27+ Best Iron Cleaner: How To Guides, Tips, Tricks

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Iron is certainly most used metal in our regular lives.

This metal is quite easily obtainable and used in making most of the household things.

Best Iron Cleaner (Items/Products)

We use different iron made things such as iron for

  • Clothes
  • Plate
  • Box
  • Kadai
  • Stove
  • Pan
  • Skillet
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Toolkit etc

But this essential metal gets rusty due to many different reasons and damages over time. Continuously water falling, dust, oil, grease, open air etc.

Can create oxidation process on the iron surface. Day by day, this oxidation creates a layer of rust.

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So, cleaning iron things is a must to do.

Here in this article, I am showing you the ways to keep the iron things clean and how to clean the iron.

Cleaning Iron Items

How to Clean an Iron?

Whenever we are on the move, we love to wear wrinkle-free clothes. Beside this, a clean ironed cloth gives the inner peace of mind.

How to Clean an Iron

Iron for clothes needs to clean for long time service. If the iron gets damaged even partially, then it won’t work properly. This can create unwanted happenings or accident. So, regular cleaning is the solution to keep the iron effective forever.

You can clean the iron with vinegar and salt mix, baking soda, and other cleaning products or household things. Take one tablespoon vinegar and one tablespoon salt to create a mixture. You can also make this with vinegar and salt at 1:1 ratio. Heat the mixture on the stove over medium heat.

After properly dissolving, dip a clean rag in the solution while cooling it before vinegar starts boiling. Now use the rag to wipe the iron smoothly. Rub the corners for better cleaning.

If you choose baking soda, then make a paste of water and baking soda at 2:1 ratio. Use a cotton bud to dip in the paste and apply it on the bottom of the iron and the steam holes. Now fill the reservoir and turn on the iron. Then iron a clean cloth for a couple of minutes.

clothing iron

Lastly, turn off the iron and leave the iron for cooling. Thus, you know how to clean an iron that is burnt.

There are many iron cleaners available on the market nowadays. You can select if you are not satisfied or interested cleaning iron in above ways.

How to Clean Iron Rust, Iron Metal, Iron Surface?

Iron gets rust over time- it’s a universal truth. The reason behind the rust is the oxidation. We can see rusty iron in our kitchen, garage or the garden. Most of the time we tend to change or buy new iron metal or iron made things.


But this is not quite best idea to do so. I know rusty iron tools or surface is not satisfactory. But one simple idea can change the whole concept. Cleaning the iron rust, iron metal or iron surface can reduce the problem of seeking new items or repairing them.

You can clean iron rust, iron metal or iron surface in different ways. Citric acid is most effective in cleaning rust from the iron metal. Make a solution of water and citric acid and let the acid dissolve first. Then dip in the iron rust in that solution and keep it for at least 2 hours.

Iron Surface

Then separate the iron tools or things from the solution. Use an old toothbrush to clean the remaining rust. Then dry the things with a clean cloth. You can use lemon and salt solution to clean the iron surface. Cleaning technique is the same as citric acid. You can also apply white vinegar.

Keep the rusty things in a pot and pour white vinegar in the pot. Leave the things for at least a day. Then bring the things out of vinegar and scrub them with steel wool (scrubber). At last, dry the things with soft cotton.


There are more ingredients available to remove the rust from the iron such as baking soda, Coca-Cola etc. Choose any of them as you can easily have them.

How to Clean Flat Iron for Hair?

Or you may say, how to clean hot tools curling iron?  Yes. You can also clean a dirty flat or curling iron for hair. First, you need to turn off the iron for hair. Things you may need: rubbing alcohol, cotton balls or warm damp cloth to clean the flat or curling iron.


Make the cotton ball wet in the rubbing alcohol. Then gently rub on the iron and clean the whole thing. Then wipe it with cloth or wait for few minutes to dry.  Rubbing alcohol is flammable. So, you should make sure your iron is completely cool before you start cleaning. You can also use liquid fabric and water to clean the curling or flat iron.

Clean Iron Plate

Iron plates are of three types in general. These are ceramic, stainless steel, titanium iron soleplate. Ceramic soleplate has good heat conducting ability and it’s effective due to its even heat distribution. Stainless steel soleplate is durable and easy to maintain.


Heat transfers fast in the titanium soleplate.  However, these iron plates get dirt and grime and start to give disturbances while operating them.

