Pressure Washer Pump Fits Honda Excell Review

Are you thinking to change your old damage pressure washer pump due to disturbance? Is your machine requiring changing the old damage pump? If the answer is positive, then I am here suggesting you one of the best pressure washer water pumps.

It is offering a pump that fits with Honda Excell XR2500, XR2600, XC2600, EXHA2425, XR2625 and many others motors.



This brand-new pressure washer pump works as smoothly as a new pump do. In fact, it is a great replacement for old pump. I recommend excel honda pressure washer for its service and quality.

Nothing to worry about installation or maintenance. Just take a look at this whole article and you will get a clear idea about this pressure washer pump.

Where Use

  • Home
  • Lawn
  • Garden
  • Garage
  • Factory

What’s on This Pump?

Probably you are thinking why you would select this pressure washer pump.

Firstly, I would say, the light and compact design of this pump is fit for almost all type of motors especially Honda motors. APW Distributing uses the latest technology and modern method to build this brand-new pressure washer water pump.

Secondly, it is horizontal shaft pump. The diameter is 7/8”. So, it will fit those engines having 7/8” horizontal shaft.

Thirdly, this pump works at higher performance. You can spray water at 2750 PSI. Also, you will have the system to spray 2.5 GPM water to clean your lobby, garden, car, bike or any vehicle.

Fourthly, this pump comes with BRASS Thermal Relief Valve, Engine Shaft Key, Quick Connect Kits etc. You can convert both your Garden Hose and Pressure Hose to Quick Connect Fittings.

Fifthly, you can replace your old original oil-free pump with this pressure washer pump Fits Honda Excell XR2500, XR2600, XC2600, EXHA2425, XR2625.

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More About This Pump

  • This pump is lightweight (6.6 pounds) and easily fit popular motors.
  • The installation of this pump will take up to 20 minutes. Sometimes, it will take less than 12 minutes. So, you will get hassle free working pump with your motor.
  • You will get manual and all required tools to install this pump on your motor.
  • As the distributor is well known in the current market, you will get the exact thing and service after you order this product.
  • This pressure washer pump lasts longer than usual pumps. So, the maintenance cost will be quite zero.
    Again, the price is also lower than other pumps. You can save a lot while purchasing or using this pump on your motor.
  • Assures you solidness of the quality and service of the pump.

Here are The Specifications of This Pump

  • 6.6 pounds.
  • 2750 PSI Water pressure.
  • 2.5 GPM water spray option.
  • 7/8” horizontal shaft.
  • Original Brass Head.
  • Thermal relief protection valve.
  • Engine Shaft Key.
  • Quick Connect Kits.
  • Pre-filled with oil requires no maintenance.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Takes less time to install (up to 20 minutes).

Now I am showing you the advantages and disadvantages of this pressure washer pump fit Honda Excell XR2500, XR2600, XC2600, EXHA2425, XR2625:

    • Works at high pressure like 2750 PSI.
    • You can spray water at 2.5 GPM.
    • Built with the latest technology and feature.
    • Seamless performance.
    • Fits almost all types of motors especially Honda models.
    • Small, light and compact design.
    • Comes with Brass Thermal Relief Valve, Engine Shaft Key.
    • Quick Connect Kits for easier installation.
    • Easily start option.
    • Installation may appear tough with some old motors.
    • Sometimes difficult to insert male fitting of the high-pressure hose into a female fitting on the pump.
    • Works on horizontal shafts only.
    • Sometimes it may be hard to fine tune.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here I am showing you some FAQs which came to some customer’s minds:

Question: What you are showing does not look like what I am trying to replace. I have an xr2500 with a serial #0000188912 and it says d27984. Does that help?
Answer: this pump replaces the old obsolete radial strap pumps with the plastic cover typically an a14292 looks like a bow tie with reciprocating straps.

Question: I have an Excell xc2600 with a Honda engine with a 5/8″ shaft, will this pump work for my application?
Answer: I believe it will if it is a short shaft 5 horse horizontal engine.

Question: Will this work for my xr2600. Old pump serial number is A01803-808225?
Answer: Yes, this pump will be a good replacement for the original A01803 pump on the XR2600.

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Final Recommendation

Indeed, it is offering better pressure washer pump to the customers. Now it’s up to you to choose the one you require. But I strongly suggest reading these above details and compare with other pumps before you select the wrong one. After all, I am holding the right scenario of pressure washer pump which fits all types of motors.

I recommend, this Pressure Washer PUMP Fits Honda Excell XR2500, XR2600, XC2600, EXHA2425, XR2625 to include in your regularly used household products. Cheers!

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