Generac 7019 OneWash 3,100 PSI, 2.4 GPM, Gas Powered Pressure Washer & PowerDial Gun Review

Gas Powered Pressure Washer

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A pressure washer is a very useful asset in our daily life. This device helps us to clean all the dirty things from our home and surroundings. The high-pressure water spray blows away dirt, grime, droppings, tough stains etc. Gas powered pressure washer performs like a professional cleaner that reduces the tons of work in half at a time. Generac is a popular name in this criterion. In this article, I am going to define how Generac 7019 OneWash as a gas-powered pressure washer becomes so much effective in cleaning.

Things to Know

Manual dirt cleaning takes enough of your precious time. Again, you can’t remove toughest stains with your own hands. You may miss certain places where might need to be taken care mostly. In these circumstances, a gas-powered pressure washer will aid you. The water speed (2800-3200 PSI) of the pressure washer spray can bust all the nasty things from any surface. This device is smartly designed to work with a detergent solution too. Moreover, the hose or extendable wand reaches to the places where you can’t take your hand such as beneath the vehicles, windows, corners of the lobby, driveway etc. So, in every case, a gas-powered pressure washer should be on your choice list as I do.

Why Generac 7019 OneWash?

Generac 7019 OneWash comes with the very handy ergonomic design. It consists of two oversized never-flat tires so that you can take it anywhere you want. This washer is powered by 196cc OHV engine. So, there will be no compromise to provide you premium cleaning service. The powerful horizontal axial cam pump allows you to spray water at up to 3100 PSI. This is obviously higher pressure than another pressure washer has.

You can connect the hose to this pump very easily because there’s a function called Easy-Access hose connection integrated with it. No need to down your knees anymore to attach a hose to the pump. 25 feet high-pressure hose is connectable to the rear of the spray gun. Generac has included a user-friendly spray gun that has Power Dial system. This system helps you adjusting the pressure from low to high for the smart application. This product also includes 4 quick-change nozzle tips (0°, 25°, 40° and soap). Therefore, convenient on-board 0.5-gallon detergent tank ensures a proper cleaning.

Generac 7019 OneWash gas-powered pressure washer cleans dirt, grease etc. from different kind of surfaces. You can make your vehicle body clean and shiny as a new one. Wood or concrete, you can wash them with this very pressure washer. Just use the on-off switch when you need. The white adapter of this machine removes the unwanted paint and lichen off of woods. This is also suitable for vinyl or brick surface cleaning. However, I suggest you get this pressure washer for the easy completion of any light to heavy-duty cleaning task.

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  • 196cc OHV engine.
  • 2 oversized never-flat tires.
  • Spray gun with integrated Power Dial.
  • Spray speed: 3100 PSI.
  • Onboard 0.5-gallon detergent tank.
  • 25-foot high-pressure hose.
  • Weight: 57 pounds.
    • Powerful engine gives flawless water spray.
    • Easily movable to any places for the portability option.
    • Suitable for any light to heavy-duty home or surroundings cleaning.
    • Power Dial system lets control the speed of the sprayer.
    • Horizontal axial cam pump for superb effectivity.
    • High-pressure hose reaches to the toughest corners.
    • Removes paint, grease, stains, dirt etc. smartly.
    • Perfect for any type of hard surfaces.
    • Large detergent tank for hassle-free cleaning.
    • Hose assembling problem may occur.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is there a psi regulator?
Answer: No there is not. Please look at the 6602 for that option.

Question: Can you use on dryvit?
Answer: Yes, but I would check with the MFG about how much pressure to use on it.

Question: Can you use a surface cleaning attachment on this to clean a wood deck? Or is the pressure too great?
Answer: By now you probably know, but yes, you can use a surface cleaning attachment. I clean my decks with a white nozzle held about 3-4 inches above the surface and it works just fine.

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Final Recommendation

A gas-powered pressure washer can bring brilliant result if you use it properly. Choosing the best one is an important matter. Generac 7019 OneWash is suggested and used by many homeowners and the professionals. Check the user satisfaction and the specs I’ve mentioned in this buying guide.

Ignoring few minor errors, this one is highly recommended for regular cleaning purpose. I have written all the advantages you can get from it. It’s your time to choose this one as your house cleaning kit.

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