How to Clean Iron Plate? Plate, base plate, soleplate – whatever you call are all made of iron and part of iron. Sometimes iron soleplate or base plate get sticky and oily due to various reason. You may have kept it in the open air, dust sticks with it. If you use fabric softeners or synthetic fibers, then the iron plate won’t remain usual. So, repeated we need to be conscious about making the iron plate grime free. So, how to clean an iron plate sticky?

To clean the sticky substances from the iron plate, you need to turn the iron up to the highest settings and turn of the steam. Then run the hot dry iron across a newspaper or something like that. This will melt the sticky substances and leave them in the newspaper. Even if still there’s any stickiness, you should sprinkle one tablespoon salt on the newspaper. Then do the same thing again and again until the iron gets cleaner.

clothing iron

Vinegar helps to remove oiliness or oily substances from the iron base plate. Dip a cloth rag in the vinegar and make your iron plate cool entirely before starting to use the cloth rag. Now, wipe the rag on the soleplate smoothly.

After several wiping, you will get an oil-free iron plate. In some cases, if the vinegar not works, you can use ammonia instead of vinegar. But the application will be the same. There may appear another problem in a dirty iron. Your iron may start losing steam. In this case, you need to make a paste of baking soda and water.

Then apply the paste with a cotton ball to create a coating with heavy mineral deposits. Later, wipe off the soleplate with a wet cloth and let it dry. Fill in the empty reservoir with distilled water. Then turn on the iron and run steam. For better cleaning, use vinegar and distilled water solution. In this way, the vents and soleplate can be cleaned.

How to clean an iron plate non-stick? Create a cleaning mixture or solution of dish detergent and water. Then wipe the soleplate with a rag wet in the solution. Then make it dry with a clean cloth. I suggest you use microfiber cloth while you are in the cleaning process. You can also use Q-tip to clean the holes in the iron.

iron press clothing

To remove stains from the non-sticky iron soleplate, soak a paper towel with vinegar. Then lay your iron on it. Then the stains will start loosening. You can also use baking soda with the paper towel for stain removal. Toothpaste can be the primary ingredient of cleaning iron soleplate. Rub a portion of toothpaste on the cool soleplate and wipe with a damp cloth.

Iron Box Cleaning

Everyone loves to wear fresh-ironed attires. Iron box gives all the facilities to make our clothes wrinkle-free. Iron boxes are of different types depending on the types of clothes you are going to press.

The basic dry model takes in a temperature dial to switch the temperature and a metal sole plate. The base model equipment is quite heavy and seldom contains additional features. Steam model is the common iron box type. This includes small tank which you may need to fill with water.

You can iron the clothes when you press with this converting the water into steam. This steam model is suitable for cotton clothes ironing. The vertical steam model can steam both horizontally and vertically.  Deluxe model contains the most advanced features like automatic shut-off feature, premium quality stream, retractable cord, temperature control features etc.

All of these iron boxes require cleaning frequently. Otherwise, your machine won’t work properly. Even if it works, you may not get a satisfactory result. So, how to clean iron base? You may ask also, how to clean iron face/faceplate? I am sharing with you the answer of how to clean an iron with burned fabric.

Two iron compare

If your iron box is burnt with fabric and got stains, then salt and vinegar paste can work well. The application is similar to the method of cleaning iron that I have mentioned above. Remember to rub with a cloth wet in the paste to clean all the tough stains. Use Q-tip to clean the bottom and steam holes of the iron box.

Most of the professional cleaners suggest using toothpaste as the basic thing of how to clean flat iron for clothes. You need to make your iron box cool first. Then use cotton ball along with the little amount of toothpaste and wipe on the bottom of the iron box. Turn on the iron box and press it on a newspaper for a couple of minutes. Then make it cool again and get a clean bottom of the iron box.

You have other ways of how to clean iron steam holes. You can use baking soda and lemon solution, candle wax, detergent etc. I have already told how to use these elements on the iron or iron boxes.

Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen is the regularly used place where we prepare our regular food items. Cooking food requires different kinds of iron made tools. These are kadai, pan, pot, stove, skillet and many more. Due to repeated uses and some other factors (oil, overheat, leftovers etc.), these iron tools get stains and rust.


Just washing with water can’t clean these items properly. Because there will remain residues and stickiness. So, you should know how to clean iron Kadai or how to clean cast iron stove top.

Cleaning kadai is pretty simple to do. Boil water with lemon pieces for at least at high temperature. Then let it cool off for 25 minutes. Then scrub the cold Kadai with steel wool. You can use soap to clean the brown parts. To clean the outer part of kadai, you can use an old pumice stone.

