of water and vinegar on the areas where you can find booklice. Wash your clothes properly and use a nit comb to comb your hair.
  • To keep your room mosquito-free, first, close the windows and doors of your house and spray aerosol inside the room. Use nozzle to spray in every corner of the house where mosquito can hide. Then keep to doors shut for at least 10 minutes and then they will be gone. But there isn’t any exception of keeping your house clean on a regular basis.
  • Clean and vacuum any corners of the roof can help you to keep your house spider free. Use a broomstick to clean the nests of spider and also clean the roof and corners of the walls. A spray made with crushed chestnuts, or essential oils can also be a great solution.
  • Cockroaches are an absurd animal living in a human house. So, first find the leakage in the drain or the spaces behind the furniture. Then seal the leakage and spray anti-cockroach sprayer like boric acid made borax in those places.
  • In a word, you should keep the corners, kitchen, and bathroom clean always. Getting rid of these bugs is possible when you take pre-steps before going for any pesticides.

Rodents/Rats and Getting Rid of Them


Rodents life habit and biology can be a great term related to your house cleaning.

These animals live in your house and may be dangerous to your properties.

Rats are the main culprit in the rodent species.

Rats are of different kinds like –

  • Cotton rats,
  • Deer mice,
  • House mice,
  • Norway rats,
  • Roof rats,
  • Brown rats,
  • Black rats, etc.

Here I am going to show you how they are harmful and the prevention of their attacks in your house.

Damaged By Rodents or Rats

Rats are quite clever and fast. These can easily adapt new ways to retreat from any new traps and baits.

They can live in the –

  • Colony in attics
  • Burrows
  • Under concrete and porches
  • In-wall voids and
  • Other hard-to-reach places.

Rats and mice both have improved senses of touch, sound, and smell.


They can easily find food items and hear a sound which helps them to cooperate to their habitation.

Rats can bring many diseases to you.


The brown and black rat carries lots of parasites and flu those will seriously hamper human health.

Mice invade to human houses for their needed food items. These contaminates foods of human and leave the sufferings for them.

Rats and mice both can infect people with their

  • Urine
  • Saliva, and
  • Feces

The sharp teeth of these help to cut any food and even your clothing. If they bite your baby’s feeder nipple, then the baby will surely have stomach problems.

Not only

A baby

But also

An adult can face diseases if they eat stale food bitten by the rodents.


Rats damage the wire cables, plastic furniture and fiber clothes and bags.

History says –

There was a plague spread by black rats in Europe in the 16th century.

That mass death is named as The Black Death.


You can see that rats and mice or other rodents are harmful to your health and obviously your household items.

Prevention Rats


I tell you the ways to get rid of the rats…

I am going to show you how to prevent rodents from household areas.

Mostly –

Rodents can give birth rapidly.


The first step is to get prevention of these. Fill the gaps available around pipelines and under the sheds. Keep your garden and yard neat and clean.

Cut any unnecessary bushes and clear any leaf piles or something like that.

Drain system of your house should be well prepared.

Keep your foods in a safe place like in the jars, metal or glass containers where those mice and rats can’t enter.

Do not throw food crumbs anywhere or make the place dirty.

Keep your kitchen clean as soon as you use it.

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Getting Rid of Rats

You may use a variety of repellents like mothballs or other necessary oils.

You may mix up rat killer poison or tablets in some food and keep them as bait. W

hen the rodents eat this food, the number of them will surely reduce.

You may call a professional pest control company or personnel to give you advice and take the necessary steps to keep your house rodent-free.

Also –

You can set up traps in the garden or any place where they might live or move.

Be sure –

That the children don’t reach closer to these rats killing poisons.

You may disinfect your home and kill the germs created by these rodents in few easier ways.

Rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, washer, dryer, bleach, dishwasher, etc. are necessary equipment of disinfection of your home.

Useful and Essential Tools for Cleaning Your House

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House cleaning is not so tough if you have cleaning tools in your home.

These tools can be used for different purposes.

You can find them in the nearest variety stores or online shops. Here is a short list of useful cleaning tools:

  • Microfiber towels.
  • Microfiber Mop.
  • Nylon-bristle broom.
  • Shammy.
  • Backpack vacuum.
  • Air-freshener.
  • All-purpose counter cleaner.
  • Carpet Cleaner.
  • Hardwood floor cleaner.
  • Window cleaner.
  • Glass cleaner.
  • Just-spray shower mists.
  • Cleaning soaps or chemicals.

Remember one thing –

You should keep these tools out of the children’s reach so that they can’t harm themselves.

