How to Clean Carpet by Spray

Carpet Deep Clean

Ahh, carpet cleaning…

Who doesn’t love it?

Most of the world, for sure. It’s never as easy as it sounds and some stains can be too persistent and bad for health (stress).


Does this mean it’s impossible to clean a carpet?

Of course not!

There are plenty of ways to get a stain off a carpet, but just how effective are they at cleaning it?

Here’s our tutorial on the best ways to clean a carpet with spray, cleaners, and other products such as these ones.

Pay close attention because you won’t want to miss what we’re about to be explaining so you can get rid of those pesky stains!

How to Use Carpet Shampoo

A carpet shampoo serves the same purpose as hair shampoo – to clean and get rid of dirtiness. Clean Carpet by spray is a good choice but if you want to more efficient and effective then go for these best carpet cleaners. As such, there are plenty of carpet shampoo brands that each claim to have a winning formula. The truth is, most of them work as they should, so this is just a marketing gimmick. A carpet cleaner such as this requires step-by-step instructions, and here’s what you have to do:

  • Resolve some shampoo in water; the amounts depend on the brand of carpet shampoo, so take a look at the on-bottle instructions.
  • Cover only the stained area.
  • Be careful with moisture; you don’t want the carpet too wet, or you’ll have a tough time drying it (plus, you’d be wasting shampoo).
  • Use a hard-bristled brush on the stained spot.
  • You might see foam forming; this is normal and should happen.
  • Leave the carpet to dry.
  • Vacuum the shampoo once it’s completely dry.

Using carpet shampoo is indeed a very useful trick to clean your carpet. However, using powder to clean the carpet is also a very good option. Let’s talk about the uses of carpet cleaning powder in detail.

How to: Use Powder

You might have already seen some products that come in the form of powder. They’re meant to achieve pre-treatment on your carpet, but they work just as well as carpet cleaners too. The method of use is rather simple:

  • Sprinkle some powder on the stained spot (be generous).
  • You can use regular carpet cleaning powder or baking soda, and both work very well.
  • Leave it for a minimum of 30 minutes so it can get between the seams. Additionally, you can leave it for an entire night; this will give the powder more time to act, consume the smells and odors, and soften stains.
  • Once this time has passed, use a vacuum to vacuum any leftover powder. Voila! Clean carpet!

How to Clean Hard Stains

As said before, stains can get stubborn and just won’t come off.


If this happens,

You’ll have to work extra hard to get rid of them. In the end, it all depends on what type of stains you’re looking at. Are they pet stains, blood stains, wine stains? A heavy-duty stain remover may be necessary if you’ve figured out the origin of the stain and, if it’s known to be hard to clean, such products will be required.

So, before picking a product to use, make sure you know what the extent of the stain and how hard it is to get rid of is.

Once you pick your weapon of choice, it’s time to tango!

For pet stains: Many of us have our pet at home. Although the pets are our best friend, they are the worst enemy of your carpet for sure. Pet stains, such as urine, can ‘cement’ themselves on your carpet and start releasing a terrible odor. For pets, you’ll have to use an enzyme-based spray and vacuum carpet cleaner (the one that, once done with cleaning, must be vacuumed). Foaming, again, may occur.

For blood: Cutting oneself is somewhat a common occurrence, and if a drop falls on your carpet, you’ll have to act fast. If it’s a fresh stain, blot it with hydrogen peroxide and cold water. On the other hand, if your upholstery has a dry stain, then blot it with just hydrogen peroxide, but follow up with an enzyme-based sanitizer or detergent.

This works for auto carpets as well. In the case of car carpets, you might want to use a car carpet cleaner spray (they’re formulated for car carpets especially).

List of Products or Items Needed to Clean a Carpet

No cleaning process is complete without using carpet cleaning products, so we’ve decided to help you out in this department by providing you with the list of best carpet cleaners! Without further ado, here’s the assembled list:


This product can help reduce the headaches you might experience due to unforeseen spillage. Wine, coffee, blood – none of them stand a chance against this spray. It’s incredibly potent and powerful and can restore your carpet back to its former glory (upholstery is also cleanable with this product). The only downside? It has a relatively robust and uncomfortable smell.


One of the best stain removers out there. The great thing about it is, compared to the previous product on our list (which is still amazing), Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover smells pleasant. Users have reported that they prefer this one because of the smell (considering its performance is similar to what others offer). One category where it excels though is that it’s a strong player in the world of pet stain removal.


That’s a pretty long, tough-to-say name but the product is just as complicated. Well, not really. This one doesn’t even use harsh chemicals or bleach which makes it perfectly safe for everything. Users did, however, figure out that this product works best on car upholstery (but it’s pretty good when it comes to carpet cleaning). One additional piece of information that you should know is that you won’t have to use a lot of it (since it’s quite concentrated and powerful). This is probably why the price is a bit higher than what you’d expect from a homemade carpet cleaner.


