Lessons Taken from 4 Types of Stihl Leaf Blower

The leaf blower is a great asset to keep your environment clean whether it’s your residence or the commercial spaces.

A leaf blower blows away the leaves, pine cones, stray grass clippings, dust, and other unwanted stuff.

Choosing or buying a leaf blower becomes necessary for the best and most advantages.

Stihl is a good name of the manufacturer which provides high-quality leaf blower at the market.

I am here to announce to you where to buy Stihl leaf blower and how to choose the best one.

Before speaking about where to buy, let me add some useful information about the leaf blower.

Leaf blowers are of several types. Stihl produces different handheld, backpack, and shredder vacs. Each of them has different facilities. 


Battery-powered handheld leaf blowers are pretty much handy tool.

You can use Stihl handheld leaf blower with a single hand. These cordless blowers run with a battery and don’t require any additional fuel or gasoline.

But they are lightweight, powerful and easy to use. The airspeed of a battery-powered leaf blower is 80-110 MPH.


Gasoline-powered leaf blowers can be handheld, backpack etc. types. They are good for their airspeed and air volume.

Stihl gas-powered cordless blowers can blow things at 125-160 MPH. I think it’s enough to clean your house surroundings.

These are heavier than battery-powered blowers. But more powerful, low-emission and trustworthy in their services.


Electric corded blowers are good to clean nearby areas depending on its power source distance.

However, electric Stihl leaf blowers are also effective to clean the debris within moments.

It’s good to use a blower having an airspeed of 230-285 MPH and powerful 9.2-amp motor. Just plug in the cord and run the unit.


Well. Stihl has thought about more strong, powerful blowers which are capable of extensive and regular uses.

Most of these blowers have 120-190 MPH with higher air volume. You can run these machines for hours. But these are a bit noisy than other blowers.

Professionals use these blowers for regular heavy-duty cleaning purposes. You too can keep and use them for home use.

There is another type of Stihl leaf blower. It’s called shredder vacs. Actually, it’s not blower rather it vacuums the leaves and shreds them.

You don’t have to think about the safety while using these above leaf blowers. They are energy-saving, less noisy, good for runtime.

You can purchase these effective leaf blowers from your nearest shops. But modern technologies have made this buying Stihl leaf blower easier.

You can order the best one on the online stores such as Amazon, eBay etc.

The official website of Stihl is also suitable to get useful information to purchase. You should check the local price before you get one.

Read the customer reviews, price comparison, structural design, airspeed, air volume, runtime etc. to find out the top-quality device.

You need to know what are you seeking, handheld or backpack or the shredder vacs.

There are many local stores nearby you sell the used or brand-new Stihl leaf blower.

Going to them physically may help you choose from various models.

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