Cleaning Mistakes

To err is human.

It shows –

That there will be or may be mistaken valid while cleaning house by yourself.

Practice can help you to stay away, making these mistakes.

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Here are some common mistakes when we clean our house in general.

  • You may use detergent powder in cleaning terms. But the mistake you do to use too much laundry detergent. Using lots of detergents can damage your clothes or worse the stains.
  • Lots of dishes in the dishwasher. It is stressful and takes a lot of space in your kitchen.
  • Whipping out the feather duster rather than using a microfiber cloth. Duster can keep your house dirt from one place to another.
  • Keeping your vacuum cleaner uncleaned. It can harm your device. Also, you won’t be able to use it properly.
  • Storing toothbrushes here and there in your house. It is quite disgusting.
  • Forgetting to clean out the places where you merely clean or the corners of your house.
  • Using dish soap to clean the cutting boards instead of using an effective bleach solution.
  • Keeping the same old dirty clothes and sponges.

Taking necessary steps and consciousness can help you not to commit these above mistakes.

Quick Tips of Cleaning House

Here is a list of quick tips on cleaning your house which can help you clean in shorter timely and effective way:

  1. Sanitizing the sponges, you use.
  2. Kitchen cabinet gunk remover.
  3. Clean small toys in a laundry bag.
  4. Cookie sheet miracle cleaner.
  5. Clean fan blades with a pillowcase.
  6. Clean between Oven Glass.
  7. Removing labels in a flash.
  8. Use salt to clean your iron.
  9. Squeegee hair picker upper.
  10.   Rubber gloves to remove pet hair.
  11.   Shopvac cleaning tip.
  12.   Cleaning your pillows.
  13.   Garbage disposal cleaning trick.
  14.   Removing hard water.
  15.   Cleaning your air conditioner.
  16.   Homemade grout cleaner.
  17.   Use a dehumidifier to reduce condensation and mildew
  18.   Clean your burners.
  19.   Fix scratches on wood.
  20.   Cleaning oil stains on your driveway.
  21.   Removing white marks on furniture.
  22.   Cleaning a microfiber couch.
  23.   Nonstick grill means less mess.
  24.   Reconditioning cast iron.
  25.   Cleaning cloudy glassware.
  26.   Removing hard water stains.
  27.   Knives & lemon juice.
  28.   Cleaning makeup brushes.
  29.   Shower cleaning wand.
  30.   No-streak window cleaning.
  31.   Cleaning a showerhead.
  32.   Cleaning a bathroom exhaust.
  33.   Cleaning your toothbrush.
  34.   Cleaning a bathtub drain.
  35.   Natural cleaning an oven.
  36.   Cleaning your blinds.
  37.   Removing scratches on ceramic.
  38.   Permanent marker removal.
  39.   De-pill your clothes.
  40.   Iron out carpet stains.
  41.   Cleaning air vents.
  42.   Cleaning a vacuum filter.
  43.   Getting mold out of the shower.
  44.   Cleaning your blender.
  45.   Nail polish & tile.
  46.   Magical carpet cleaner.
  47.   Clean your mattress.
  48.   Tub cleaner.
  49.   Do dishwasher duty.
  50.   Disinfect the disposal.
  51.   Zap the sponge.
  52.   Make bathroom doors shine.
  53.   Get a cleaner liner.
  54.   Tame the toilet.
  55.   Use bedtime as clean time.
  56.   Get swept away.
  57.   Super cleaning tool storage.
  58.   Start with a bed.
  59.   Address your drawers.
  60.   Keep just the essentials.
  61.   Know the hot spots.
  62.   Go corner to corner.
  63.   Stop clutter at the front door.
  64.   Use ice cubes to deodorize a garbage disposal.
  65.   Use aluminum foil to scrub off baked-on food.
  66.   Use baking soda to clean silver.
  67.   Use a pillowcase for dust-free cleaning.
  68.   Use rice to clean a coffee grinder.
  69.   Use a lemon to freshen a cutting board.
  70.   Use baking soda to unclog a drain.

At last –

You reached the endpoint of the house cleaning guide.

Hopefully –

You got enough and huge information to make your house zero dust!

Whether you are cleaning your house daily, weekly or monthly, you got everything you need in this brief article.


To follow everything I have mentioned in this guide.

Take the necessary steps and go ahead of cleaning your house.

You have got suggestions and cautions reading through the article.

Don’t just waste your time with random information about cleaning your house.

Follow the steps I have shown you.

Hope you will have a healthy environment in every corner of your house.

Wish you all the best!!!

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