Who would have thought that small balls would be so good at getting rid of stains? The Dyson Zorb Powder features tiny balls that come in the form of a powder which you sprinkle over the stain. They’re done the cleaning in 20 minutes so you won’t have to wait for a long time before having a clean carpet. However, you should take care when applying the powder because it can get everywhere and be very difficult to clean up.

Once it’s done the cleaning, vacuum up the remaining powder.


We’ll start off by saying that this product isn’t the best at coverage. In the best case scenario, you’ll need a bit more than usual when putting some of this product on your carpet. In the worst, you’ll have to dish out quite a bit of it. But that’s the only downside that the Vanish Powerfoam carpet cleaner has.

On the other hand, it’s very powerful at cleaning spots and stains, and an added benefit that will make you happy out of your mind is that it gets rid of dirt like it’s nothing!

Best Way to Clean

There are many ways to clean your carpet and we have listed some of the best methods above. We’re guessing that after all of that info, you’re interested in figuring out the best way to clean a carpet fully, so you don’t have to take it to a dry cleaner (that accepts carpets). Unfortunately, this can cost a fortune and is unnecessary. As long as you follow specific rules and do things correctly, you won’t have any other issues.

So, what is the best way to clean? Here’s all you need to know!

Remove Loose Soiling by Vacuuming Carpets Thoroughly

Soiling is the appearance of discoloration on a carpet. It can be caused by the unknown residue that attracts dust and dirt, thus changing the color. Remember how a carpet can change color under a chair, bed, cupboard, and other stuff that stands on the ground? That’s soiling for you!

All you have to do to prevent it from appearing is vacuuming your carpets often and in a detailed manner. Once a week should do just fine; you don’t need to clean it every day because there’s no way it’ll get too dirty.

Dilute With up to 10 Parts Water and Apply by Sprayer; Don’t Overdo It

We already talked about how some products have different concentrations of ingredients and that you’ll have to apply more of one product but not the other. Again, this all depends on the brand of carpet cleaner and most of them come with an instruction ‘manual.’ Before you start using it, test it somewhere in the corner of the carpet (so if it goes wrong, the stain isn’t in the middle of the carpet).

Apply just the amount needed because a wet carpet isn’t good. It takes a long time to dry and can cause an even larger stain. Your best bet would be to dilute what you’re using with ten parts water as a way to test it.

Machine Brush in All Directions

Machine brushes have started to make the whole process of carpet cleaning easier for homeowners. You won’t have to scrub like a mad-man again because the machine will do it for you. All it takes is a click of a button and voila – your machine is working and cleaning with very little effort from you. However, it’s not as simple as turning it on and going over your carpet.

Recommend: Best detergent for front loading washing machines

You need to clean every single direction because if you don’t, you’ll end up with clean/dirty streaks on your carpet. Additionally, why wouldn’t you clean your entire carpet? We know how hard it is to reach the edges sometimes (especially if they’re under some stuff), but it’s important to keep it clean completely to minimize the risk of disease.

Leave it to Dry

Once you’re done the cleaning, you’ll need to leave the entire carpet to dry (or at least the parts that had a stain). This is important, and during this time, you shouldn’t use it or walk over the moist parts. Even if you’re in a rush, don’t use a hairdryer or any other method of drying wet spots because this will disturb the carpet and fabric.

Vacuum Thoroughly to Leave Carpets Clean, Fresh, Revived and Dry

Okay, so your carpet has finally dried completely. What next? Well, you’ll need to vacuum the carpet, so it picks up any leftover pieces that appeared either due to the product you were using (as said before, some products require vacuuming after use due to the way they’re used and made). This is especially important when you’re using powder-based products and the Zorb powder.

Maybe you missed some stuff on the carpet that wasn’t a part of the cleaning process (like the powder) so don’t forget – vacuum once the cleaning is done.

You’ll see that after you do this, your carpet will look like it was bought yesterday! It will be fresh, clean, and revived. There’s no better feeling than finally getting rid of all the stains on your carpet and walking into a room that smells clean!

Infographic – Rug and Carpet Cleaning: Methods and Importance

Rug and Carpet Cleaning: Methods and Importance Infographic

Source: nybrite

Final Recommendation


That was a long list of information to keep your carpet clean and hygienic. But we hope that you got all the info you need to start your very own carpet cleaning process.

We know it can take a long time, especially if we’re talking about a large carpet, but it all pays off in the end. Just make sure to purchase high-quality products and follow the tips we mentioned here; it will definitely help you out by making the entire job easier and quicker.

Good luck, and get that carpet, and its stains, under control!

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