Vinegar and olive oil mixture can be used in removing water rings. Vinegar, salt and flour paste can also be a good way to clean the iron kadai.

nice cleaning

How to clean cast iron stove top, grill or grate? It is not a hard task if you follow some steps to clean the stove. Stove is made of cast iron and we use this in different cases. But this also requires cleaning both inside and outside. To clean inside of the cast iron stove, first, bring out all the ashes and put them on a paper.

Then take the paper full of ashes and put in the basket and cover the basket. For cleaning the outside, take an old wire brush and first scrap all the rusty bristle materials off the body. A sandpaper can help you more with this.

Now, take a cloth and wet it with a vinegar solution. Wipe the body of the stove with the cloth and let it dry. Use glass cleaner to clean the chimney and glass of the wood burning stove.

beautiful kitchen

Remember that, you should keep you iron stove grate cool while cleaning. Keep out the stove grate and pour it in boiled water. There will be no grease anymore. Then scrub with soapy water and wipe with cleaning cloth or towel. Let it dry for few minutes. Ammonia solution can bring back the cleanliness of the grates. Soak your cast iron stove top grate in the ammonia solution. Keep it within for 10 minutes and all the sticky things will be gone.

Do you know how to clean iron pan? If not, then I am telling you how to do this. I suggest you have a habit to clean the cast iron pan after every use. Scrub the pan with a nonmetal or nonabrasive scrub pad. Then coat the pan with one tablespoon oil.

Cleaning Skillet

An iron skillet is a common utensil we use regularly to fry some foods or cook them. But this thing becomes sticky, oily or sometimes rusty. So, you may think it’s tough to maintain the cleanliness of cast iron skillet. That’s why a question comes in our mind, how to clean iron skillet? Here I am showing you how to clean and care for cast iron skillet.


Iron skillets are a very much useful item. This needs to be smooth, plain and obviously rust-free to cook your food well as well as easy removal of grime after cooking. But if you know how to clean a cast iron skillet that is sticky. Cleaning iron skillet rust is almost simple. I have found these ways to clean a cast iron skillet.

Remember to clean the skillet after every use. You can use steel wool to scrub the iron skillet. Take a dishwashing soap and apply it with the wool on the skillet. This will remove post-cooked grime. Now, wash it water for quick cleaning.

If you are using lightly soiled pan or skillet, then the little amount of vegetable oil will do a lot. Take few drops of oil onto a dishwashing rag or cloth and wipe the whole skillet with this. Then it will be shiny, grime-free iron skillet ready to use for next time.

Sometimes food gets stuck on the skillet and causing the skillet to have rust. This happens mostly in the medium soiled iron skillet. So, you should know how to clean iron skillet rust. You can choose a bit abrasive agent such as coarse sea salt, cornmeal etc. Sprinkling any of this on you iron skillet, wipe the skillet with dish rag. Scrape any leftover off the thing. Then you can apply oil that will add more benefit.


Scrub your iron skillet to remove stubborn stains, grime or smell with steel wool or scrubber. Then put the skillet in your kitchen sink. Now wash the skillet with hot water. Rinse the skillet after washing. Let it dry with cleaning rag. Don’t soak your skillet in the water for a too long period of time.

I am now telling you how to clean iron tawa. You will need these items to clean the tawa: water, onion slice, lemon, vegetable oil. First, you need to pour a half cup of water, few drops of oil and lemon juice on the tawa. Now, heat the tawa at low temperature for 10 minutes. After heating, allow the tawa to be cool.

Now throw away all the things (water-oil mixture) from the tawa. Take the onion slices and rub it on the tawa with few drops of oil. Now again heat the tawa in same way just you did.

darty skillet

Later, make a simple food such as dosa on the tawa. This will clean the whole grimes from the tawa. Again, cool down the tawa and wipe it with soft cloth or rag. Thus, you can clean an iron tawa.

Bathroom Cleaning

Yes, the bathroom can have iron stains. And you should know how to clean iron stains. Usually, the bathroom bowl, sink etc. appear to have reddish iron stains. Continuously water fall into the bowl or water containing iron start to oxidize and then the stains become alive on the things. This can be smartly removable if you are not lazy enough to take care of your bathroom.

bathroom cleaning

There are lots of ways to clean bathrooms’ iron stains. White vinegar is a perfect ingredient to clean all the tough iron stains from the bathroom. This is entirely safe to apply and works as a natural deodorizer. You can also use borax powder to clean any hidden corner of the bathroom. This is enough harsh to clean each debris from the bathroom. It also removes all the iron stains.

