Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM with Power Hose Nozzle Gun and Turbo Wand Review (Buying Guide 2018)

Ivation Electric Pressure Washer

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In our working city life, we are very busy like the bee. We don’t want anything that cost hours or has to put extra effort. This is not because of we are very lazy but we don’t get enough time to do it properly and effectively. If you ask me, how do I manage my life? I always attempt to save both money and time for myself. If you are cautious about these things, then we belong to same nature.

If you own a vehicle such as a car, then you might have to wash it regularly for its maintenance. This task includes time and money to invest. However, talking about saving time and money, a close friend recommends me to look for an electric pressure washer that will save myself the time and money.

Luckily I got one. In the market, you may find lots of pressure washer. They are available in various brands, models, and types.

Things to Consider

While determining which electric pressure washer is the finest one for you, there are a few particular things you need to be attentive to.

The very first step is to consider what kind of pressure washer you really want. Mainly there are two kinds of pressure washers available on the market: electric and gas.

Both types run a separate objective. Choose what fits your need.

Why Chose it

Generally, most electric pressure washers are purchased for the various tasks like cleaning patios, decks, stain removal of concrete surfaces, and furniture etc. This electric pressure washer makes the cleaning procedure a lot faster than doing it manually by hand.

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  • Onboard Storage: This electric pressure washer has built-in storage for all its tools such as hose, cord, spray gun, etc.
  • It derives with the two wheels which help stress-free carrying it from one place to the another easily.
  • The cord has a good length and the hose offers you a decent elasticity.
  • Now, you can easily spotless your belongings outside your home.
  • Incredible Cleaning Power: This product comes with a good quality 1,600-watt motor that offers 2200 PSI power pressure for best scrubbing and cleaning.
  • The motor delivers water flow of 1.8 GPM. Also, provide long cable for better usage with flexibility.
  • Warranty: To defend your investment the company offers you 01 year of standard warranty with the device.
  • If you find any technical problem with the device, the manufacturer will replace the parts or fix it for you.
    • Good Quality Motor: In this electric pressure washer the finest quality motor has been placed.
    • This product serves the power of 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM.
    • 2200 PSI water pressure will be enough for cleaning your motorcycle, car, driveway etc.
    • This motor is best suited for domestic use.
    • To have an actual spotless experience just use it.
    • you never need to get tensed about while washing the rough dirt from your household.
    • Auto Shut System: when the trigger is not engaged this device automatically turn off the motor.
    • It helps to protect its energy and extends the life of your device.
    • You will not get this feature on any common device.
    • In the market, this unique benefit is found only in few selected pressure washers.
    • Unified Detergent Container: This device has integrated detergent reservoir which gives you more benefits of handiness.
    • And provide you a break from the transferring your cleaning soap in few other vessels.
    • Few of the consumers have reported that every now and then it turns out to be problematic or lengthy time to acquire the facility for instrumental glitches.
    • Therefore, it is sensible to utilize the device by a professional initially with a small number of spells or otherwise simply follow the directions specified in the manual correctly.
    • Now and then it grows into hard to preserve the cord or the hose in the storage appropriately as they develop a slight inflexible after some heavy usage.
    • It is really a minor issue seeing all the conveniences you are going to obtain in return.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Has anyone used this to clean a worn cedar deck?
Answer: Yes, several…I am a contractor and it works great…just be gentle as cedar is a soft wood and easy to damage with too powerful a spray.

Question: Could this also be used to wash a dog?
Answer: It depends on whether the dog is living. It would not be good for a living dog. However, this would be great to wash the remains of a dead dog off a road, sidewalk, patio, deck, driveway, etc. The usefulness of this pressure washer is not limited only to dead dogs, it will also work to wash off remains of pretty much any other dead animal. You will get the best results by using a shovel to remove the large pieces of road kill and then use the pressure washer to get the smaller bits.

Question: How do you switch from high to low pressure?
Answer: Switching pressures is a misnomer, actually, as it pumps the same pressure. By changing among the five nozzles one can concentrate the flow of water to a narrow stream that is more PSI because it is so concentrated. The nozzle for soaping is a wide dispersal nozzle that gently applies chemicals – same pressure, but fanned out over a much wider area. I used the medium nozzle for pressure washing my deck and it would cut the wood if I held it too close. see less

Question: Can you fill the soap dispenser and use soap when you want to or will soap come out until the tank is empty?
Answer: The soap should only come out when you use the Black Soap Nozzle as when you use the other nozzles the pressure is too strong to be able to mix with the soap

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Final Recommendation

If you do research, you will find a huge dissimilarity concerning a gasoline pressure washer and an electric pressure washer. Generally, an electric pressure washer holds a smaller amount of influence than a gas pressure washer.

Bearing in mind all the facilities and the features we can tell that Ivation Electric Pressure Washer 2200 PSI 1.8 GPM is one of the top rated electric pressure washers existing in the market. This makes very a smaller amount of noise than a gasoline generated pressure washer. It will not aggravate you when you are running the merchandise.

Assume, if you do not have a big budget or you do not want to invest more and similarly want the best possible pressure washer for you then this could be your best choice. It offers a good value for your money measuring both the price and quality.

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