Lemon Juice as an acidic thing eradicates the marks of iron stains from the toilet pan or bowl. Use long-handled brush to clean the bathroom. There is an alternative to white vinegar. Baking soda softens hard water and helps to remove oil, grease or alcohol stains from the bathtub or bowl.

beautiful bathroom

Soda pop, pumice stick etc. are also helpful to clean the bathroom. Sprinkling, spraying or pouring – these are the ways to use these above things. You should have gloves covered your hand while cleaning.

Home Cleaning

Not only we use iron utensils, iron plate etc. but also, we have other iron usages in our houses. Many of us have iron doors, tables in our residence. These things get rust and dirt over time.

When they get rust, they look quite embarrassing, may create noise and lastly start to act like fragile glass. If you want to keep your iron door clean, then you should be aware of how to clean iron doors. I am also showing you how to clean cast iron table saw top alongside this.


If you want to clean the wrought iron doors first, you need to have vegetable-based soap. Then, make a solution of soap and water at 1:10 ratio or according to your need. Then, take a lint-free cloth and dip in the solution. Now, wipe the iron door with the cloth from up to down. Rinse the corners by spraying the solution with a sprayer.

Last, take time to make the iron door dry. For rust removal, you can scrape off the paint and rust with steel wool or wire-brush or sandpaper. Scrub the door with any of these and then use a brush to completely clean the door. Later, you can use paint to create a layer of protection though it’s not so necessary. You can also apply iron primer for the coating of the iron gates.


Use synthetic scrubbing pad with some vegetable oil to scrub the cast iron table saw top. After scrubbing, wipe off the table with a clean cloth. Naval jelly is another option to remove rust from cast iron table. This is too much aggressive to remove rusts.

If you want to create a layer of protection on the table saw top, I would suggest you apply paste wax. Paste wax contains silicone that plugs up wood pores and causes issues with concluding your stock. Besides these, you can go for vinegar solution to remove the rusts.

Clean Iron With

How to clean iron with salt?

Well, salt is the basic thing to clean the iron. You can use it to make paste or solution to other cleaning particles such as vinegar. Then apply it in the way that I have mentioned above. You can also apply it with aluminum foil beneath the iron.

How to clean iron with toothpaste?

Well, you have already known that. Toothpaste is another primary way to remove stains from the iron. Apply toothpaste with an old brush on the cool iron and see the magic. Toothpaste makes iron clean and smooth.


How to clean iron with vinegar?

Make a solution of vinegar and water and fill in the reservoir of the iron. Then heat up your iron and press the steam button. Now empty the iron. This is how you can clean the inside of the iron with vinegar. To clean outside of the iron, prepare a paste of vinegar and baking soda and wipe the bottom of the iron. All the burnt fabric marks will go away.

Have you ever heard of how to clean iron with paracetamol?

Yes, paracetamol works too to clean the iron. Set the temperature settings of the iron and press it on a pill of paracetamol. After rubbing the pill totally, use the iron to iron a cotton cloth. Ironing the cloth repeatedly will clean the iron properly.


How to clean an iron with baking soda? How to clean iron plate with baking soda? How to clean an iron with vinegar and baking soda? I think I don’t need to repeat the answer to all these questions again. Because I don’t want to make this article tiresome.

There are more ways to clean the iron like wax paper, dryer sheet etc. You can go for the one that is easily available and affordable to you.

Clean and Iron Service

There are various clean and iron services offering their special facilities to their customers. You can contact them via phone or their online websites. But why should you contact them? Well. The answer is pretty easy. They take all the pressure of cleaning things of your home. It’s not only the clothes or the iron.

Clean and Iron Service

They clean from the top to bottom of your house, garden, lobby, driveway even your vehicles. They charge a fixed amount of money to clean and iron your clothes and other things to clean. But you should contact them if you have large cleaning task or tried the basic iron cleaning part already.

Cleaning task becomes fun if you know the right way to clean. Obviously, iron gets rust and stains or marks keeping pace with the time. A proper way of cleaning iron may reduce the pain or stress while you can’t use the device properly. Rust can hamper our daily lives.
Because a rusty iron made things won’t last for a long time. Cleaning iron requires few things but your enough attention. These few things can be water, salt, vinegar, baking soda, wax paste etc.

cloth press iron

These are easily available to you. So, collect these and start cleaning your iron. I have shown all the necessary process of the cleaning iron and cast iron made tools. Hope, this article will help you a lot.

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